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Where are the ATS military supporters?

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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 12:58 AM

Originally posted by Adlai
Looks like the thread's dead now. I scared the jarheads away wth my being an upstanding citizen and never having to work for a corrupt murderous organization, and helping the needy in my own country without tax money. And I was trying to leave that out to just have a fair argument about what responsibility is, how it is earned/tranfered, and what the main purpose of a standing army is, and what's moral and ethical, ad how a government has the power to feed their corruption(that's what the military is). I started as a philosophy major, but switched to anthropology after a year because I could take similar classes and get a better degree.

And also, I got more starts than op...hehe :-)
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P.s. bradley manning puts you all to shame. He's an honorable soldier, and I support him.
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I was actually going to leave it be when you told me about what you do. I admit, I was impressed by you. You're a man/woman that's knows what he/she wants in life.

But then you posted this... Honestly, I'm disappointed. Why? Because I thought that you were someone different. I thought you were a man/woman that had beliefs and stood by them. I commend you for that because it still stand true. However, you have deep seated issues that negate the good.

You are highly narcissistic. To you, this could be farther from the truth, but you have proven with this and another post that you think VERY highly of yourself. You have come off as a stereotype that I didn't think actually existed outside of television and movies. You have come off as the know-it-all, liberal college professor that lives in a world of beliefs from books and television and not from self experience. This perception has come from this post and afterwards.

Tell me I'm wrong and that you're just misunderstood by me. I had a high level of respect for you until you started down this path. Now, that's been thwarted. I would actually like to respect you again, in fact I still have respect for your life choices. All I ask is that you state your case and maybe be a little more respectful. I could have probably taken my own advice in a few past posts, but being snide and taking shots at each other is not the way of civilized people and we should refrain from allowing this discussion to become too heated and allowing ourselves to show our butts.

As for your perception of the military, I believe I understand where this is coming from. And I respect it. You are in every right entitled to have the opinion that you do. No one, and I mean NO ONE, can tell you that you're wrong for believing what you do. However, it does seem that you will not listen to what reason I have attempted to relay to you.

I tried to say that the military does many good things for other countries. You brought up a point that Al Capone did humanitarian service. I see your point. You believe that no matter how good a person or organization can do, they are fully represented by the negative things that they do. No matter who it is, under affiliation, they are labeled as bad people. So, by association, I am a bad person. By association, you allow the halo effect to determine which of your students get more of your attention and which get the better grades. You also sleep with the female/male students so they can earn a passing grade, providing an unfair advantage to them. Probably also accept bribes. I doubt any of that is true, but if I thought like you, I would believe it.

You also brought up a point that why not build a school or something here in the US, or rather, give the same humanitarian community service here rather than a different country. I agree with you. More military members should do the same things here. And many of them do. I volunteer for things every chance I get whether it be spending time with elderly folks who have no family, helping out at thrift stores such as GoodWill and Salvation Army, and, my favorite, the Big Brother program. I try to give back to the community every chance I get. But, see, you have pointed out that the world hates America. Why not have the military do good things like I have to at least help improve on our stance with the world and try to combat the BS?

I'm trying to get a full understanding of your stance and also trying to be as respectful as possible. I would appreciate the same in return.

Thank you.

posted on May, 4 2012 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by Echo3Foxtrot

It took over two days to get one rational response.
Sorry about the trolling. Research, and the exchange of ideas to expand the mind, and maybe a lil bit o fun.
Wish me luck on my doctorate.

And seriously, I donkt support the troops. I don't think that they are all murderers, but I do believe that they allow the goernment to get away with the things that it does, and that ignorance isnkt an excuse for providing that help. I also believe that the military's primary concern is war. By definition that is what a military is for. The wars we get in tend to be on the line of right and wrong, and the ways we get into the wars are always scandelous. I respect these people wanting to do good, but wish they could find a better way to do it. And the people who feel a duty should stnd up for america's morals a little more than the governments. and the renlistment bonuses really are an unnecessary burden on spending, but it would be ok if we didn't give billion dollar write offs to billion and trillion dollar companies, not to mention stopped spending so much on drones and secret projects, or got rid of a number of unnecessary organizations. Sorry, i'll stop my rant.

Apologies to you. Crazy guy who was kind of on my side, you are going to add some flair to my paper. Thank you. Everyone else...

posted on May, 4 2012 @ 04:08 AM
I generally don't agree with the militaty decisions made by politicians.

I regret not manning up and seving my country and my beliefs like so many other people have.

There is a gulf between the serving militants and the mongrel politicians


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