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A Rant In The Form Of A Poem

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posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 01:41 PM
I'm trying something completely different. This rant is in the form of a forum. I hope you enjoy it:

In Trouble

So here I sit with a big wide grin
Knowing that people are upset with me again
That everything I do is such a sin
And nobody’s bark is strong, just thin

Well it is all right
It's all good by me
If you want to fight
Go outside and wait by that tree

I do not agree with you
So you’ll just have insult me some more
I simply want to be through
But your insults are such a bore

What am I thinking?
What does it matter in the scheme?
All you do is repeat it time and again
And act like a stormy sea

Well all right
I’ll tell what you want to hear
That’s all that matters tonight
To insults you’ll adhere

And it goes on and on
Nothing ever stops
An eternity of endless brawn
Lost in your own Aesop

And here I sit with a big wide grin
Committing the ageless sin
Of going my own way
And now you feel betrayed

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 01:44 PM
Now all you need is a strong bass hook and you've got an awesome song!

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 02:31 PM
reply to post by EvilSadamClone

How dare you steal my style!

Kidding of course... I previously created a thread in the Rant section of the forum, that was in the form of a poem.

Every other word is absurd, and rarely deserves responses.
Yall see each other as opposition, I just see nuances.
The following, isn't me tying to go and show off
They say, 'lead by example', here is something for yall to go off.

The objective, we're told is to deny another's ignorance
via critical thinkers, wisdom expressed derived from

But very little is concluded, truths purity remains diluted
Much of these conversations aren't conducive,
to the dissolve of claiming things are 'mutually exclusive'
Fractal by our nature, some claim to be of no relation
We defend our Frame of Reference, and beat dead horses with no reservation
There's no need to be subjective, unless we are not of one
Oh wait, we haven't been, since this all begun!

Postings about religion, my Dionysus beats your Jesus
Another's God gets hit by lightning, and Zeus picks up the pieces
We're pagan by default, conception to prenatal
Nature verses Nurture, when Darwin turned the table.
Mysticism, romanticism, criticism told through fables.
Very few choose to read between the lines, I wonder if they're able.

Oh how they have turned, evolved from what is learned
Solutions tossed in the fire, and not discerned.
For if you can not see it, then you will never be it.
Hidden from the truth, the light. It's sick like all diseases.

Everything's not Illuminati! Stop blaming all the Masons!
They've got all the paper(money), just go and change just what you're chasin'.
It's not the Devil you are facing! for he hath no face!
Hallowed be thy name, and you are not far from Grace!
Don't forget the Golden Rule, Apathy is for fools!
Empathy, and forgiveness are two of four necessary tools!
A compass and a square, are the only others.
We are all still brothers, even if Eve is not our mother!

I can see a mountain, and as so can you!
Difference in perspective, still a mountain, no matter on point of view!
Are you on that mountain? I shall ask you twice!
Now listen up, and close your ears! For here is some advice.

Nothing is depressing! So go and toss out that sorrow.
For the garbage man will come and take it all away tomorrow.
Stop serving all the others! For you are of deserving so much better!
It's getting so cold out there, so I knitted yall this sweater.
It's just a matter of time, until you get the message!
We're only building blocks, reminiscent of purity, for now just some wreckage.

'Written in the Stars, A million miles away'
The truth will set you free, and that rock is here to stay.
'We're all stars now, in the dope show'
Yall idolize the pretty, even when they leave you low.

S&F's for the effort and message

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