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Augusta maine is tyranny

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posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 08:53 AM
I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. –Thomas Jefferson.

Augusta maine is tyranny. We live in a town where the police stomp around town like jackbooted brown shirts.
They walk into loco businesses and sit down at tables and order coffees and just sit by the window spying on people who walk past. In augusta we have a pancake house called “Downtown Diner”. The police sit at a table at the window and use it as a kind of stake out place. They sit there and rag about enyone who walks past that they know. They park the cars 3 streets away then walk there and enter from the back door. People don’t like to eat there because of them sitting there. Most of the people who eat there are from out of town. The staff just lets them sit there becouse of fear. If they was to ask the police to leave the police would probably beat them with there nightsticks.


Downtown dinner

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posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 09:06 AM
So, I'm undecided, are you here just to link spam the diner? There's really no point considering it's a local place and is pretty irrelevant for Search Engine Optimization.

And having looked at the FB page, everyone seems happy. You'd think a business would sink if they're not getting customers. Unless those cops are buying so much coffee and so many donuts they're keeping the place going themselves?

I think you need to look up the word Tyranny. What you're experiencing seems to be an overreaction to two lazy cops who would rather sit back and shoot the sh*t all day than actually do their jobs.

I'd probably be complaining that they're being paid to sit on their asses all day in that diner.

Incidentally, have you seen these "tyrants" actually beat the staff or owner? I'm not saying that kind of thing doesn't happen, because we all know there are a lot of thug cops out there and I don't trust anyone in a cop uniform. But you seem to be making a lot of noise about something that seems pretty insignificant.

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 10:40 AM
The people who post happy stuff are not from around here or are not awake to what is happending right in front of there faces. Its not realy like there "shooting the sh*t" its more like... "hey see that guy that just walked pass he did this and this" so they are talking about things that should not be said in puplic.

Its also they get off on walking around cuz some people act all "Oh thank you" and like buy them coffies and bow down and kiss there boots... It feels like so old movie when S S officers would walk into a bar and everyone would get all quiet...

So they sit there and wright down who walks past and the time and date.
I am shore they "Run" everyones name on there computer.
Its all this Pre-Crime crap.
They want to Catch people before they do something.
So if they know someone and your walking with them and go past them..
Well now your a known associate of whoever your walking with.
All you was doing was walking with someone to to Soup kitchen cuz they where on there way there also.
So now they see you as a criminal for walking with someone.
Also they will call a cop or a sheriff to tail you to wherever your going.
Its a POLICE STATE here.
We have 2 types of police here we have the normal police then we have "capitol police" so you can get arrested and charged by two different law enforcement agencies... But on top of that theres the sheriffs and the feds.
All i want to do is be able to walk around and go do laundry and go out to eat without law enforcement walking around bugging there eyes at people and puffing out there chest and acting big and bad.
Soon there going to have urban check points...
Cops checking peoples bags. Asking people where them comeing from or where there going.
Soon there wall be TSA running around... Sqeezeing people bodys... Body scanners to go into librarys....
Its sad.
They walk around acting truff boeing upto acting tuff.
Asking my girlfrind to see her green card when she was born in the usa.
She don't have a green card. They just see a asain face and just assume shes not from here
They are sadness and loss.
They are unhappy.
They want to make us unhappy.
They do the durty work of there Banker bosses.
They are Controll freaks.
Soon you will not be able to Go Swimming Or eat what you want to eat.
Everyone will get food packs to eat and you will only get to eat one time a day.
Then they will have a tax for walking and rideing a bike.
They will get rid of cars and give away bikes to people and shut down roads to cars and only let bikes on them.
Soon you will not be able to fish in Rivers and there will be no boats on the rivers.
Averyone is a snitch now. We had the pizza man call the cops on us! and cable guys are snooping on people now also!
There are Police cars averywhere!
There are planes spraying chemtrails on us and the Weather is all crazy!
The powers that be are mad and crazy killers!
Worce then any hannibal lecter!
They want to fill you with fear!
They want you to eat there GMO food
The police are the hands and feet of the NWO.
I am just going to leave the USA and move to japan and eat food with Chopsticks and hang out at anime shops and play Xbox 360.
The NWO want to darken the Skys so that you need to buy your sunshine from them!
So i am going to save up my Yen and run as fast as i can to the land of Hello Kitty!

Sorry for going off on a rant.

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posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by detachedindividual

So, I'm undecided, are you here just to link spam the diner?

Well, now I'm thinking maybe he's just here to get us to look at his YouTube page and Flickr.

To the OP - sounds like a restaurant in my sleepy little town. Only I tend to lean towards it being lazy cops on a power trip. They enjoy doing minimal work, and like free coffee and food. Although...I think most people are like that.

posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 09:51 AM

To the OP - sounds like a restaurant in my sleepy little town. Only I tend to lean towards it being lazy cops on a power trip. They enjoy doing minimal work, and like free coffee and food. Although...I think most people are like that.

They are useing the place like some kind of Watchtower

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