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The Spirit World

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posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by TheGrandWarlock

Yes I have seen dead spirits -- and I did this by going to the spirit world -- meaning I also saw a qigong master creating "yin spirits" out of the top of his head.

What is the training to do this? It is very specific yet very unknown in the West. Celibacy is recognized in the West but yoga aka qigong aka shamanic trance training requires more than just celibacy but also purification as "ionization."

The foundation of the practice is called the microcosmic orbit or small universe -- and it is the secret to entering the spirit world -- but again there must be celibacy and also purification through mind concentration and this process requires a minimum of three months. So your dreams also need to be controlled.

A good starter book is called Awaken the Healing energy of the Tao -- scribd free read online

So speaking from experience I first practiced a life of service and morality - being active in the church but also relying on music as the model.

Music is proven to increase relaxation and the tingles or chills from music is activation of the neurohormones which go into the brain as neurotransmitters. So that is the sublimation from deep diaphgram breathing.

Someone mentioned Robert Monroe -- he relied on deep diaphragm breathing to exit his body -- rolling the stomach so to speak.

Anyway the best method is to find a real energy master -- there's a lot of fake ones so the best way to see if someone is real is that their body is transformed and this is proven through the full lotus yoga position. So a person should be able to sit in full lotus in ease with no pain for as long as they want - at least two hours non-stop.

Robert Bruce talks about the etheric body spirit travel and this is another type that someone referred to in terms of spirit possession.

So actually emotions are electrochemical energy as the etheric body and this is also a type of spirit possession -- so sadness, anger, worry, fear and over-excitement are actually electrochemical spirit possessions of each of the main organs, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys and heart, respectively.

So first the electrochemical emotional energy has to be harmonized into the heart as bliss love energy and this builds up but the person has to remain relaxed and with mind concentration to create strong electromagnetic fields out of the heart. After this builds up then the pineal gland opens up -- so the middle of the brain will get hot.

At this point the body is filled with electromagnetic energy called chi in China or prana in India -- so this is the yoga tradition but it's called N/om from the Bushmen which is the original human source from 100,000 BCE in Africa.

So the spirit energy is a higher frequency as laser holographic energy -- so when I saw spirits it was a coherent light -- for me it was yellow since my third eye was just opening up. So I saw yellow forms shaped like humans floating in to see the qigong master Chunyi Lin. He said someone had seen this so he explained that he does heal the dead spirits that are stuck here -- so he helps them go into a brighter light into heaven.

A great cable show on these experiences in the spirit realm after death is "I Survived Beyond and Back" -- youtube has some episodes. I watch that every week -- it's riveting. Some go to Hell and again this is due to electrochemical lower body blockages -- so their electromagnetic spirit is stuck in their lower body making them fixated on the lower emotions. So if a person dies in Tibet then the monk sees what part of the body gets cold last as that reveals what part of the body the spirit left from.

So in yoga meditation and shamanic trance it's known that the heart to pineal gland is heaven while the lower body organs are hell -- which is in Earth. But if the energy of the emotions are unified then the power of Earth harmonizes with Heaven and then the person can travel at will outside of their body. This is astral travel which is actually very advanced.

As Robert Bruce describes astral travel it is a space-time vortex. I had this happen to me when I was doing my intensive qigong training. But it freaked me out too much so I stopped training -- also before you enter the spirit realm you also get spiritual powers like telepathy and telekinesis and this is due to the strong electromagnetic fields that power the spirit travel.

At this level reality is holographic -- so someone mentioned hallucinogens which are called "entheogens" referring to God -- and in the Amazon and Africa these are used to open up the heart for the "rainbow vortex" which is the astral realm manifesting. This is called "converting jing to chi" in Taoist yoga -- again the neurohormones are turned into electromagnetic energy.
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posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 11:34 PM
The spirits can communicate with you if they want to. They can also put ideas in your head and feed you information if they want to. I don't know much more about them other than some are good and some are kinda crabby and I guess there are evil ones. They seem to like it when we respect our ancestors and our parents also.

posted on May, 1 2012 @ 04:32 PM
Sylvia Browne has about any type of book on the spirit world that you can imagine! You can get them on Amazon, or go to Sylvia's website. Google her name to find it.
She is a very famous psychic/medium who has a lot of knowledge and experiences in all the different areas of the paranormal.

Before you try to communicate with spirits be sure to say a prayer of protection, and imagine yourself surrounded by the white light. This will keep any demons, or bad energies from coming through to possess you.
NEVER USE A QUIJA BOARD!!!! This opens the door to allow all types of spirits to come through. People report having evil presences, and paranormal experiences after using it.

Seek the truth, and leave the rest behind.

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posted on May, 1 2012 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by Rapha

I have seen the world of ley lines.
I had a very weird dream about that a long time ago. I did make a thread on it, but I am to lazy to go find it.
Also the description of part of the afterlife as dark skies, I have seen that as well.
Even painted it.

Accurate description.

I went and looked up the links:
Dream Teachers (in regards to the ley lines)
And the painting:

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posted on May, 2 2012 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by TheGrandWarlock

I think we all can only guess,every one of us has different experiences,thoughts etc.I have always had a strong 'bond' so to speak,with the 'spirit world',i mean i'm no medium,but i always sense or hear or see things that most of people are not 'open' to see,we all have the ability but you need to open yourself up to that.And that could be simply reading loads of things about the subject,switching yourself off from tv's,internet etc,just you and this dimention.Thats my advice.I never wanted to be so sensitive to this other 'ghost' world and i do manage to close myself to that but it never lasts long so my problem is to shut my soul from it as i have tendency to access negative forces.As to your question about accessing spirit world without having to die....i believe you can.Read books by Robert Monroe and they will explain you what i believe in.You do need to be carefull though when you try to meddle with 'other side'.You need to know who you are,what you want out of this,what you CAN do as a soul,not body.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 08:59 PM

A doctor dies and enters the spirit world.
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