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I Vote None Of The Above

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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 08:48 PM
My fellow Americans, the very noble and gracious powers that be have presented us with our 2012 presidential candidates. Handpicked by the corporate elite and international bankster cartel for us to choose from. How lucky we are to have such fine people to look out for us.

We get to choose between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. They both work for the same masters so it doesn't matter who wins. The big business of war will continue and bankers will still get handouts from the government. The average American will suffer with higher taxes, lower wages and inflation driving the price of everything up.

Every election we go out to vote for the lesser of two evils never really satisfied with the choices presented to us. It seems like I'm always trying to decide which one is the lesser scumbag of the two. I don't want to just settle anymore. Is there someone out there that can free us all from this endless cycle of fake election promises and disappointment?

We need a third party candidate that is not part of the machine. The existing vermin occupying Washington DC are beyond corrupt. They just about all serve corporations and bankers. You need a lot of money in America to win an election and you need the media behind you. Without the support of the rich and powerful you are ignored.
Look at Ron Paul, the media completely ignores the guy. They won't cover him at all. He is a threat to the status quo.

So what do you all think? Could a third party candidate ever actually win a presidential election in America?
The last third party guy that even made a difference was Ross Perot and he only got as far as he did because he had his own money to spend.

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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 08:52 PM
Ross Perot did make a difference

in the election of CLinton.
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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by Erasurehead

Neither are worth a hell! Mitt Romney

I remember Ross Perot that was funny. He's in, he's out, in again, out. Can't vote for someone who doesn't know if he wants to be in the race to begin with.

posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 09:18 PM
I dont vote because i really dont see the point because of all the issues you raise in your post. I have been hearing a lot about this lady who is a part of the green party her name is Jill Stein. Heres a link to her website to be honest I no nothing about her but you might want to check it out.

jill stein for president

posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 09:45 PM
Our political system is engineered to truncate all third parties.

I haven't voted in a presidential election farce since '72. I exercise my constitutional right to choose, by choosing not to legitimize a corrupt and plutocratic institution.

The "Pirate Party" in Germany is interesting but as Italy has proven since WWII, multiple political parties in a so-called democracy, produce unending instability.

A broken institution cannot be fixed by working within the system.


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