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Humanity's Epic Journey

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posted on May, 1 2012 @ 04:14 AM
We are all unique individuals with our own souls, paths, dreams, experiences, desires, and perceptions. But as unique as we all are, we are also very deeply connected to each other. We are all part of the same species, living on the same planet, with the same past. Humanity has been on a path for a very long time and we are the ones holding the torch at this present moment in time. Our ancestors were our parents and our descendants will be our children. We have lived together and have died together. We have epic stories and legends from our past, and have a powerful spirit and fully lit imagination that will help spark our future. We have come a long way together. Each soul bringing a different flame to the fire. Most importantly, that fire is not out. It may get reduced at times to a quiet glow, but is never extinguished as long as we have the willpower to keep it going. Every second in time is an oppurtunity to stoke the fire of the human spirit. Each heart a drumbeat to the rhythm of life.

There are times when we feel alone, seperated, disconnected, empty and cold. It is during those times when we reach deep inside ourselves to find our true strength as individuals. We then remember how connected we are to the rest of humanity, and find our inner spark to light the way back to the union and warmth of the human spirit.

Amazing it is to be a part of humanity's epic journey!

We Live
We Love
We Laugh

We Exist!!!

posted on May, 1 2012 @ 04:56 AM
Finding one's purpose is a profound thing, it isn't always what it seems...

Quotes from the film "Lady in the Water":

"You have a purpose. All beings have a purpose."

"Man thinks they are each alone in this world. It is not true. You are all connected. One act can one day affect all."

"There is a veil that covers the eyes of man creating an illusion to the things we cannot see. There is so much more to this world but without removing the veil one may not ever see it."

"...if we think that it is too difficult to help heal the world, that it is just too big then to me this is giving up, we must do whatever it takes to help humanity, life, and the planet heal. It is our duty as children of the creator of this earth and the universe. To feel that you have the ability to change this world is the greatest tool you have."

The last line of the prologue is one piercing statement:

"But man has forgotten how to listen". The awakening of man will only happen when man begins to listen to his creator. But man has forgotten how to listen..."

Lady in the Water - Prologue

posted on May, 1 2012 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by Murgatroid

Yeah, great movie. I liked the ending scene when Reggie stared down the dark wolf at the end. But what the hell was he doing outside in the first place? It's pooring down rain and he's holding a plate of food?...
That piece of cake must have turned into such a soggy sponge afterwards. Probably didn't taste very good. Maybe he just prefers sponge cake over regular cake...

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 04:59 AM

Originally posted by Nurelic
But what the hell was he doing outside in the first place? It's pooring down rain and he's holding a plate of food?...

I actually closed my eyes for that part, always HATED the scary parts.... Just me i guess...

Glad to hear you actually liked that film. Most people HATE it for some reason, probably because it has references to connecting to God I'm sure. That is the very reason I love it. Just noticed you brought up "epic stories and legends from our past" in the OP. It never occurred to me that 'Lady in the Water' fits that description so well. My favorite part of the film is how it really brings out the truth about each one of us is here for a specific and unique purpose that no one else can fulfill. I truly believe that. Some quotes from a review I read:

M. Night Shyamalan's 'Lady in the Water' stands out from every other film in theatres because it does something that most films forget to do: it speaks. Hollywood lost this touch somewhere after 'Sunset Boulevard' and 'It's a Wonderful Life.' There are no more James Stewarts, Frank Capras or Gloria Swansons to tug at the heart strings; to find fears and joys that are common in every human and to bring it to the screen in a way that everyone understands. However, M. Night Shyamalan has brought this emotion back to the silver screen in the form of a bedtime story. 'Lady in the Water' found its beginnings through Shyamalan's creative genius in the form of a child's story. Shyamalan claims to have told this story to his own children...."

"What makes 'Lady in the Water' not only a good story, but a good film is the message that it carries. This film supports the ideal that people still serve a purpose in this world, and that through supernatural power or simply by strange occurence we are where we are for a reason. Even the most insignificant people have a reason to exist. And that is an undeniably comforting truth in a world where one of our greatest fears is to be alone and without a cause to live. That is what makes M. Night Shyamalan a great director, he recognizes a common issue that every human deals with and through a dark theatre, he speaks to all of us in our own way. This type of film is not accepted by some because this is a truth that many fail to recognize." LINK

Another quote I read today that seems to relate to this:

Post to UnlimitedSky
"Humans are spiritually blind and deaf. Using only the material physical eyes and ears will not enable you to percieve anything spiritual. We all have the ability to enter that deeper, more real reality, but without the flame of desire for it, you will never find it. You are kept blind by your deep attachment to the material world and lack of longing for what is beyond this illusion of stuff that will disintegrate, and actually has no meaning at all in the bigger picture. "Do not ridicule that which you are to blind to see. In a bigger reality, you may be the fool in this."

BTW: the title of this thread as well as the "Religions Are Gangs" thread are awesome inspirations! Hope you start some more!

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