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Obama Admin let grenades walk in Fast and Furious, documents show

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posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 04:33 PM
There are no documents available to view as proof, but it would not surprise me in the least if this were true. This comes on the heels of Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich’s decision to resign.

In a shocking development in the Operation Fast and Furious investigation, documents show Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents allowed grenade parts to walk in addition to guns.

The emails also show Obama administration officials acknowledging that they may lose track of grenades but would still be able to accomplish their original objective even if the grenades explode.

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posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 04:41 PM
You realize Obama and holder worked for two weeks to write the 10 million dollars for the weapons that ended up in the Caribbean, south america and Mexico right?

We had that money added to the great grandchildren s tax bill during the first big bailout. There is a news article about Obama bragging about his hard work for law enforcement funding, and the txt is in the bailout itself.

This is twice now. The first batch had US govt serial numbers so they were provided and walked.

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 04:43 PM

They can't blame the gun shop owners like they were doing because they can't sell them.

Obama and Holder own fast and furious and gunwalker.

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posted on Apr, 27 2012 @ 05:55 AM
Yea....this was reported by CBS last year, but it did not gain any traction at other news outlets, and the story just kinda died.

I posted that link on page 2 of this thread-

Thanks for brining it back up, however. This really needs to be broadcast LOUDLY!

posted on Apr, 27 2012 @ 06:04 AM
The media,and their collusion in suppressing this,makes me sick.

Honestly,this is Treason.

And the secret service fiasco gets MORE airtime?

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