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Why do 2012 believers think that a new planet in the solar system would cause animal die offs?

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posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by one4all

A pole shift induced by a planet comeing near ,would cause massive influxes of sea water inland and would salinify continents,and kill many species,destroying food sources and fresh water sources,an inland flood would change our planet forever,and eliminate or decimate many many species overnight almost.

You mentioned a pole shift. I asked for evidence of a pole shift in another thread where I wanted to know why people thought they might happen. Maybe you have something that was not discussed in that thread.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by stereologist

Allow me to clarify.When I speak of the "End of the World",what I mean is the destruction of Civilized society as we know it.I dont' think that Earth itself,as a planetary body could ever come to an end,not by our own hand.But we could,through war or some other means,effectively bring about our own demise as a civilization.

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 03:37 AM
I just had a very long post autonomously delete itself again for the hundredth time on this site--I must vent.

Every time I hit core value issues this happens,I can almost predict it comeing,its very annoying and it feels like if you hit a specific number of key words regsrding specific topics and issues or ideas,your post can be deleted autonomously.Same core value issue always being autonomously deleted,creating a frustration level that discourages reposting based on time ,or encourages a restructureing of content when re posted.

Here goes the Coles Notes version.I am cutting deeper now,I hate it when that happens.

Listen this is disinformation designed to elicit a response from a specific group or groups of people for specific reasons,the internet isnt going to remain a pristine battlefield,disinformation and knowledge suppression and manipulation are still thriveing in cyber-space,its just that right now we have a numerical advantage as humans in cyber-space,and our social networks allow us to keep it real---or they USED TO DO THIS,picture it this way,in the old days when the town hall was filled it was filled.simple,whoever fit in got to vote,end of story,we knew who and how many were in there and everything was on the up and up,well those days are over,and the playing field has changed,the DYNAMICS have remained the same but the playing field has changed.In cyber-space it is possible to CREATE millions and millions of "cyber-votes"to manipulate humanitys path via our natural inclination to follow the masses as we rely on cumulative intellect over individual intellect,herd instinct is not a bad thing,its a GOOD thing,we have been taught it is better to be an INDIVIDUAL so we desert and abandon our natural herd instincts,it has been a tactical

The mass media of the past starting with publishing houses,then radio,the television,all SCREWED HUMANITY OVER,and these media conduits ALL left a forensic trail of evidence pointing DIRECTLY at the specific human beings responsible for initiateing these actions,and because we now have a DETAILED GLOBAL OVERVIEW AND ALL DATA NEEDED we can easily track down and find and NAME these people.

Eg.---Tesla and Edison.Tesla had NATURALLY transported wireless energy for us but Edisons horrible and UN-NATURAL methods of energy transfer were embraced on behalf of humanity by those RESPONSIBLE for leading this species.So who and why?Who supported and pushed forward Edison and undermined and suppressed Tesla??Seriously--who was it and why,we can easily find out by looking at who gained the most financially out of the developement the UNNATURAL AND REGRESSIVE developement of a multi TRILLION dollar GLOBAL ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE???That we NEVER NEEDED.How much has humanity been damaged and repressed by this action??How many BILLIONS OF HUMANS have neelessly perished due to this action??This was a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY--and it needs to be investigated today,fully and completely and any vested interests need to be presecuted and held accountable and have their assets reverted back to humanity.

We can go from here to MEDICINES,same manipulation,same tactics,same results BILLIONS OF DEAD PEOPLE.If we dig deeper we will undoutably find that it is the SAME PEOPLE who are responsible,the same individuals and groups.They all need to be held accountable by an International League of Justice acting on Humanitys behalf globally.
We can start with Oil versus Hemp,and we can find the guily parties.

How about Electric Cars??Anyone up for that baby??Lets do a C.S.I COLD CASE investigation into that one.Who suppressed the electric car??Same people who supported Oil.Same people who Supported Edison.Pharmacutical drugs are right here to be investigated as well.

Teslas ideas meant no gas ,no oil,no control over the masses,and none of the GAZILLIONS of dollars of investment into all of these MISDIRECTED--INTENTIONALLY MISDIRECTED technologies and processes,billions of people have dies as a result of these actions and we need to act on their behalf and find these people.
These have been intentional crimes against humanity,larger in scope and effect than any war crimes ever committed.

There are no mass die-offs happening naturally---we are killing these liveing things.There is NO NATURAL CAUSE FOR IT AND WE AS A SPECIES BEHAVE UNNATURALLY TO START WITH.

a fast illustration here,how many people die in a single day on earth??A real number,it must be in the tens of millions right??EVERY DAY.This is nature.If we put all of these people in one geographical area and witness them all dieing together we MIGHT THINK it is a mass die-off,hell it WILL be a mass die-off in terms of how we will view it in the moment and in the dynamic we experience it in.

posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 04:18 AM
reply to post by one4all

So,what we have is a naturally occuring state of being that encompasses life and death involveing MILLIONS of humans on a DAILY basis but we feel no undue stress or anxiety over it,because we know it is a natural state of affairs.
OR do we REALLY have a red-line panic-room situation here where millions and millions of us are dieing and we are faceing extinction,should we really feel the incredible and constant and LIFECHANGEING AND DECISION ALTERING stress and anxiety produced by theis dynamic??

You see it is all in how we are FED the information,if we see constant videos tens of millions of people dieing in our faces we will experience this anxiety and it will affect our decisions,it is a CONTROLLABLE dynamic,that is used against us as a species every day of our lives,in EVERY CORE VALUE AREA OF OUR LIVES.

Listen,trillions of liveing things are dieing and being born on this planet every second,just because the MEDIA is used to create this anxiety ridden perspective to initiate changes in our direction as a species---we dont have to accept it--we can desert traditional media and use social networks to get the TRUTH.,traditional media IS LIKE A CANCER BECAUSE IT IS THE CATALYST OF THE HISTORIC MANIPULATION OF HUMANITY.

There ARE NO MASS DIE OFFS,that are not a natural part of this planets existance,even if we are the catalyst of the extinction of entire species,ultimately the earth is the catalyst behind our actions,-------------OR IS IT??----------.

You see it is easy to see who is trying to kill us as a species,nature will show us clearly where we are sick.You see our actions are supposed to be catalysed by NATURE,but instead a FEW humans have created a natural "emotional harp" and played it on our emotional waves from which we make our individual decisions.They have tried to FOOL US into reacting naturally to naturally seeming dynamics which they UNNATURALLY CREATE AND MANIFEST THROUGH THE TACTICAL USE OF MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION CONDUITS INCLUDEING BOOKS AS PUBLISHING HOUSES ARE WHERE WE WILL FIND THE MOST NAMES TO TRACK DOWN TO TODAY.

Relax,the animals are really dieing enmasse and we really are the catalyst in many cases,but we need to discover WHY we are allowing this dynamic to occur,why are WE letting ourselves be used like this??Because pressure id exerted on us DAILY in all of our core value life areas in a tactical and designed manner,and now WE KNOW HOW TO FIND THOSE RESPONSIBLE.And humanity MUST FOLLOW THROUGH AND HUNT THESE CRIMINALS DOWN AND HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE WITH THE SAME FURY AND CONTROLLED ANGER WE USE TO FIND AND PUNISH WAR CRIMINALS.

We have starting points,Publishing houses,Media portals,Electrical infrastructure,Auto-mobile industry,Pharmacutical drugs and medical treatments--most unneeded or purposefully worsened requireing yet more drugs in a cascade effect resulting in organ deterioration and failure.Gas and Oil,things that represent a "contrived created need" related to all other factors.

You see there is a pattern here and it is being recognised globally,we are closeing in on these criminals day by day and no ONE PERSON OR GROUP IS THE CATALYST--so no one can stop this---this is a natural evolution of the relaese of free and uncensored knowledge globally via social networks which keep things REAL.

But dont worry the die-offs are not massive in any way at all ,and really even if it is people posting videos of a thousand birds dropping from the sky,it is far from massive in any way shape or form,in the moment and limited environment the individual posting is existing in it "seems"like a massive die-off,because to them in the moment it is,but to us all in the GLOBAL REAL TIME MOMENT it isnt worth noteing ,because noteing it elicits a visceral human reaction that is anxiety based,and this is like a jab that is designed to soften us up before we are pushed into a corner.

We have to connect the power global real time communication gives us to a MORE GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE when we consider the data input we recieve.YES millions of birds died in odd to us ways,BUT every single day,BILLIONS OF BIRDS DIE globally in equally odd to us ways.So on one hand yes we need to recieve the data from each other that these things happen but we also must properly fit this data into a GLOBAL prespective which we are all just now developing together,we are like babies learning to walk.And there are people trying to stop us from gaining this global perspective because it allows us to SEE THEM AND FIND THEM AND HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE ACTIONS THEY PRECIPITATE.

Dont worry about the birds,and thank the birds for giveing us a conduit to enter into dicsussins leading us to the real problems we are all faceing,from a few humans,the most dangerous thing on earth is a human being,remember that.

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posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 10:06 AM
reply to post by one4all

Eg.---Tesla and Edison.Tesla had NATURALLY transported wireless energy for us but Edisons horrible and UN-NATURAL methods of energy transfer were embraced on behalf of humanity by those RESPONSIBLE for leading this species.

Take an intro class into EE and learn why AC is used over DC. Learn why DC was a dead end. You can also take an intro course into field theory and learn more on the subject.

We can go from here to MEDICINES,same manipulation,same tactics,same results BILLIONS OF DEAD PEOPLE.

Take an intro course into epidemiology and learn where you are wrong. Learn h ow many people die from untreated diseases. Learn how medicine increases life expectancy.

Teslas ideas meant no gas ,no oil,no control over the masses,and none of the GAZILLIONS of dollars of investment ...

This is simply rubbish. Learn why electric cars are limited even with today's technology - a technology way beyond Tesla.

There are no mass die-offs happening naturally---we are killing these liveing things.

Finally, an on topic comment. Any evidence for your accusation? I doubt it seeing as how wrong you are with your previous comments.

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