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What I saw at Area 51, and what I can talk about...

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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by arbiture1200

Have you ever come across technologies which we on the outside would consider impossible? Er go they break, or seem to break normal physical laws?

Was Einstein right? Are the military etc way ahead in terms of physics? Are we on the 'outside' barking up the wrong tree somewhat where physics is concerned?

I'd also be interested to hear about any energy technologies you have come across. Are there more efficient systems for portable energy generation for example? Better than your standard petrol fired electricity generator anyway.

posted on May, 4 2012 @ 02:31 PM

Originally posted by Grifter81
reply to post by arbiture1200

Have you ever come across technologies which we on the outside would consider impossible? Er go they break, or seem to break normal physical laws?

Was Einstein right? Are the military etc way ahead in terms of physics? Are we on the 'outside' barking up the wrong tree somewhat where physics is concerned?

I'd also be interested to hear about any energy technologies you have come across. Are there more efficient systems for portable energy generation for example? Better than your standard petrol fired electricity generator anyway.

Sorry, I should have been more clear in my use the term "impossible". What I meant was a concept, technology, or protocol not seen before. Inventing new concepts that lend themselves to new technology is what to me is so much fun, and often quite profitable.

As for technology once considered "impossible", like cybernetics, bio-morphic circuits that can interface w/digital raw data storage, self healing synthetic augmented evolution, "true" variable geometry wings not just variable sweep are just a few. The latter is employed for Naval operations technologies as well. Yup, doing that as we speak.

As for Einstein, he was certainly right when it came to relativistic in the known physical (4D) universe. Although very recently there has been some discussion rather hot&heavy that "different regions of" space time such as distant areas of the known visible universe MAY, just may have certain rules or perhaps varied original conditions from our reasonably close region of space such as the local (galactic) group. And hence the "rules" may vary.

This is utterly contrary to accepted classical or relativistic physics. The laws of the observable universe are supposed to apply everywhere in, and associated with our "space time". We need to really check this out because if such a variation exists in our $D realm, then its logical to imply that the creation of "this version" of the universe had different conditions at some time; before, during, or after the big bang.

Einstein was right enough to among other things invent solar photovoltaic cells, that use photon-to-electricity conversion. Also our entire GPS infrastructure is based on the doppler shift and relativistic associations. We can and do employ certain variations for other areas. As for the military being "far ahead" of others in particular groups who don't have to fill out forms in triplicate just to get the military to first base, hell just get them on the ball field? Thats where private companies/think tanks and certain universities are far ahead.

We have to build something that makes them go "WOW", and then "how soon can you make X# of copies"?That many firms, such as mine must do the work, design the products or technology FIRST, no tax dollars required at first (unless they buy the stuff we invent) We screw up it won't cost the taxpayers a dime. Certain companies are given projects that are funded, but only to a point. At least for me, thats very rare.

You might be very surprised as to how many in certain fields, notably intelligence saw something on a "James Bond movie", and threw their supervisors said " can we get that to"? New ideas come from many places including fiction. Name everything from remote sensors and the "communicator", both from the original "Star Trek", and guess what we have now. You got it, people in power positions what this technology and often we can invent it. The success with the "communicator, now beyond just simple voice" is well known.

Other areas that have interested our military is autonomous drones, no humans on board can pull "G's" very lethal to humans. And compared to about $240 million a copy for our F-22 Raptor, even us Americans can't shell out all that much forever.

One tremendous challenge that also almost drove "the great one" (not Jackie Gleason) close to a breakdown was he trieds to use a "crow bar" to make an association with classical physics and quantum mechanics. The later is very counter-intuitive, but also as many believe the origen of the world of classical physics.

I'm convinced of this. Such "associations" are used in Prediction, or anticipatory predictive morphology. I'll tell you a bit of a secret; it appears easier to influence, and construct the future then just predict it. Variable manipulation and actor-network theory application when properly targeted is much less complicated then just "predicting something". This work is still some what early but does seem correct. Like hitting a target w/a shot gun shell or a rifle. If you aim the rifle correctly you will do "better" Thats a primitive reference, but does explain cause and effect in a certain sense. And cause and effect is seen as obvious in classical physics, though it originates at the quantum level. More soon, no room...

posted on May, 4 2012 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by Grifter81

Continued from response to "Grifter81". As for energy technologies I have worked on, one involved transparent solar cells, usable in windows, interest in use of mono-atomic or "semi-solid" hydrogen for rockets. Once the hydrogen is taking from storage to combustion chamber the power available is, lets say far beyond anything a conventional liquid or solid fueled rocket's can produce.

The key to getting Earth is specific impulse, the volume of mass+thrust coefficient. For stuff beyond Earth we can use the same to get up speed, reasonably, and then employ ion, MHD Plasma or VASIMER, also a much better and sophisticated "plasma drive". With a conventional rocket, even a nuclear core thermal one as in the 1950's to 1970 NERVA type powered rocket a VASIMER plasma drive will get you to Mars in 39 days, not 4-6 months minimum.

Other areas involved conductive- capacitance under roads, largely highways so your car, truck etc, uses the low powered and very safe electrical "road grid" to power a capacitance for an electric hybrid, or even straight electric. Hybrid is preferred because implanting "coils" under every road is tremendously expensive.

For the moment. But were working on much more effective, and cheaper ways for roads of all kinds. This includes self-repairing surface/sub-surface structures, advanced sensors for bridges, buildings, sewer pipes, water pipes, electrical grid infrastructure, and more.

Also interested in incorporating "power cells" or batteries that are polymer-metallic and built into a vehicle super structure. New technology in the not to distant future when "sliced open" will look more like a dense foam like or fiber-foam material then seeing individual circuits, or even mechanical systems. All capable of monitoring structural integrity and self-repair. Other things to. And yes, often anything I come up with, our military gets first crack.

posted on May, 4 2012 @ 03:35 PM

Originally posted by Grifter81
reply to post by arbiture1200

Have you ever come across technologies which we on the outside would consider impossible? Er go they break, or seem to break normal physical laws?

Was Einstein right? Are the military etc way ahead in terms of physics? Are we on the 'outside' barking up the wrong tree somewhat where physics is concerned?

I'd also be interested to hear about any energy technologies you have come across. Are there more efficient systems for portable energy generation for example? Better than your standard petrol fired electricity generator anyway.

Last want to say only what we think is impossible is. There are new very high speed turbines that are turbine-electric drive systems, a bit like our M1A1 tank, just not IMHO a good idea to have employed that in a tank because a turbine engine of that time period when designed sucks fuel, needs LOTS of clean air, but goes fast enough. For my money I would want an advanced variation and with multiple fuel capacity German Leopard 2 tank. Sorry though, not my field.

For portable energy I am testing a clothing adaptive system that uses movement and my body heat to provide all manner of interesting stuff, self sealing emergency materials, large rectenna sensors, and power generation. Christ in time it will clean my clothing, while I'm wearing it. Kind of cool... Heard of the "Google Glasses" that display in a lens any communication including the internet? Old potatoes.

I have both contacts and glasses that do that and also are infra-red, terra hertz (also in the infra red frequency but able to penetrate targets) No, I don't peek...Except behind walls and also able to tell a great deal about a vehicle, even the fuel type using spectrographic analysis of exhaust and molecular density of "whats in the tank" Gasoline, propane, diesel, anything. Got some attention from our military regarding that...

Also capable of picking up a wide band in the electro-magnetic spectrum, and are trying to "tweak" it for non-invasive diagnosis. Coming along fast. You actually need very little energy to do anything, you just need it focused in an appropriate type and direct to where its needed. Also have sub-dermal synthetic polymer like silk that is in effect anything from a communications device (heard of the "tattoos" that can be cell phone technology"? All in the OS media) sensors, what ever I want.

But most interesting to me is "tapping" into the auditory and optic nerve's. Any actually, and non-invasive and with self degrading bio-morphic circuits, they can be made to "go away" in effect be absorbed as carbohydrates and proteins in the body. Your a walking breathing person "wired" for sight and sound. And so far undetectable. Details are classified. Sad to say a lot of it is, but will provide what references I can when able to.

Other areas involved in is neroquantolgy or the quantum element of thought. Love this stuff... I know that the quantum world is involved in biology (confirmed, in photosynthesis). I have little doubt its involved in fractal and soliton brain informatics. Perhaps a lot more. As our questions that are not answerable but thinking of the brain like we think of computers? Nope. We know identical twins have the ability to "share" deep emotional moments at any distance at the same time, and thats not consistent with relativistic/classical physics. Also much more.

Please Note:

Have to get a new elbow tomorrow which I shattered, and it won't repair. Will try a new titanium/polymer material. One reason I will accelerate bone fusion EM technology. The necessity of invention, is having a pain in the ass, my pain in the ass.
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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 10:12 PM

Originally posted by DJM8507
I wanted to commend you for coming forward and sharing what you can. The technologies you have hinted at confirm things I have heard from various individuals I have spoken with over the years. They also say the same thing about UFOs/Aliens. I have heard the technologies that are in the "holy of holies" as you put it, is fantastic, mind-blowing, and when stepping into these facilities/vault structures one is almost literally transported 50-100 years into the future. Much of it is nearly beyond imagination, unless you are "in the know" and have some exposure to the lifestyle.

The entire civilian technological development path has already been plotted for the next half dozen generations, all guided. The biggest thing that keeps these advancements locked up is National security, as you said, the other nations would literally kill for such knowledge. The technologies also would unsettle world security, stability and cause an economic disaster if even known. Not to mention potential international crimes against humanity for the suppression of technologies that could have saved innumerable lives. There really is a lot at play. I personally feel that modern-day civilians are unable to accept, or even be trusted, with such things. As the potential of weaponizing much of that technology is clear, and present.

I do have a question for you, what is the "political" climate within these areas of the black/shadow world? What are their priorities? Mentality?

I wonder how people would react if they knew the individuals who really run the show? who make the major decisions in our world...

edit on 1-5-2012 by DJM8507 because: (no reason given)

First, its common and quite natural to think there is some "grand plan". There are associations of people who share similar interests, and intentions. To many of the PTB are scared, terribly frightened and frankly obnoxious people. The black, grey and similar shadow world is made up of many different groups like any other. (Grey in this case is unclassified just not well known, usually a reference to the corporate PTB). That is among the most scary of groups, less the "government", who at least have to look like they are abiding by the Constitution, notably the Bill of Rights.

I use the term The Chimera, a combination of those who since 9/11 2001 have more power then Ike's worst night mare. Corporations? They don't have any rules, and certain larger ones who will remain nameless save for the fact they deal with social media and information searches have vast and frightening power. I know, got royally screwed by one of them. Saw them parked out side my house and found out who they were. But they tapped into my Windows based HP computers and destroyed both of them. I gave them a call and was blatantly threatened. Told I would be charged with drug or sex abuse, what a joke if anyone knows me. and they said "what could I do about it"? Oh?

Decided to show them and had one of my micro-uav's target and fly over the ordinary office/warehouse where they were located. A typical well hidden and deflected IP address. So I had my UAV follow them as well and found out quite a bit. Then called them and said "look up". Dropped a few leaflets and then called some people and said what now? They said "you probably shouldn't have done that" Hey, I'm dying and am not in the mood for bastered bullies. At all. But did I get pictures, and details. Know the kind of technology they use and with terra hertz and better sensors, could see inside and tell who had shaved that day.

So now for several years they haven't parked outside my home, office or shop. That is an example of the f****** that are a true threat to our freedom. Perhaps you heard the expression; "If I get f***** at least I expect to enjoy it" ? I did and did not, it really pissed me off. I nearly died for my country and now with not all that much time left, don't care all that much. Anyway my close protection people are the best of the best and live when on duty, two at all times just down the block from me. Had I not had the sub-dermal experimental synthetic polymer-silk implanted under my skin? Would have been very bad. Very sophisticated and monitors my vital signs and even blood chemistry. My CP people are all trained in emergency surgery as physician assistants and trauma paramedics. Only once did I need to have them save my ass and that was overseas. But they did help several people, all strangers in my office, and a mall, the later was a child. THAT MADE IT ALL worth the bull s***

As far as all being plotted for generations having met Ben Rich at the Skunk Works we have "stuff" truly unbelievable. But we have a hard enough time deciding what we'll do next month. Believe me, were just not that clever or calculating in our methods. As for the "mentality of the black and shadow shield (world) many are truely neat and decent people. Will continue.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by arbiture1200

Further response by arbiture1200; Again to touch on some points I think your spot on. There are some aspects of of all things the "UFO Problem" thats how its actually referred to, that could shatter the identity and world view of some. NO government, no one is going to willingly say anything that has to do about this. As recently posted by a gentlemen from NASA I responded to a comment by James Oberg. His comment was interesting, and my assessment was that for someone so high up at NASA to say what he said, its not impossible to assume some kind of event that we have NO control over will/could now likely happen.

I mentioned the blatant pooh poohed of the "Martian meteorite" found in Antarctica that seemed rather interesting, though I'm not a "real" exo-biologist but then who really is? I have been involved in inventing neat stuff and was once called to investigate an animal mutilation event in rural Minnesota, about 120 miles from my house at the time. The technology was unknown to me, and hate to admit it it seemed the poor thing was made to experience fear. Certain bio-toxicology, and a necropsy was done and very high levels of cortisol/adrenaline all stress hormones were off the charts.

The tests and records were taken from the University lab were the tests were done. All of them, x-rays, Veterinarian notes everything and the Vet was warned very abruptly that "this never happened". Christ I know it did, but to be honest? Under certain reasons like being impotent against certain things It makes absolute sense not to bring this up. We used to think "well at least they don't go after our pets". Wrong. And people? Very rare but I have heard rumors I am not cleared to know about and if I was couldn't talk about them. And wouldn't anyway.

When I got a chance to go to Russia in the early 1990's, the UFO issue was one that really interested me, and found out the Russians fired an air-to-air missile with a nuclear warhead in 1957, with zero effect. We also had our interceptors armed with Genie unguided nuclear rockets and most were retired in the 1980's when the F-106's were retired, but we never used them. Nor did the Canadians. They shared NORAD command with us 50/50. We have a general or admiral, etc, then they have one based at Cheyenne Mountain. And when the Canadians are in charge of continental air defense? They are, though the President was at least (when in the know) in the 1980's had to authorize release of nuclear weapons, but that could be done in a couple minutes, at least in the case of air-to-air weapons, a bit longer for other types of nukes.

You may have heard that we "de-targeted our missiles and the Russians did the same after the end of the cold war? Big deal, takes about 30 seconds to "target" missiles, so sounded nice but was meaningless. The fact that the Russians still depend much more on ground based ICBM's then us they had A LOT more nuclear armed interceptors which were only really effective at taking out bombers.

Will follow up with less depressing stuff when I can.

Regards arbiture1200 (Bob)

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 02:10 PM
I'm bumping this, seems pretty interesting so far.

posted on May, 6 2012 @ 07:03 PM
Sounds very interesting

"Be nice to say I saw a "real UFO". Honestly, they kept me out of the holy of holies."
To be honest i believe if the us government were in possession of alien technology then i don't think they would keep it at Area 51. Why? Well because everyone knows about area 51.
If you had something precious to you that you didn't want anyone else to see or to try and steal, would you keep it in the place where everyone is expecting it to be? I wouldn't

What i mean is, i personally think that Area 51 is more of a distraction. I do believe that they are working on some cool things there, just not the good stuff

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 08:53 AM
So do you think there will be a free energy source availible to the masses any time in the not to distant future or are the corporations and goverments dead against the idea. Im sure some top secret devices exist to power homes, cars all sorts its just if you cannot add taxes to them the technology will not be availible to the people of the world.

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 08:54 AM
By the way very intresting thread so far keep it up.

posted on May, 7 2012 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by arbiture1200

an interesting read bob.

from systems integration to the 'foo problem' it is all of interest to myself.

having studied and observed uap's for a number of decades, i giggled at the opening post as it seemed initially a righteous wow rant!

i am of the opinion certain tech has been acquired, possible contact (limited) established, however the why is the nugget in the dirt that is continuously pondered. i suspect even those at the very pinnacle of need to know don't really know at all.

take care with the motor neurone.
regards fakedirt.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 12:46 PM

Originally posted by fakedirt
reply to post by arbiture1200

an interesting read bob.

from systems integration to the 'foo problem' it is all of interest to myself.

having studied and observed uap's for a number of decades, i giggled at the opening post as it seemed initially a righteous wow rant!

i am of the opinion certain tech has been acquired, possible contact (limited) established, however the why is the nugget in the dirt that is continuously pondered. i suspect even those at the very pinnacle of need to know don't really know at all.

take care with the motor neurone.
regards fakedirt.

Thanks for your concerns, I do appreciate same. First of all I whole hardily agree with you perhaps most of all the premise: [A. "SOMETHING" is going on in and above Earths airspace, underwater, and involve affecting our most serious (like nuclear weapons ability-to-use 'em), and a lot of "other" stuff less esoteric like pretty UFO's amusing and amazing us, etc. and:

[A.1. We have only a very vague idea of what this is in whole. A very layered and complex phenomena but worse other areas of "foo issues" and related associated events and that is limited to the equivalent of issues we can do nothing about and the first duty of any government is "PROTECT ME"! Thats what people need for people to live and plan said lives in anything remotely what is called an "ordinary way"

Hence I consider the extreme for now I'll just call "disinformation" of just by the USG to be a manifest necessity. The ability to understand order of societies and the danger of loss of confidence was briefly, but I thought well presented in a TV movie of Bud Hopkins "Intruders"

I also believe certain levels of some kind of contact's have happened, but how many, and who knows? I know when people are frightened and that is never a good place to be because the first thing ALL governments worry about are their own people who will in time loose total belief in any government doing squat. They can loose confidence. Thats worse to open war, usually. Because THAT people understand, but what they don't they often come up with their own often damn silly, some utterly rational&undeniable concerns.

I'm not one to loosely attribute all of our rapid advancements since 1900+, in particular after WW-2, as in the book "The Day After Roswell" to "them". Multifaceted audit trails, and the simple sociological actualization of the mathematical premise of momentum; The more rapid some advances happen they cross-pollinate and accelerate other areas. A premise of rapid sociological as expressed technologically, change. Very logical.

But others, and ways to connect certain dots not yet seen, and other areas that do involve sexy tech thats something you can actually touch. Or as I like to say "Reach out and have a god damn religious experience" Something is going on as to many areas are affected by very strange "intervention events" at many levels, so I don't think the origin is excessively all "our's".

Also, would you let me/us know if "uap's" were a typo? I can think of a dozen possibilities for that acronym, but if just a typo, no sweat. If not, could you tell me what it means? Oh, and I can and do sometimes shamelessly rant, hope not to much...

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posted on May, 10 2012 @ 01:09 PM
In the event of a catastrophic attack would you believe "special" weapons would be deployed?I have often wondered why Russia and China don't just hit us by crossing the north pole.Would the 5th tier devices see action then?
Do you think they already have?

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by arbiture1200

hello bob,

unidentified aerial phenomenon.

on a beach many years ago in the evening, just at sunset with scattered cloud, i became aware
of something unusual. i looked up and saw what i could describe as a cloud with unusual
adjustment properties. it was semi folding with a straight edge moving diagonally through it.
a kind of refraction i suppose. as i focused back, the bigger picture was of a massive isosceles
triangle moving overhead slowly and in the process the clouds were folding along apparent edges.
i informed two friends who were with me at the time. they both saw this object as we all craned
our necks to look up at it. we were then surrounded by a brief blinding light and it felt i was
being scanned from head to foot. it was like electrocution without the pain. in fact i felt no
concern whatsoever. one friend found this to be a spiritual experience and made it his intention
to travel and become close to the shamanic/indian cultures. the other didn't take it too well and
increased his alcohol consumption to the point of concern.
this object was crystal clear and if it wasn't for the interruption of the cloud formations as it
passed overhead, i would never have seen it. again i felt no malevolence whatsoever and can only
lean towards this object actually monitoring the environment at the very least.

i like to think that something out there has our six and in the event of a possible ele either by
man (nuclear) or nature (incoming), perhaps assistance will be offered. perhaps whatever is out there has already
saved our skins and we just don't know of it.
consideration is also given to an uglier nature to this and i'd say you hit the nail on the head
with the 'intruders' reference. that was a creepy show when i was a kid.

with all that said, i must state i have seen some fantastic things since childhood both in close
proximity as well as at distance. i feel i've kept positive with it, sincerely approaching the matter
with a childlike fascination, however i would love to hotwire one of them suckers!

best wishes fakedirt.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by fakedirt

Boy "UAP" and yup missed the nomenclature. A problem with so many damn acronyms in a brain past tolerance limits. (An admitted "excuse" but hey, its true!)

Your definitions of what you saw was quite interesting, as the whole UAP are, of which I have to add the interesting field of possible "environmental and possible native and/or adaptive atmospheric life forms, previously unknown" A really amazing concept, and why not since we couldn't see bacteria, cells, etc before the development of the microscope. It took ultra high speed photography and digital imaging "devolution" and selective pattern analysis (as in "moving stuff not on file") and similar complex terms to finally see this.

By the way did you see the Time issue about how we got OBL? I loved the line about the drone we employed designed to scan for certain genetic markers in materials along/among effluence, that was SO REAL looking, an eagle attacked it... Got a chuckle about that, though God knows the poor eagle may now need therapy...(Time magazine, issue date May7th, 2012) Does prove as is now OS, we have some amazing UAV's. The insect size ones really freak people out.

With having not seen what you saw, I can only make certain "guesses" as to cause and effect. It is possible though not widely known we can create certain area and directed effect changes on a small scale, that among other things create very rapidly create the side effects of localized tempeture&pressure change. Hence, instant condensation, and other things.

As much as I am very convinced that a lot of this stuff IS us, not all can certainly be explained. And including UAV's, being UAV's, some can pull bone liquifying "G's". This area of advanced aircraft is going to go wild, and not just for military or the sexy stuff. (OK most is) Current manned aircraft are to expensive to continue to build and though we will, we will just be more selective. I will continue to ponder more of your reply, perhaps I can add a little more.

I will mention it has been mentioned OS about UFO's and the Presidency that Nixon as Ike's VP made reference to "the Triangles, as "are they someone new, a new player, or some of (?) the same guys, different vehicle?" something like that. Try to find where I read that quote.

Ike only turned on a tape recorder rumor has it when Nixon was in the conversation. Fact is it's obvious Ike only trusted him, so far. (seriously) Given how little of ANYTHING was ever mentioned, unless in compartmented often even indirectly even in Ultra-secure facilities (compartments or "vaults") and no notes or recordings ever taken for the UFO stuff this could have come from a third party, likely was. But I believe it based on a bunch of other issues, and the fact Nixon was a serious UFO buff, very reasonable.

Also, IMO a good and interesting cable TV movie originally produced by Showtime was "Roswell". Thought that was pretty good, and the guy played by Martin Sheen "in the know" and his conversations with the then dying Major Jessie Marcel (Ret) were very close to one way we deal with answering difficult questions, with no way to prove them one way or another. Pretty well done I thought. But will keep digging, and thanks for going over what you saw.

Also the fact you mentioned "what you felt as in not feeling threatened", etc is always very useful.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by Ashley8344

AS to free energy sources frankly, no. We have to build machines and associated infrastructure, thats after the theory then science to engineering and then practical and affordable applications. But I do believe many parties have tremendous interest in NOT seeing certain technologies developed or perhaps better put as far as energy, not adapting with all the funds they have (often with "our", meaning tax payers help) invested into certain things, like current fossil fuel systems. One reason they are kicking and screaming to NOT adopt what in time they must?

How about an idea assuming Obama gets re-elected? Or if not who ever is elected? We know the amount of money the current energy infrastructure IS MAKING, and still the oil industry GETS SUBSIDIZED ! Thanks to the Republicans who can never say no to, any special interest that helps them. But good Christ these guys are SO openly vulgar about it saying "oh yeah, so just what do you think you pions can do about it"? Love to have all of us show them...

Perhaps its possible. Make it very profitable to get into the new technologies and infrastructure and start with a "Manhattan Project" level activity. That includes a co-ordination of certain resources and abilities and use of our best national research assets. That requires a National Security Edit, or Action Order (NSC/AO) (above a directive, more or less). Close to our President being omnipotent and only employed in areas of national security. Well, this is to me. Make them drool with the money that can be made, and as long as they play nice (ah huh, well work on it...) make it worth their wild to get off their Tiffany butts and just do it!

OK, change is scary, all new technology adaptation is "dyspeptic" but has been proven a great many times much MORE profitable. Thats the only way to sell it to some. There's also water boarding. But thats just not "me".

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by arbiture1200

hello bob

scanning for genetic markers from a uav. that is interesting. perhaps a certain bandwidth
with various thicknesses of colours similar to prismic emission of a light source can be
sensed from every individual unique as a fingerprint.

a bit more about the triangle. having worked on an ssbn, i would guesstimate that the triangle was
of similar length. it wasn't a flat hull so to speak, more shallow with at the least four planes to it.
the outer edges were apparent and at the very least two inner edges running the length of the object.
it wouldn't have been noticable other than the effect it had on the clouds above it as it passed.

i'm not too clued up on the three paragraphs that preceed your last sentence.

regards fakedirt.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by arbiture1200

The reference I made to detection by high speed photography seems to be a reference to some kind of atmospheric life form, amazing design and unbelievably fast. The idea of "atmospheric animals" who "lived" in the air above a world was first put forward by Carl Sagan as a life form that could evolve and exist on a world of increasing density but for most no actual "surface" as in Jupiter. He called the prey like balloon like things "Floaters" The predator, bird like ones "Hunters". Even considered elaborate ECCM or equivalent to help the Floaters. So the idea at least is not new, as to what we got "in the air"? I have no idea, but there is to much in common with how we think of animal anatomy to discount it outright.

My reference to changing an area of atmospheric conditions near an aircraft, or a sub, involves creating the energy signal to the effect and amount to cause things like manipulate areas of atmosphere near anything. Just like a Skua Russian rocket torpedo hits at least 500 mph underwater by projecting a probe to initiate cavitation next to the torpedo hull. The torpedo is then traveling through the air, not water. Same in concept but broadly.

As for "the bird", some form of remote sensing is very likely, and there are ways to enhance certain factors also remotely, such as olfactory signals we can detect. (I got to stop thinking about that poor eagle, how embarrassing). For her/him THAT was one close encounter of the 3rd kind...

posted on May, 22 2012 @ 07:42 AM
Hell, Ive seen cool aircraft,"at airshows". Sorry but your post goes now where, really fast. Allmost as fast as the aircraft you did'nt see but can't talk about. Or you did see and can talk about?? Area 51 a mystery for decades,, you have not added to the mystery. Sorry.

posted on May, 22 2012 @ 11:24 AM
reply to post by arbiture

"But for UFO's? I have spoken to some I trust implicitly, and I believe THEM when they say w/a straight face about what they saw, among things creepy are deactivation of our and other missile fields, "grabbed and stopped" many fighter (at least one B-47 bomber as well) IN MID-AIR! Wow."

I think what you are saying here is that something stopped fighters, some of our missles were deactivated by aliens or ufo pilots. Just stop, slow down, take your time. We love to read your posts and especially if you have actual experience. You know what they say, "writers have trouble with writing."

Don't assume we know anything and take one sentence at a time.

I am right, no?

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