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Truth be Told

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posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 12:07 PM
Truth be Told
So many people scream they want the truth, but they don't.
Masses of people in the so called Patriot movement saying they want freedom, but they don't.
I have all the truth fully supported by law, but people do not want to hear it or do the work required because everyone just wants the quick fix.
Or they want what is known as (having their cake and eat it too)

People whom truly want total freedom have done the studies followed the law to do it correctly without patriot hype and BS, these individuals have corrected their status with full support of the law and are known as State Nationals. These individuals are the de jure, and are no longer under the jurisdiction of the United States defacto system. They have full and total rights without permission ie permits to live their lives as the founders intended with the common law fully intact. Free from private statue laws that all citizens must follow. If your truly ready to learn, study and do the right thing and stop your current criminal actions such as voting, yes voting is a crime and you as a citizen are the enemies of the founding Republic de jure. This is what THEY have been keeping from you, so I ask one more time are you ready for total truth? Ready to do the work? Ready to put in the time to fix this Union? Then start by reading the many links within these threads listed below. Treason by Design, voting is a crime. Patriot miss beliefs and so much more. Many links to follow in this thread to further your study of law and truth. Most important documents you will ever read explains the dual citizenship issue and more.

All these links and threads are fully grounded in law and truth you will not find hype or workarounds and will do my best to answer all questions with links to pdfs to explain in detail the law as it applies.

posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 12:19 PM
I'm an Alex Jones fan, I listen every day, but yet, I am greatfull for Social Security. When this country didn't outsource all the jobs, government programs for citizens were humming along. I'm anti Libertarian because it's based on mis beliefs ("survival of the fittest" not true within animal kingdoms, rather, cooperation) and has Luciferian roots. (Google 'the satanic core of lib.. by Henry Makow)
But -like- Jones, I want all this Orwellian nightmare stuff banished off our necks, it's bootheels on natural milk producers and gardeners, while dying disabled people and children are brutalized by 'security' agents.

posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 12:45 PM
If I were much younger and knew about this I would likely have taken that route. Some of us have been in that federal system too long and perhaps have too much invested to walk away from it, for example having paid into the Social Security system for 40 years and getting very close to age to be able to draw on it. I think a few of us are a bit too caught up in it to emancipate ourselves without paying a high price, but one should ask, what price liberty?

So you are correct, a few of us want the freedom but have concerns that would be holding us back. It does not seem too much to ask though, not too much to struggle for, that our federal system should get out of our private affairs and leave us our personal autonomy. Regardless of status, government, ownership, etc., I claim ownership of my own body and will defend my independence in that matter. My solution was to relocate to another country to live out the rest of my days with less bother from the government, more freedom for personal choices.

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 08:51 AM
Hi Saucerwench,

I like Alex at least he tries to expose the elitist groups but he is more about tooting his own horn then the truth in law. SS lets agree to disagree for a minute, what did people do before SS government program? Clue you can still them today and is a much better way to go. Every hear of a ROTH IRA, or disability insurance both will pay you more with a lot less restrictions and both cost you a lot less of your income. SS is just another tool used by the defacto to keep you enslaved. For the rest of your post I do not get into titles for me law is all that matters, law has put us into this mess and the law is what frees us.

For hungry people that is what the church was originally in place for, all these feed the children programs and assistance that the United States gets involved in with the rest of the world is bad news. Very bad for those country the U.S claims to be helping in fact they are destroying their local economies on purpose in the guise of helping.
More can be found here on that: Economic Hitman


Hi Erongaricuaro,

I understand fully your concerns and that is OK, many will not be able to correct status but everyone can help get the truth out, especially to pass the information on to the younger generation before they become trapped in the system.

It is the young that THEY target with indoctrination and it is the young that can over come the obstacles before its to late.

Note of encouragement we do have State Nationals that were in your situation they over came a lot giving up their life investment into the scam of SS and are very prosperous today. Will not say it is easy not at all, but do encourage you to reconsider leaving the Union since we can always use good people like yourself that want to help get the truth out. Your life experience is worth more then you could imagine to educate others in where we came from to what we have today.

God bless you both and your families

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 09:22 AM
I disagree about leaving care into the hands of private and religious charities, only because of my experience. I was homeless, and I approached two of these well known establishments, and they were cold and curt. (See online dictionary, -curt-!) EVEN when I said I was going to end my life. At that time. But I am a veteran, and the VA hospital helped me -instead- . Government healthcare. I KNOW you could get a hundred complaints here about VA but not me. They did right.
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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 09:37 AM
reply to post by Saucerwench

Sorry to hear about the way you were treated, this is not uncommon since the government got involved in so many things like church. I have no issues with VA hospitals or any programs the VA has. The government and church issue has gone on since the beginning of time but today it has gotten so bad, your case is do to the government with their constant entitlements have taken away from the donations the church gets. Not talking money, but donations of peoples time in soup kitchens, donations for clothing, food and so much more now the schools are involved in fund raisers and every time I turn around the school is asking for food donations to feed the poor, what the hell does a school have to do with this? This is the churches jobs not the federal fool system. Time and time again the government has told preachers what to preach from the pulpit thanks to the tax exempt the churches must follow the governments rules for that benefit. So much for freedom of speech even in church, I have met some ballsy pastors one even recorded his sermon sent it off to the government and said come arrest me if you want because he refused to play by their rules. To this day he still preaches and THEY have not come to arrest him and I say good for him many more need to stand against these power hungry morons in government.

Ok enough of my rant sorry just so much madness going on in the world today and people like to think they are awake yet are clueless when it comes to law and the real enemies of the Union, the citizens.

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