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conspiracy? got nothin on us...

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posted on Sep, 28 2004 @ 05:08 AM
history channel is starting a new conspiracy show. although they put out some top rate quality programming, i am wary of the amount of real information they give us. the majority of their views seem sort of slanted, and sanatized. this is evident because they have not even touched on the disclosure project in their so called "UFO:files" (or did i miss it?). they are an affiliate of A&E.

from website
Conspiracies have long captured the public's imagination. This new series separates fact from fiction to explore the true details behind history’s most intriguing events.

Some of the topics covered in this series include:

Area 51
Death of Princess Diana
Anthrax attacks
Who killed Martin Luther King Jr?
Oklahoma City bombing
Lincoln assassination
Kecksburg UFO
FDR and Pearl Harbor
Majestic Twelve: UFO cover-up?

regardless of their take on these subjects i will be tuning in with an open head. it will premier this sunday night, looks like we got some conspiracy competition.

posted on Sep, 29 2004 @ 12:10 PM
Sounds good, i will have to watch it!!! But then the things you watch on the history channel are watered down alot, so the truth is still hidden.


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