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Code (BB and Site!!) cleaning, and the "preview pane"

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posted on Apr, 27 2012 @ 08:57 AM
K, this has been a bother for me for a while now. Say I am responding to a wonderful poster here on ATS, or a not so wonderful...

I quote said poster, and all is well! The post goes off without a hitch, unless I hit the back button...

Fast forward to your next reply, this one is a little more difficult since it will be full of BB's (The code, not the bullet) Well, you click "quote" and start your reply. Uh-oh, they quoted you in their reply!!! OH NO! Now when I hit preview I won't be able to make sure that my BBCode is properly typed!!

That's right, can't seem to see quoted posts previewed if they are "tiered". (More than one quote in a quote...that's a mouthfull!)


This one is just a suggestion to clean up the site code a bit, a super tiny bit. When I hit respond, here is what I see in a quoted response (Replace the parentheses with the bracket, obviously)

(quote)(i)Originally posted by adigregorio(/i)
This is the sound of my quote.(/quote)

That will output this upon posting:

Originally posted by adigregorio
This is the sound of my quote.

"Yeah, so...looks fine to me?"

What happens why you type it like this:

(quote)Originally posted by adigregorio
This is the sound of my quote.(/quote)

Why, well, this happens:

Originally posted by adigregorio
This is the sound of my quote.

Can you spot the difference? Then why have (i)Originally posted by adigregorio(/i)? I mean the quote is already automatically italicized, is it not? That's 4 bytes PER POST WITH A QUOTE than can be cleaned off of the ATS. If you can not go back and remove, at least you can keep more from spreading.

Two cents, and now I am poor...

posted on May, 3 2012 @ 11:09 AM
Only time I will bump the thread, I notice that the replying causes the same coding stuff.

I know it isn't "broken" or some fancy new feature, but it will clean out quite a bit of bytes! Or take a bite out of bits? (Ouch...)

Think about it SO, and other super mods! How many posts are on ATS, not threads but posts. How many of those have quoted material? Or more than one quote?

One quote post = -8 characters (letters)
Two quote post = -16 characters (letters)

One multi-quote = -16 characters
Two multi-quote = -32 characters

That will be a TON of space freed up...just sayin'

---Other "Issue"
This one is still bugging me, if I am responding to a post and I enter a "multi quote":

Not originally posted by adigregorio

Not originally posted by adigregorio
I never said this

I never said that!

When I make one of those, and I hit the "preview" button...well they NEVER preview properly. More often than not I have to edit a post just to fix the (quote)(/quote) stuff. Proofreading, well that works dandy on English, but I no habla BBspanol.

Just two little things that would make the site a little fancier, you know "bells and whistles" kind of stuff. Well the latter idea, the first is to give you guys some more space! Worthless code is worthless!
edit on 5/3/2012 by adigregorio because: HA Had to edit, forgot the / in the second (/quote) TOLD you preview doesn't work properly

edit on 5/3/2012 by adigregorio because: So I can't add properly, (6 to 8, 12 to 16, 16 to 32)


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