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The Masons discovered the highest truth on Jesus and the Essene centuries ago.

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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 07:15 PM

Originally posted by Starchild23
reply to post by artistpoet

I've been waiting for them to show up, but nothing yet...

Here's a video on Freemasonry in the meantime:


Interesting video with interesting comments. The Comments get into Hitler's dislike of the Masons. What one has to connect is that Hitler and the Vatican had a deal that the Hitler machine would not take over the Catholic's churches or properties. It went so far as Hitler was allowed to place spies in the Catholic Churches posing as Priests to gain knowledge for Hitler.

The rest of the issue was the Catholic Church was highly anti-Jewish in this time and before, as one might see from reading a book called "Constantine's Sword". The Masons were also hated by the Catholic Church and much of the truth digging on the problems was happening in Germany, per Martin Luther, etc.. Lots of the Masons were also Jewish, as Mason studied areas associated with Kabola, which gained their interests. The Mason's studies also found the same as the Jewish views on Jesus not being god.

As this Hitler war game affected the US, the US took in Jewish Mafia people to spot German spies on US docks. This because the Catholic's were infiltrated with Catholic Hitler spies in the US, so the Jewish Mafia was taken in to the confidence of US National Security issues in WWII. This influences issues of why the Mason Hoover refused to recognize the Mafia in the US against the questions of two Catholic Boys named Kennedy.

You can learn much from the studies of Masons, even the inner secrets for Jesus and the higher knowledge they knew of medicines, and man's games on god.

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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 08:08 PM
As one can may notice, one of my areas of interest in religion is the Essene and those folks that bring out that issue get a higher level of respect for their truth seeking in religion. No one can gain the real understanding of Jesus without the study of the Essene.

The theme of the OP presents that the Essene were a group with higher knowledge that kept themselves distant from the Pharisee and Saducee, which they called the Synagog of Satan, the Harlots, the snakes, etc. Basically the words of Jesus spoke against these 2 nd Temple's priests, that the Essene considered corrupted by Babylon's old god values.

One can even find the Essene had their own central bank of sorts, and this was the first method of banking in the US. The Constitution even was designed to support that concept, not private banking's Fed Reserven games. One of the big reasons that organized religion doesn't want to study these Essense appears to be this theme of the Essene to keep from being exploited.

One even finds that the Mason Encyclopedia tells the Essene largely went off in areas and kept to themselves. Areas like Qumran and Mt. Carmel was where many were located, and there was even an Essene Quarter in Jerusalem itself, with its own gate and bathhouses outside the wall. They were much like the Masons with their own temples and keeping much of their learning secret and available only for those of the highest morals and highest intelligence. The Essenes had the same standards as the Masons, and it appears the Masons emulate the Essene methods. Thus, the Masons are a good place to dig out the issues of the Essene.

But, if everyone takes notice----those of organized religion are very quick to attack the Essene and the Masons and the reason is this study exposes a lot of their made up stories and faked up pagan god methods. These organized religion types hate the truth being so exposed.

The Northern Essene lived in Phonecia at that time, at Mt. Carmel, and had their own temple. These were more family oriented areas of the Essene and where Jesus, Joseph, and Mary were associated with the Essene's teachings. Even when the family of Jesus headed out to Egypt, they landed in the area of the Jewish Therapute at Alexandria. They were safe there and eventually came back to Mt. Carmel's area of Nazareth region, but with a whole lot of Mystery School teachings from the Therapute.

If one studies the Essene, they appeared to value King David and the 1st Temple. The Essene were the guradians of King David's tomb, which was under the Last Supper's Upper Room. That pretty much ties Jesus to the Essenes. If we look at the Masons, all their Masonic Temples are patterned after the 1st Temple of Solomon, and their theme is the 1 st Temple emulation and knowledge. The Mason's Temples symbolically face East and West as did the 1 st Temple. The area of their floorspace is that of the 1 st Temple's dimensions. Their study of religion is more complete and intense than any church study and has gone on for hundreds of years. All of it held secret from the Catholics and organized religion, to a large extent, because of attacks like we saw here.

Their study is rich in history and they value art and symbolism in their studies. They value the hidden meaning of the Michelangelo Creation Painting on the Ceiling of a Vatican Church. They value the DaVinci painting's many triangle sysmbolisms, from the 4 groups of three Desciples to the V that exists between Jesus and Mary. Everything has a meaning, if one dares to look at those that knew a little of the old Master's schools in the arts and in religion. Both DaVinci and Michaelangeo were schooled some some of these Master School's themes and their skills in pigments were akin to alchemy methods. The most secret symbol is a triangle with ten dots. Their perfect number was 7, because it contained 3+4 or a square and triangular number. To understand this issue, we must study the Pathagoras School of Number Shapes. The Mason teachings supply those studies.

The Masters learned from Pathagoras and saw odd numbers like 3, 5, 7 as special numbers and linked to the Spiral Stairway of the 1st temple. They saw 7 as the perfection. And the G of their compass and square is the 7th letter in the alphabet and about the perfection number of geometry and what was god. None of it supports the things taught by the organized churches intent on making everything some miracle against the laws of nature, but intend on making it the pagan methods the Masons discovered by their studies of Egypt and Babylon.

For the Essene there was a higher realm of knowledge, just as the Mason sought out and found the higher realm of knowledge and the ways of the old Masters often spoke that supplied the greater truth. From this separation of the lower realm and upper realm of knowledge, that was their special secrets, and the Masons are like the Essene society with secrets today. Only the persons of best of character are allowed to enter the higher knowledge and find the real discovery for truth. The same rule held for the Essenes, as today for Masons.

These differences in understandings for the old Masters were termed as the differences between the animals and that of man, and the Talmud often speaks to these problems as the Jewish thought much the same. Thus, the term Beast is reserved for those that don't understand how to cross into the higher realm's interpretations of the Biblical narratives. You find this term "Beast" in the Revelations and this is how it is applied. Beasts had horns and this applies to those of low understandings making wars. Horns are associated with Nimrod. The Little Horn is the Vatican's wrong directions.

Since the lower realm persons understanding was so far from the truth they were called dead and have to be reborn into the better understanding, and this is part of these old rituals of the Master's teachings. When Revelations speaks to raising the dead, it speaks to taking these dead of mind and raising them to the vertical and higher realm of mind and understanding of man not beasts. It has nothing to do with the issue of dead people in graves suddenly waking up like a Michael Jackson's song and video. But Jackson appears to poke fun at those that bought that tale with "Thriller".

Religion has a lot of little secrets for issues that Moses' god was a lot about Volcanic linked Rift Zone issues around Moses fire mountain and the region of Midian. The Burning Bush is an expression of Volcanic gas releases linked to Moses' god.

So, the highest level Masons have a little code and one way to spot a 33 rd Mason is to see a little lapel pin with a "Cane with two Balls" on each side---the two ball Cane. It is their password for the higher knowledge and Master training. It means "TubalCane", who is considered the 7th man after Adam. "TubalCane" is the same as the god Vulcan, and related to Volcano effects and metals for weapons. This links to the volcanic issues that also began the religion of Moses.

What it all boils down to is the organized church is based upon pagan untruths, which is why the Vatican hates the Masons and the Organized Church, based on Holy Roman Empire's Pagan adoption, also hates both the Masons and the Essene's teachings.

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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 08:44 PM

Originally posted by artistpoet
reply to post by EnochWasRight

As far as I am aware -------
It is true, that if you follow the "Paper chase" prior to Masons we have the Knights Templar.
The original knights were on a quest for knowledge - the knowledge they sought in Jerusalem was that of Jesus and his group of fellow Gnostics. Gnosticism in it's pure form was philosophical in nature.
Yet Gnosticism has it's roots in Hermetic Philosophy - Hermetic Philosophy has it's roots in Ancient Egyptian Philosophy - Ancient Egyptian Philosophy has it's roots in a prior civilization.
You can have all the knowledge in the world but still be a fool

Right. After the flood, Joseph translated. Moses was schooled, then traveled back to Israel with the Mystic and unwritten text. What survived the Library of Alexandria was the set of documents called the Corpus Hermeticum. There were 40 volumes at one time. The Corpus is what remains. If you study this text, you see the similarities between the Bible and Hermetic tradition. We need to realize what is being said in Isaiah 19. If you get Isaiah 19, you know that the Pyramid is the monument to the LORD. Egypt gave up their true love. God was moving with Abraham from the beginning. We don't know enough of the per-flood administration to really see an accurate picture of why the pyramids around the world connect, but I give my attention to the Book fo Enoch, Jasher and several others to see a thread emerge.

Enoch and Hermes are one in the same I believe.

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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

All very interesting.
Moses is said to be a monotheist if I have that term correct.
Moses spoke of One God or One source or One Creator.
Yet Akhenaten 18th Dynasty also spoke of this and was deemed a Heretic by the priesthood of Amun.
Masons also speak of this as far as I am aware.
Original Philosophy alas is corrupted by religious practice so the true meaning is lost to the followers of said religion.
Temples in a true sense are places of learning and not places of worship though from learning one can only give praise to the divine mind of God or The Source or Creator
Science it is said is a noble pursuit that can lead one to a reverential awe of the Creator or God etc.

posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by EnochWasRight

I have not studied the book of Enoch but I do not doubt that he and Hermes were one and the same.
In respect that Hermes was a living person - a scribe and a scholar and also a god. By god I refer to it's original meaning IE a law of nature and archetype within. For all gods with a small g are archetypes within the initiate.
All tarot cards for example are aspects within each initiate.
The Welsh god of wisdom Talieson was said to be a god and also a real person - the real person or incarnated one being a scribe or channel for wisdom

posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 09:05 PM
Let us try a novel concept and consult the Mason's Encyclopedia for Hermes. Afterall, the OP for this theme is partly the issues of the Mason's huge collection of knowledge:


In all the old manuscript records which contain the Legend of the Craft, mention is made of Hermes as one of the founders of Freemasonry. Thus, in the Grand Lodge Manuscript, No. 1, whose date is 1583 and the statement is substantially and almost verbally the same in all the others that "The great Hermarines that was Cubys sonne, the which Cubye was Semmes sonne, that was Noes sonne. This same Hermarines was afterwards called Hernes the father of Wysdome; he found one of the two pillars of stone, and found the science written therein, and he taught it to other men."

There are two persons of the name of Hermes mentioned in sacred history. The first is the divine Hermes, called by the Romans Mercury. Among the Egyptians he was known as Thoth. Diodorus Siculus describes him as the Secretary of Osiris; he is commonly supposed to have been the son of Mizraim, and Cumberland says that he was the same as Osiris. There is, however, much confusion among the mythologists concerning his attributes.

The second was Hermes Trismegistus or the Thrice Great, who was a celebrated Egyptian legislator, priest, and philosopher, who lived in the reign of Ninus, about the year of the world 2670. He is said to have written thirty-six books on theology and philosophy, and six upon medicine, all of which are lost. There are many traditions of him; one of which, related by Eusebius, is that he introduced hieroglyphics into Egypt. This Hermes Trismegistus, although the reality of his existence is doubtful, was claimed by the alchemists as the founder of their art, whence it is called the Hermetic Science, and whence we get in Freemasonry, Hermetic Rites and Hermetic Degrees.

It is to him that the Legend of the Craft refers; and, indeed, the York Constitutions, which are of importance, though not probably of the date of 926, assigned to them by Krause, give him that title, and say that he brought the custom of making himself understood by signs with him to Egypt. In the first ages of the Christian church, this mythical Egyptian philosopher was in fact considered as the inventor of everything known to the human intellect. It was fabled that Pythagoras and Plato had derived their knowledge from him, and that he had recorded his inventions on pillars. The Operative Masons, who wrote the old Constitutions, obtained their acquaintance with him from the Polycromycon of the monk Ranulf Higden, which was translated from the Latin by Trevisa, and printed by William Caxton in 1482. It is repeatedly quoted in the Cooke Manuscript, whose probable date is the latter part of the fifteenth century, and was undoubtedly familiar to the writers of the other Constitutions.

So, from this one finds why I often speak to the issues of Alchemy and Mystery School methods of allegory and imagery in art being close to the same, as they have the same origin. It was a method to caputure knowledge with imagery and lots of drawings with geometry.

A key element in the Mason's teaching is about how to understand what is behind the symbolisms.

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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 09:12 PM
Cosimo De Medici of Florence - Patron of Sandro Botticelli - sent out envoys in search of the missing books of Thoth - It is rumored that he received one of the lost books on his death bed.

posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 09:25 PM
Then we can consult the Mason Encyclopedia on Enoch:

The Greek Christians supposed him to have been identical with the first Egyptian Hermes, who dwelt at Sais. They say he was the first to give instruction on the celestial bodies; that he foretold the deluge that was to overwhelm his descendants; and that he built the Pyramids, engraving thereon figures of artificial instruments and the elements of the sciences, fearing lest the memory of man should perish in that general destruction. Eupolemus, a Grecian writer, makes him the same as Atlas, and attributes to him, as the Pagans did to that deity, the invention of astronomy. Wait (Oriental Antiquities) quotes a passage from Bar Hebraeus, a Jewish writer, which asserts that Enoch was the first who invented books and writing; that he taught men the art of building cities; that he discovered the knowledge of the Zodiac and the course of the planets; and that he inculcated the worship of God by fasting, prayer, alms, votive offering, and tithes. Bar Hebraeus adds, that he also appointed festivals for sacrifices to the sun at the periods when that luminary entered each of the zodiacal signs; but this statement, which would make him the author of idolatry, is entirely inconsistent with all that we know of his character, from both history and tradition, and arose, as Oliver supposes, most probably from a blending of the characters of Enos and Enoch.


Enoch then caused a triangular plate of gold to be made, each side of which was a cubit long; he enriched it with the most precious stones, and encrusted the plate upon a stone of agate of the same form. On the grave he engraved, in ineffable characters, the true name of Deity, and, placing it on a cubical pedestal of white marble, he deposited the whole within the deepest arch. When this subterranean building was completed, he made a door of stone, and attaching to it a ring of iron, by which it might be occasionally raised, he placed it over the opening of the uppermost arch, and so covered it over that the aperture could not be discovered. Enoch himself was permitted to enter it but once a year; and on the death of Enoch, Methuselah, and Lamech, and the destruction of the world by the deluge, all knowledge of this temple, and of the sacred treasure which it contained, was lost until, in after times, it was accidentally discovered by another worthy of Freemasonry, who, like Enoch, leas engaged in the erection of a temple on the same spot.


posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 09:27 PM
The Initiate who can see archetypes or symbols all around in the real world can never come to the end of gathering knowledge. Understanding this he considers how his knowledge can be of value in benefiting others and how he can fit into his society.
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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 10:00 PM
Hello Thoth,

Since you have an eye for celestial signs and Egypt's gods.

I see you have great adoration for the Constellation of 3, as you progress from East to the West as the dyad passes showing you the triad.

A little Pythagoras School of Numbers:

In the Great Book for the Constellations will you also have reverence for the 7 stars of Orion and the 3 stars of the Orion's Belt?

Another special symbol for Mason is: "OK" = 3, 5, 7, O Just for a test to see if you know Mason's lore.

"" you might have to enter this by hand to work

Orion has also been identified with the Egyptian Pharaoh of the Fifth Dynasty called Unas who, according to the Pyramid Texts, became great by eating the flesh of his mortal enemies and then slaying and devouring the gods themselves. This was based on a belief in contiguous magic whereby consuming the flesh of great people would bring inheritance of their power.[17] After devouring the gods and absorbing their spirits and powers, Unas journeys through the day and night sky to become the star Sabu, or Orion.[16] The Pyramid Texts also show that the dead Pharaoh was identified with the god Osiris, whose form in the stars was often said to be the constellation Orion.[16]

The Bible mentions Orion three times, naming it "Kesil" (כסיל, literally - fool. Though, this name perhaps is etymologically connected with "Kislev", the name for the ninth month of the Hebrew calendar (i.e. November–December), which, in turn, may derive from the Hebrew root K-S-L as in the words "kesel, kisla" (כֵּסֶל, כִּסְלָה, hope, positiveness), i.e. hope for winter rains.): Job 9:9 ("He is the maker of the Bear and Orion"), Job 38:31 ("Can you loosen Orion`s belt?"), and Amos 5:8 ("He who made the Pleiades and Orion"). In ancient Aram, the constellation was known as Nephîlā′, the Nephilim may have been Orion's descendants.


European folkloreIn old Hungarian tradition, "Orion" is known as (magic) Archer (Íjász), or Scyther (Kaszás), by recently rediscovered myths he is rather called Nimrod (Hungarian "Nimród"), the biggest hunter, father of the twins Hun and Hungarian (Hungarian "Hunor" and "Magor"). The "π" and "o" stars (on upper right) form together the reflex bow or the lifted scythe. In other Hungarian traditions, "Orion's belt" is known as "Judge's stick" (Bírópálca).[25] In Scandinavian tradition, "Orion's belt" was known as Frigg's Distaff (Friggerock) or Freyja's distaff.[26]

Most know Nimrod as the Hunter of Men.

For those knowing the power of volcanic stones of tetrahedral shape, they know the alchemical power of the pyramid's iconic shape for an element needed to eat the skin off their enemies. A weapon of supreme power in a mortal's world seeking gold and power.

Here is one of the most hidden of the secrets of Egypt's methods from the gods.

A quest that only the few Masons can atest, using the alchemical knowledge.

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posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 07:13 AM

Originally posted by starwarsisreal
reply to post by MagnumOpus

I'm wondering is the Gnostic Texts related to this

aside from esoteric knowledge do you think the Masons believed that Jesus have a descendant because I've heard rumor Jesus have a descendant and that in some way it is related to Essenes

Yes, Gnostic issues are assocated, see:

Gnosticism is a philosophical and religious movement which started in pre-Christian times. It may have had is source in the Jewish community of Alexandria and been later picked up by some Christian groups in Judea and the Galilee.

The study of the Essenes for the region of Mt. Carmel indicate that Joseph and Mary had a child (actually several), Jesus, who was brought up with all the teaching from the Essene Mystery School's knowledge. The Mt. Carmel area was less monastic than the Jerusalem sect and the Qumran sect, and some had families. Joseph and Mary were both considered Essene Masters, as in the learning of the Mystery Schools, similar to Pythagoras school in earlier period.

The Mary/Joseph/Jesus fled to the Therapute area of Alexandria Egypt for a time, and that was a huge center for Mystery School's secret teachings.

From the closeness of Mary to Jesus and the extensive complaints of the Disciples, the indications are that Jesus had family. This is part of the issues of the Mason's interests in the Reness Le Chateau area of Southern France and the Stations of the Cross variations for their church. It speaks to a secret knowledge and the interests of the Templars in the protection of this secret from the Church of Rome. The Masons even emulate much of the Templar's areas of interest.

The issue is then that Jesus survived the cross ordeal using the special medicines of the Therapute of Alexandria, which the wayward church of Rome didn't like as it dismissed any great miracles and the games of making Jesus into a Babylon like god. This overstep of the truth then became a real sore spot as to evil intent of the church to make miracles where none existed. The methods of the Church of Rome was to generally clone itself into other religions, and this brought in the games of Babylon's illicit beliefs and contaminated the Bible's story.

Most religions outside of the Holy Roman designed Bible think that Jesus was not god and survived the nailing to the tree thanks to the quick actions of Joseph of Arimathea's knowledge from the Therapute with Myrrh (astrigent) and Aloe Vera healing methods.

The issues of the Masons is they are a Society with Secrets, some link to the Templar's secrets and some to the hidden exaggerations of Moses on volcanic linked god issues. All of which make the Holy Roman church appear as a fraud, and along with that fraud most of those worshiping the Roman Empire's Bible becomes highly embellished stories not presenting the truth.

And from that stems the issues of Beasts and Anti-Christs, one about the secret knowledge and other how the lower knowledge becomes those of the anti-Christ.

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posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 07:20 AM

Originally posted by Starchild23

Originally posted by Iason321
reply to post by TedHodgson

Good people? Spreading lies?

You being spoon fed deception and judging a disciple of Truth?

Me being slapped over the head with bibles whilst growing up?

Oh, my, god, you poor, poor soul.

That's a lot coming from someone who was spoon fed from the Bible their whole life...

Did you ever open a physics book?

My family are all masons, my father is a 33rd degree worshipful master.

I've opened a Physics book.

Want me to be the tip of the spear? The "true light" of Freemasonry is that Lucifer is God. And lower level Masons are too ignorant to receive this "true light". Masonry is Luciferianism-lite for the masses. The pure doctrines are given to the 32nd and 33rd degrees. OP himself says he's not a Mason. The elite Illuminati are all Luciferians.

*rolls sleeves up*

Let's all have a REAL chat shall we?

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 07:22 AM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

The study for the Essenes of the region of Mt. Carmel indicate that Joseph and Mary had a child (actually several), Jesus, who was brought up with all the teaching from the Essene Mystery School's knowledge. The Mt. Carmel area was less monastic than the Jerusalem sect and the Qumran sect, and some had families.

Stop with the Essene nonsense. The Pharisees and Scribes couldn't stand those guys because of how legalistic and absurd their rules were. A fine example was they refused to take a dump on the Sabbath because it was considered both "work" and "pleasure" to relieve themselves.

These buffoons couldn't even get taking a crap correct.

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 07:33 AM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

All of which make the Holy Roman church appear as a fraud, and along with that fraud most of those worshiping the Roman Empire's Bible becomes highly embellished stories not presenting the truth.

Christians already know the RCC is a fraud. We have 18+ million dead brothers and sisters to prove it.

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 07:41 AM
And in characteristic form the Organized Church Evangelicals have to attack the Sect of Jesus, and the honor of the Masons. And will usually also have to engage in name calling not only against the Essene and the Masons, but anyone that brings up the topic.

Why? Simple, the Masons and Essene themes get to the greater truth and it shows their Bible belief of miracles and god using the Babylon Trinity game is nonsense that sets up the issues of Revelation's Beasts (lower realm knowledge) and Anti-Christ (those that distort and pervert the Jesus story) themes.

When they enter the game of name calling, it is clear they don't have a logical leg to stand upon. So, they toss out name calling nonsense.

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posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 07:50 AM

Originally posted by artistpoet
The Initiate who can see archetypes or symbols all around in the real world can never come to the end of gathering knowledge. Understanding this he considers how his knowledge can be of value in benefiting others and how he can fit into his society.
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That's what I think too. I get so tired of religious people searching for "truth". What is truth? I would rather have a lie if it made me a better person.

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 08:04 AM

Originally posted by cloudyday

That's what I think too. I get so tired of religious people searching for "truth". What is truth? I would rather have a lie if it made me a better person.

Usually a lie is told for someone's gain and creates an unfairness.

One little lie easily turns into a succession of lies and the "Pinocchio Effect" of a Nose that grows so long that the person soon appears the idiot and it can't be hidden as all the world knows.

Little Lies turn into bigger lies, and when the truth is so tossed into the wind, one finds the definition for Hell.

As when the truth becomes so obvious against the lies, those that told the original lie find they have jumped from the frying pan and into the fire.

Such is the games of hiding the truth and those that value telling lies.

Religion's main theme always has been truth, not propagation of lies. Else, religion becomes Satan, the Trickster, the teller of lies.

Now that we know your values, the rest is simple. Your ethos is that of the Organized Church, which finds itself falling apart due to a succession of lies.

edit on 26-4-2012 by MagnumOpus because: Those that find themselves in Hell due to theft of truth

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 08:21 AM

Originally posted by NOTurTypical

Christians already know the RCC is a fraud. We have 18+ million dead brothers and sisters to prove it.

The RCC made the Bible, and via simple induction you admit the Bible is fraud also.

And the frauds of truth that you support has killed millions.

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 08:52 AM
Quality's such as tolerance and respect for all life and just plain caring for your fellow beings is the true measure of a soul.
There is nothing any lack for all is freely given regarding the truth one needs (not wants) to know.
Each have their own inner guide - no need for priest or kings.
The way of the world is such that many are lost in distraction and indoctrination.
In effect they have no choice for their own inner guide has been shouted down by the noise of the world.
Messengers such as Jesus came to offer choice - his way was gentle and he never set himself above others knowing He too was of the same wondrous soul as Humanity.
Gentleness is not weak it is strong - Strength does not require zealotry - Only those unsure or afraid they may be wrong are zealous.

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 08:57 AM

Originally posted by MagnumOpus
Religion's main theme always has been truth, not propagation of lies. Else, religion becomes Satan, the Trickster, the teller of lies.

Religion's main theme has always been: how to make our lives produce good fruit. In other words, all religions help us to do good things. "Truth" is only a means to that end, and any "truth" understood by a human is only a layer on an onion.

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