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posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 05:15 PM
If mistakes are a blessing because they make you familiar with tragedy, then mistakes provide you with something which those who have never made them do not have. So mistakes bless a person with a certain wisdom.

Then mistakes are a good thing?

But wait! Their lesson still points in some direction. What is that direction? Toward not making such mistakes, of course!

Does it make sense, then, to envy somebody who has experienced more tragedy than you, simply because you had the foresight to avoid that tragedy?

On one hand, your experiences are limited and you have less stories to tell. So you can justifiably say that the other person has lived more fully than you.

But on the other hand, ultimately their lessons aim them in the same direction as you. Does this make you, the one with foresight, farther along the path of life? Does this confer advantages? Perhaps, while their learning was about getting themselves out of a hole, yours was about building a tower?

I suppose that if somebody actually spent his life building a tower, he does not have such concerns. He does not envy the reformed. So I suspect that, if I myself am concerned that maybe people who have made obvious mistakes in life have lived more fully than I, then I have been secretly digging my own hole. The hole of inertia, resignation, and overall cowardice.

I have no tower to show.


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