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Jean-Paul Sartre's Philosophy on Free-Will

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posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 11:36 AM

Originally posted by Hillarie
Most of the existential thinkers ended up killing themselves. At least some of them did. Sartre did. That kind of proves he was wrong, no?

He killed himself? I didn't know that, that's interesting.

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by arpgme

It often humors me when people try to separate everything into black and white. Think about existence in a different

way, you can say that man in himself exists and define what that existence is to a point or a singularity because

his existence ends at a certain point in our universe. However man also knows you cannot have creation without a

creator or creation without existence. It is a problem older than time itself, so how do we have finite structure with

an infinite existence?

Think of your body and how it interacts with the world around you, your brain uses electrical impulses to detect and

sense the world around you. Your brain is receiving information from the outer world and creating visual, audible,

physical sensations using nerves, cells, electrical impulses etc to relay information from the outside world to the

inside world or your brain. Your brain does this so well you cannot even tell that it is taking place, but this is the first step in awareness. Your unconscious mind takes care of the information presentation, this would mean that your conscious mind would be a product of a reaction to your unconscious. You realize that you are separate yet connected to both the outside world and the inside world of your existence.
This sounds almost like a black hole type of situation to me, then again what do we know about black holes? we know that once information reaches a certain point (Event horizon) it disappears beyond the finite, all matter is then broken down to a singularity and information is theorized to be perpetually lost within the strong gravitational forces of a black hole (Infinity).

Lets go back now to how your brain receives and processes information, we absorb it from the outside world, and it is presented to us in various different forms (Visual, Audible, Physical) .

This is where people lose the understanding of consciousness, we know there is an outside world but also an inside world to our existence. Our inside world we are free to create and express, If I think about Unicorns I can imagine what one looks like, but never will I be able to actually touch or see one. So does that mean that Unicorns exist or do not exist?

Does it really matter if Unicorns exist? The beauty of expressing this thought process is to prove that we have the core of creation inside of all of us, creation is free, chaotic, all expansive. Material is dense, finite, absolute.

So now we arrive back to the beginning... where did it start? Does it end? If we are imbued with creation, there is also destruction. This just compiles the problem of infinite in finite systems.

What if existence is just the division of space, an infinite causality within it confined finite structure. It really doesn't matter what you believe because no matter what happens to the material existence there is an infinite division of space, infinite creation, infinite experience, infinite love, infinite life, it really is just a matter of what your soul wants to experience. You choose what type of energy you want to attract, negative or positive, light or dark, dense or fluid, just think if you divide all of your being in your head separate the bad/good, pain/pleasure, love/hatred. Divide and place each one in their own specific "time space" if you will, give each feeling a dark or light attribute and try to separate them into single ideas, thoughts, actions. Where does your mind end up? each time you come back to nothing. If everything is separate there is no existence, if everything is one there is no existence and on and on...

Heres an example:You can't divide by zero because you get nothing and you cant divide by one because you get the same answer, but you can divide by these two numbers when you combine them, you get 10. when you divide by ten you move over decimal places, 100/10=10, 10/10=1, 1/10= .01 and so on and so on. The decimal is a boundary condition separating one division from another, the only thing that is changing is the scale of measurement within that boundary condition.

So where do we as souls fit in? We are aware of this process of nature and the world around us, we have the power to create in our own infinity within our finite bodies. That is the beauty of this universe, we are all connected and yet separate, black holes of creation if you will, free to exert and absorb information.

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