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For those who like ATS recaps! they have a youtube channel, and they have been making new videos!

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posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 04:12 AM

look at this!

on ATS all i see is LAPD rumors of mars quake, but on youtube, they have continued!

they keep on going!

i never ever knew about this until i heard about it in another thread, so i made this thread, please forgive me mods, because i wanted as many people as possible to know that ATS is on youtube!

i was surprised at how many didn't know, including myself!

just a thing i have to say, this is not a thread about if you LIKE ATS RECAPS OR NOT.

this is merely an informational thread directed towards those who enjoy the Recaps.

if you don't like Recaps, its ok, you have your opinion, and you don't have to read, or post any further, if you don't want to.


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