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Ron Paul will destroy us all!

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 01:43 AM

Originally posted by Mizzijr
Ron Paul will deregulate this entire country. Throwing it into chaos. I don't know how soon after, and I'm not sure if many of his supporters realize this. I for one, realize it.

Oh, I realize it and I'm sure a few others do as well. It will not be easy on anyone but it is necessary if we want to keep our union and all she stands for. Eventually it will happen, the S will HTF someday because I don't believe a little belt tightening and proper attention to fiscal responsibilities will make it all right, not for 100 years.

I would rather do it now and do it right, if possible. But heck, I don't really have that much longer to live now and no kids to look after. You think we can maintain everything as-is for another 20-25 years? If it falls apart on its own it will probably be tougher. In another 10-15 years I may be getting a bit too feeble to welcome facing the hardship as I do now.

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 01:55 AM
reply to post by Boomer1941

Hmm. Yes, I understand that this is a conspiracy website, but I have made my agenda crystal clear. I am not hiding in any shadows and while my words have been chosen carefully, they are not bought in any way.

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by Mizzijr

I agree with your sentiment. The course I recommend, if you realize that you have made mistakes, is to immediately begin to do what you know is right.

This makes me think of those who will eat according to their lusts and then eat nothing the following day. Clearly, such polar conduct is not wise.

If we find ourselves doing wrong, why would we prolong the problem? Simply to avoid the consequences? That will only increase the severity of the consequences. You clearly see that we are going to have to "pay for our debts" either way, so let's set a civil and honest course and move forward instead of hiding like immoral fools.

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 06:47 AM
I get it.

Republicans/Libertarians = good

Democrats = bad.

Never mind historical facts.

I wrote in Ron Paul in 2008, voted GWB in 04. Won't happen this year.

Can't help but wonder............Where were all the republicans that now complain about spending

when Bush was spending like a drunken sailor? The two Santa Clause theory is no theory, it's fact.

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 06:57 AM

Originally posted by Eavel
One problem, 50%+ of the population is on social benefits of various kinds.

The demoRats and Libtards have bought the popularity vote.

With EU crumbling, you have better odds of it all falling and starting from scratch than people having "common sense" and being "better people" most are just lazy and useless as they have no responsibility to support themselves any longer with this sopcialistic marxist POTUS

They just have been brainwashed. So instead of calling them Libtards and demorats why don't you just educate them? I too was a Democrat once. Until i finally saw.
I tell you something else. The Republican party is for the most part sold out too. Both parties are sold out to "foreign interests"

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 07:03 AM

Originally posted by Mizzijr
If the fed ended today, it would be doomsday in America. It's the only way we are still living like we are.

Why do we need a corporation of 300 greedy parasite bastards to print our currency? There is a clause in the Federal Reserve Act that we could buy it out for $400 million and go back to real US Notes. That's what JFK tried to do. And how exactly are we living? These criminals handed out $15 Trillion to their fellow banksters around the world from 2007-2010. It can be proven that they orchestrated the 1929 crash and they poisoned Louis T. McFadden in 1936 for trying to call them to task on it in US Supreme Court. It's only a matter of time - their time - until they crash us again, and rest assured they will come out twice as rich when the dust settles.

The end of the Fed would not be doomsday in America, it would be Independence Day. The current July 4 Holiday is a farce. We are still a British Colony and our Income Tax goes directly to London to line the pockets of the pedophile Satanist warmongering Rothschilds and the child sacrificing blood-drinking Reptilian House of Windsor. Oh and the Vatican.

Puleez, not only should the Fed be abolished, they should all be hung under the Blackfriar Bridge in London where they hung Roberto Calvi.

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 07:19 AM

Originally posted by TheNamesZeppelin
Ron Paul cannot save this country...He can't save anyone for that matter.
The only way this country could change it's filth to worship of the True and Living God, Yeshuah Hamashiach.
But in my opinion, America is New Babylon anyways....
Peace and Love from the Most High...

And deciding to choose one religion for America would be a very bad thing. Like Obama said we are a nation of many faiths because we are and seeing how there is supposed no central religion in America complaining about is useless.

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 07:40 AM

Originally posted by Dasher
reply to post by MsAphrodite

Good thing that national socialism has the stink of both empire and fascism on it.
It's failures are so evident that they couldn't be hidden by a slow societal transformation.

However, we should be learning from the godliness that is the wisdom of Socialism while pushing for honest and local government.

You may want to tell the happiest people on earth that lives in a socialist country just how bad Socialism is. And if it is such a failure then why is America borrowing money from China a socialist country?

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 08:42 AM
reply to post by Dasher

Well stated post.

A couple comments, first to those who get distracted by the name Ron Paul, I encourage you to attempt to move beyond the "cult of personality" that is American R vs. D politics. Dr. Paul will never be President, his supporters like myself always knew this. The reason I choose to promote and financially support his campaign is because it is the platform to promote the idea of liberty. Liberty by itself is the greatest political concept/truth ever expressed. As soon as the idea takes root it is by it's very nature under attack so it is important that we continue to express the idea over and over again. Dr. Paul carries this standard at this time.

Second, the current system of entitlement and debt based currency will eventually collapse in on itself. This can be orderly and gradual (like it is now) or it can be violent and destructive (where parts of the world are headed). Injecteting the culture of liberty into the system now can possibly allow us to endure a "soft landing". History shows us that if the collapse is violent and destructive that in nearly all similar periods the result is more concentrated power, greater oppression of the population and most likely massive loss of life at the hands of the "state".

It would have been unfair for us to make Ron Paul president. He did not deserve his burden. But his campaign has lifted the awareness of many. We can only hope that the next standard bearer of liberty is more appealing to the media. While the system is not ready for a complete liberty make over, just integrating these concepts into the debate may help us stave off disaster in our time.

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 12:07 PM
Anyone who opposes the platform of Ron Paul on this site is either misinformed or supporter of the NWO slavery regime. They support candidates like Obama (Barry Soetoro) and Mitt Romney. Obama won the election in 08 on the platform of pulling the troops out of afghanistan immediately. they are still there! He won on the platform of stating he does not and would not accept money from lobbyists. He's now the largest receiver of donations from special interest groups.
Romney is a flipflopping puppet who couldnt win against obama. He has no moral values.. only business practices which is insufficient to manage a national economy. Especially since his business record shows he has problems maintaining growth in his own businesses.
Ron Paul is a graduate of the Austrian school of economics. And was one of those in the group who warned everyone about taking this unconstitutional path of interventionism and spreading the troops too thinly across the world. He warned that it would lead to the financial demise of america. He advised the fed not to print money and devalue the currency. His major stance is that by the older generation refusing to help the youth put him in power is because they know what theyve done. they know exctly what they were doing when they voted in favor of raising the debt ceiling. yes.. they stole the money from their kids and grandkids. They put the debt on their children's heads because theyd be dead and gone by the time the problem comes to the point where the STHF. They selfishly put every man woman and child in the population under 30 into debt that was irrecoverable. They actually submitted us to slavery! Thanks parents.. u selfish SOBs!

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 01:50 PM
reply to post by saturnsrings

Well, I feel somewhat foolish having to state this, but I am hoping that you are simply naive and not seeking to entangle me; Republican/Libertarians are opposed to both Republicans and Democrats who do not abide by the law (constitution). This is not a partisan issue as much as it is a philosophical issue. I am surprised that you missed that very basic and integral premise of the Liberty movement.

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by SimontheMagus

I agree with your post up until you stated uncorroborated claims of Satanism and pedophilia. The bad politics and economic practices of our current leadership are enough to disdain them and the idea of them continuing to hold roles of power. There is no need to demonize them in an effort to drag them down. Whether or not they participate in such things is not within the scope of this thread, or our ability to corroborate. Therefore, please leave the hearsay at the door and focus on the gross and evident actions they take daily in front of us all.

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by buster2010

Firstly, you live by a deep misunderstanding if you think that America is not a socialist country. Certainly, we are not by word, but by deed, we are deeply socialist. And, thus, our nation has a type of schizophrenic groaning regarding who runs government and economics.

More so, your misunderstanding is even further glaringly evident if you think that Norway (I assume that is who you referred to as the happiest, and if not, I'm sorry, replace the name as you wish) is "happy" simply because someone took a poll. Their debt is nearly double that of America's when it is compared to their own GDP. In this line of thinking, many people were very happy in America living in homes with ARMs before their rate "adjusted." Nevertheless, ignorance is bliss for many and they will not deal with "reality" until reality chains them to the ground with a foreclosure notice.

Regarding borrowing from China; I certainly accept that China's "temptation" is to monetize the unhealthy conduct of over-consumption by Americans and that that over-consumption is our culture's fault. However, pandering to and monetizing that fault is China's fault. Why is that a fault? Because they destroy their land and "weaker" people in the name of industrialization/economic growth at such a rate that their economic, social, and environmental systems are inflated, confused, and dirty just as most other countries are now. My government is taking advantage of China's immature willingness to "play with the big dogs," and while it is seemingly very unethical, it is advantageous for us, but what a country's socioeconomic system gives lip-service to is much less relevant than the conduct that is manifested by the people of that culture. In this case, China and America are both wrong and both different flavors of socialist.

I appreciate that so many non-Americans think that compared to Americans they are so well-versed with that which makes their own systems "better" than that of the "ignorant Americans," but whether American or not, the human world culture is in a stupor and is not facing the reality of our failures as a world society. One deep root to this problem is socialism's inability to be dispensed properly through nationalism. And another is capitalism's lack of diligence to educate it's youth regarding responsibility and grace despite capitalism's lack of requirement to do so.

Socialism by law simply gives the appearance of good, but it is unable to manifest lasting goodness because it is senseless like any other great empire/beast. Capitalism is the law of nature and while it should be the law of the land, we also should organize in such ways that honor the wisdom and godliness of Socialism while retaining respect for and submission to the laws of nature. Otherwise, we delude ourselves and will put off the carrying of burdens until the point at which we are overcome by them. This is our status now.

So then, educated and truly considerate/godly capitalists do abide by what exists and also by the greater calling of social welfare. Prideful capitalism is just as corrupt as impotent socialism so long as they are performed by imperial minds. Ultimately, I can imagine "united states" of many different forms of government, but each state would need to be small enough to actually meet the needs of it's people effectually whether that be social welfare or intellectual acuity/diligence.

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 02:32 PM
reply to post by LibertyCrazy

Thanks for the great post!

I agree that it is unlikely for Dr. Paul to win, but the level of attention he is calling to the true laws of our country along with the momentum towards constitutionalism that he is building in the Republican party is well worth all of this effort.

There are stories pouring in around the country of Dr. Paul garnering more delegates than anyone had expected, and also, there are many other stories of massive power shifting going towards the Liberty movement at state levels.

Once enough fire are set, it is only a matter of time, and I do believe that enough have been set to help, but even more will ensure that the next generations have an opportunity to hold on to the founding principles of our nation. Then again, those who work against our own laws are very diligent in the desire to tear down what has been set and erect their own towers.

Either way, know your needs and strive to give to others as you give to yourself.

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by 0mage

Well, that was still somewhat off-topic, but many posts have been.
Please admonish others to be prepared to take on more of their own responsibilities over the coming years. Your words of concern are true, but what good is it to yell a stern warning from the mountaintop if you are not ready and also effectually helping others to get ready? We should pull together and organize locally so that our needs are met, so that we can retain a body of governance and production of corporeal needs.

If we go down, we go down together, or we will end up back in the animal kingdom entirely. And that is not to say that the kingdom of man is much more, especially since it is deluded into thinking that it can build such tall towers without them later falling, but I would rather be united with others so that we can help each other rather than smugly helping myself only as that causes us all to suffer. Capitalism is certainly the law of nature, but if we do not make Socialism the law of our hearts, we will fall just the same as we are by lifting up Socialism as our national systems.

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 03:40 PM
Dear Capitalist,
Do not disdain working with those who turn their nose at the truth of natural law, the heart of a socialist is a godly heart to desire. Keep your heart considerate and desirous of justice, but understand what it means to be civilized. Just because you correctly see what the law of nature is regarding "survival" and correctly see that the law of man should be bound by it, does not mean that our hearts must also be bound by it. Set the law to the law of nature, but the law of your hearts should be that of gods.

Dear Socialist,
Do not scoff at natural law, the humility it requires to accept that we are at the mercy of greater things and that life has placed a responsibility onto us, the animals that make judgments and recognize nakedness, is a humility which produces a form of godliness. Keep your heart considerate and desirous of justice, but understand what the true law is and stop pretending that we can keep playing this failing socioeconomic game. The law of your hearts is a godly one, but do not be deceived to think that man can replicate, on a large and externally glorious scale, such divinity while also being subject to so much decay.

Living in truth, we can see that there should be very little dissension between Capitalists and Socialists. They both desire "good," but they both manifest unnatural burdens. Let us understand what burdens are natural and unnatural so that we can put off the unnatural burdens of usury (self-interest/self-delusion). Let us understand what liberties are natural and unnatural so that we can put off the unnatural liberties of division (self-interest/self-delusion).

If you will take, take from yourself before you take from others. If you will give, give to yourself and others.
True Capitalism is a deception, just as is true Socialism. Capitalism as the law of our minds because it is the law of our bodies. Socialism as the law of our hearts because it should be the law of our spirits.

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by Dasher

A very well written post. Nicely Done. It's made me consider your point of view. Something I usually don't do because the message is usually intended to offend the apposing opinion which usually causes me to close my mind. However since you delivered your message in a civilized and respectful way, I have a few questions for you.

Will this world be survival of the fittest? Context: student loans are privatized. The government no longer plays in a role in education. Someone is born into a poor family but has a bright mind, lots of potential. The so called allusive American Dream doesn't work out for him and he's never approved for student loans and therefore ends up working for $7 an hour for someone else. Those born into rich families get richer while the poor get poorer.

How would a world without regulation behave itself?
- no min wage
- no laws about discrimination
- no laws concerning pollution
- no safety nets (for the old or the young) thousands of baby boomers homeless in your city.

I guess I just don't believe that cooperations will behave themselves without regulation. Hell they don't behave themselves with regulation. I also don't believe one person should have more educational opportunity just because they were born into money. I don't buy for a second that the middle working class wouldn't get completely screwed by an unregulated market. Unions would be a thing of the past and you would get paid $10 an hour for a job that used to pay $35. Many of you look back at the time of our founding fathers as a utopia, well ask the black slave how he enjoyed that period. You call it liberty yet it was full of some of the worst cases of totalitarianism this country has ever seen (blacks, women, indians, etc). The removal of the Indians by our founding fathers was far worst than the Holocaust. It was pure genocide.

Don't get me wrong, I'm trying to be open minded here but I just don't think it would work for most people. I think it would work great for those with money and power. But if you lacked either or both of those, you would simply be someone elses pawn in this dog eat dog world.

Also, I don't think socialism would work either, not for the USA. It does work great in other countries (it really does) where the majority of the population agree with each other fundamentally but it would never work here where everyone disagrees.

No I think the only solution for this country is for every citizen to realize that their existence depends on their fellow Americans. No more nanny state and no more dog eat dog. Instead this world would thrive because it's occupants would insure that it does. People would be fed because you don't let your fellow Americans starve. Cooperations wouldn't screw you because they would recognize that it's just not right to do. People wouldn't sell their souls get ahead because they would know that it's not right.

I feel like I'm rambling now so I'm just going to stop, looking forward to some intelligent conversation with you and others who may have compelling arguments.

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 07:48 PM

Originally posted by NightGypsy
reply to post by Eavel

the demoRats and Libtards have bought the popularity vote.

Why do some of you persist in using these silly, immature terms? Can't you just post your comment without mucking it up with nonsense like this? Contrary to popular belief, it lends nothing to your credibility.....and we've heard every alternate version of "Republican" and "Democrat" known to man.

Please stop.

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I was debating whether I should chime in on these comments as well, but thought twice since the ignorance of it all is quite blinding and so ridiculous, to think that this nation's problems boils down to the simplicity of democrats versus republicans. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so friggin scary that this how people think. But the scariest part of this line of reasoning, is that there are those politicians and TV bobble-heads spouting this rhetoric that keep buffoons from really understanding the issues at hand. Its all just politico-verbal mumbo-jumbo. And you just know that people like this are passing votes based on the colors Red or Blue. Its eye-numbingly frightening!
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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 09:50 PM
reply to post by brianmg5

Hi, and thank you for your kind reply.

Will this world be survival of the fittest? That is the law of nature. We, as creatures, however, have crossed over into an area of existence where we consider things much more fully, and also more wildly, than the animals. Animals obey the laws of nature and normally stay within a certain balance. When they do not stay balanced, the laws of nature bear down on them and regulate their conduct, and generational development.

This is certainly the case for humans as well, but we have mastered the art of wearing robes. I realize that that is a very abstract way to make a point, but please follow my justification for my words. As creatures, once we crossed over into spiritual thought, reasoning about the laws of nature and the laws of our culture/species, we also realized/reasoned about what nakedness was. No other animal realizes the distinction of nakedness relative to being covered. And even many humans forget. Nevertheless, my point is that ever since we began clothing ourselves as spiritual creatures of the law, we also started conducting ourselves in rebellion to the laws of nature. This is not necessarily a shame, but it normally is. To this day when we see our own decay and nakedness we normally cover it up. Everywhere you look in our society there is something that enables us to hide from our bondage of being creatures/animals. And that may even take the form of diversions like video games, or tools like makeup.

So then, to specifically reply regarding schooling; I am not sure how funding for schooling would work out. In theory, it could simply take a few good people to establish not-for-profit and locally funded education centers that focus on encouraging production (regardless of what is produced) so that all who are in need can have opportunity. However, while the government does seemingly restrain the depth of corruption that is possible, it also restricts the ability for alternate ideas to come to fruition.

Again, I am not entirely sure how it could look, but a transition would occur and many solutions would be attempted. I also imagine that each local area would find that some methods work for them while others don't. In a parallel idea, I can also imagine some states becoming more socialist and others more capitalist, but still remaining united. The false freedom and false unity of the national system that we exist under now simply does not allow for such dynamic diversity. And anyone in biology should know that dynamic diversity is a great thing for our species as a whole.

Generally, these notions are also applicable for regulations in any industry. The key is understanding that local people should be handling local problems. If a city even were to determine itself to be Communist, it should be welcomed by the greater community of people and if their conduct is worthy, it will be mimicked. But, again, in our current system, we claim liberty, but deny it's strength and beauty.

A consistent Libertarian should understand that the only things that they should be "anti" are disunity and ignorance. But it is by the manifestation of this wisdom that one should be judged as "denying ignorance" or "keeping unity," because we all know that those who cry out but do not perform are hypocrites.

A truly Libertarian society would look like anarchy from space, but as you moved closer, you would start to see communion everywhere on local levels and that would transform to a united nation, or even united nations, under the banner of local sovereignty.

Regarding corporations, you are correct. They will not behave themselves, because, like the rest of us, they cover their nakedness with what is called "the corporate veil." So long as government regulates these imaginary entities in such a way that gives them human rights, they will always push the boundaries of the law. Along with removing regulations on industries, regulations for corporate person-hood must be removed also. Power should be returned to local populace and also the consumer base.

Because "money talks" much of any transition could very well be rapid. If we were to make Monsanto naked before the population by removing it's corporate person-hood, I am certain that nature would take it's course and they would begin investing in things that bring more good to the world than they are capable of now while in their delusional power trip.

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 10:15 PM
reply to post by brianmg5

Now, my own controversial view on slavery.

First, let it be accepted that we already exist within bondage. We cannot do what we wish with our land, we cannot normally "get ahead" in the world without loans, etc. More so when you consider what people do to themselves in terms of bondage. How many people have burdened themselves with debt and become slaves to the bankers through excessive usury? Many. Likewise, who is able to morally produce nothing good, to sow no seeds, and still reap a harvest? We are slaves to even our own needs.

In our current economic climate, I would highly recommend slavery be allowed. I would be very interested in temporarily devoting myself to a wise and strong family in such a way that my family serves theirs. I would expect civil discourse and mutual respect, but I would also expect to be in submission to my master's will rather than my own. This would enable so many people to escape false freedom and enter into a system which trains them to establish their own strong household. And this was the case for most examples of southern slavery. If you do not believe me, consider the slave narratives collected by our government during the Great Depression. There were common reports of slaves even loaning their masters money during bad seasons. Which also shows that many slaves had their own finances.

Nevertheless, the culture at large simply thought of blacks as inferior by nature. Clearly, the human mind offers a more level playing field than human bigotry. Slavery begins with ignorance and ends with education. Thus, slavery, during the early years of our country, was dying off naturally as blacks displayed that the white's notion that blacks were inferior was simply wrong.

So, while I advocate slavery be allowed as a form of societal economic fail-safe, I would have to also, simultaneously advocate education be easily available. We have a choice, spend our money maintaining a lethargic empire of idiots through war, or invest that money into our own minds and spirits so that our strength is undeniable, peaceful and effective. In this dichotomy, we would see people welcome servitude to gentle masters rather than bankers who are estranged to us, and we would also see less slavery due to the understanding that the process of slavery provokes in men and women. Add to that a strong regard for effective education, and slavery would kill itself off until it is no longer needed. Again, do not forget how many people are enslaved now ( countless), but they simply are confused and do not call it by that name.

Regarding the genocide and cultural abuses committed by the developing American culture, there is no excuse. Let us learn and not repeat those horrible things. If someone tries to repeat such ugly conduct, treat them as an enemy and nullify their ability to trample on the weak.

So, in closing, I fully agree; We depend on each other. The sickness we face is our lack of wisdom. If there were more wise men and women, we would not fear a construct like slavery, but we would use it for good. Instead, our society shuns the notion, but lives in ignorant bondage. If there were more wise men and women, we would not fear a particular form of government, but we would restrain governments from growing so large as to cause the shepherds to become estranged to the sheep. Above all I have spoken of, the disconnection of the shepherd/sheep relationship is the most important to mend, and that can only done by local systems. Let us all prepare to do, and then do, good, whatever that may effectively be.

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