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The Masons discovered the highest truth on Jesus and the Essene centuries ago.

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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 10:55 AM

Originally posted by wildtimes
reply to post by MagnumOpus

your gracious efforts to keep this important information un-infected has not gone unnoticed. It's apparent that some of the recent respondents have lost interest and are using your thread to carry on their usual jab exchanges.

I suggest that if you haven't already, ALERT each of the off-topic posts; and if a mod doesn't step in and clean up the thread of those OT posts, then perhaps take your thread to Conspiracies.

I believe the subject matter will do more good over there, and also there is a different class of regulars who "prowl" that ground. Not saying it's the ultimate answer, but perhaps you could encapsulate your main ideas, link to this thread, and start afresh over in the ATS side. BTS tends to be more lenient in terms of T&C, and this subject matter certainly deserves more analysis and serious attention.

I agree with you, btw, and in fact, over the last couple of decades there have been numerous articles (forgive me not providing a link, I'm repeating what I was told by someone who saw actual paper-printed journals stating as much) that overly-zealous "Religion" has been offered up for consideration as a mental disorder and/or neurosis/addiction.

I'd like to explore those ideas with you, as well.

Thanks again for your tenacity in moving forward against the "tide" here...your work, again, does not go unread or devalued by everyone!


Hello Wild,

Thanks for your kind words.

I have done the ALERT thing, a number of times, to say they are getting well off topic again, and nothing happened. You don't want to do too much of that (as this problem happens many times a day and one heads up should be enough to get the attention), yet you expect the ATS to come and address the trash can fire, with an extinguisher, before one has to pull the fire alarm for a building fire. I have repeatly told the typical offenders they were off-topic and it was only ignored also. I have done the process and it failed.

If you will watch their game here, they come dominate a thread, like mine, that shows the serious problems of religion until they run you off with off-topic posts. Then, they'll get all bent out of shape when you pause to let them stop their non-sense and later pick the thread back up with new on-topic content. You can see this with the recent "City of Ur" and the "Home of Abraham" posting the also connects to the Egypt, Nimrod, and roots of Judaism, Islam, and Christian themes for god. Your buddy NuT was doing his typical games and trying to insult me continually to let the theme drop and I said no. Some others chimmed in to say they like to read the thread, and it does take lots of reading to get the better content to share. Next thing happens is their typical game of flooding the theme with off-topic posts again because I didn't drop the theme as they insisted. It is a blatant game of flood the theme and drive up the page counts and burry the real on-topic content way back in pages. Not to mention anyone really interested in the real theme's subject has to wade through reading all their off-topic trash postings. It is a clear pattern this game they play, passive aggressive, flooding the theme to drive the readers and the real posters away. It is a pure control game they use to manipulate ATS's users.

The discovery of these issues pretty much tells the issues of god is a result of primitive people's beliefs that really had nothing to do with god in the historic reality. What they want to do is keep folks from noticing this, as it pretty much shows they have just as primitive a view that is bogus nonsense in the reality of this current age. Most all these methods fall into the category for BTS, as it isn't about denial of ignorance but that of promotion of primitive concepts of fake god issues from the times of Abraham in Ur.

Yes, this is a controlling and finatical thing that happens with organized religion that acts like a virus in taking over minds with primitive non-sense. It is an old formula using the games for fear of death that religion has invented. In the times of Marx, in Germany, it was defined as the Opiates of the Masses due to its additive properties. These Ober thinkers from Germany were on top of many of these religion problems from the times of Martin Luther, to Marx on Opiates for the Masses. Even Masonry and Illuminism trace roots to the ober German thinkers.

Organized Religion is being shown to be a primiitive concept for god that would not apply in this day and age and they live in a fantasy world. From there on it becames an issue for personality disorder, self-aggrandizations that supply the Opiates that addict them so well to making the lie viral and infectious in the minds of others. And you recognize and see these traits, as well, in your reading and researching.

Most of the Ober thinkers that know these issues get entirely sick of the uber thinkers addiction to self-aggrandiazations by their faked up god theme from primitive views of gods that were not gods at all. So, I don't consider this a loss of interest in the theme by those that load up/flood the theme with organized religion content to run the serious readers and followers of the theme off. It is a very real passive aggressive controlling method they use to flood the theme and drive people away and really intented to drive off the person that started the theme they don't want folks to read. It is a serious problem and one that happens blatantly and often, at least on my threads that show up the fantasy and untruth of religion from primitive beliefs.

If they had really lost interest in the theme the intelligent thing to do would be to go start a theme of their own and deveop that and stay within the rules for being on-topic. But we don't see such a responsible action, we see these Jab and diatribe methods because they simply can't refute the real history and they do these passive aggressive methods to junk up the theme of a serious thread and run people off. Such games are malicious of intention and designed to stall denial of ignorance. They not only violate the issues for staying on topic, but do blatant games to stall denial of ignarance via presentation of the real history trail that exposes their belief system as utter nonsense of primintive people that didn't really believe in a real god concept.

I consider the subject material for this theme to be of high value in finding and discovery of the roots for religions and when one gets there one finds religion is faked and all about money and deluding the people. It has in every way become a mental disorder, a fantasy of the mind that infects with a viral like infectivity, and something that needs to be addressed for the higher knowedge for man and the process of making world peace based upon a common truth of the actual histories.

Serious research doesn't like this low caliber jab and name calling for these infected of religion non-sense. Most of us don't like doing anything that promotes the viral like infectivity of the games of religion to addict persons to this primitive set of false teachings. We certainly don't like ATS not living up to the theme for "Deny Ignorance" and allowing these flooding games to continue and drive our readers away and that is also about driving away the on-topic OP originator themself. imho

Such is an out of control system and it is something that can only be addressed at the top of ATS staff and something they all need to recognize and agree to stop, as such doesn't make them look competent when everyone sees this happening again and again. Especially in the light of all these get yourself a religion degree, that all this flooding banter would tend to support, as ATS getting more and more of these money for ads. Such appears to create a "conflict of interest" in the workings for ATS, because it is nearly impossible to look good with ads that promote the falked up religious teachings, while in the same breath tell Deny Ignorance.

But, when one sees these ads and the run away off-topic flood games that happen from the organized religion and bible promoters one can pretty much read between the lines. I have repeatly told those that violate the off-topic issues they were off topic and to take it somewhere else, but they only got worse. I have hit the ALERT buttom at the same time for those warnings, only to see zero response from ATS. So, now that all the normal methods appear to have failed, the bigger methods of telling the problems in a most direct and highly obvious way appears well warranted. Cerainly, AutoWrench, you, and others have been aware of the problems as much as myself

There is little doubt that ATS has a glaring conflict of interest problem, one that sets up these continual flooding games and viral religion running out of control with off-topic postings. So, in order to deal with a problem, it has to be voiced in clear and concise explanation, and this is what is happening. And to address the magnitude of the problem one has to explain we have been more than polite in telling folks they were off topic, and also giving ATS staff the heads up, with Alerts, this has been happening for some time now. That was addressed, I do think, and can't be couched as a fault of my lack of trying to make things work properly.

But, it is time to get things back on track to working. The viral religion types need to stay on theme. If they are bored and need to talk on their lastest wondering mind, then start a wide time topic of their very own and discuss all they want there. But end all this passive aggressive methods to flood well defined topics of a particular theme that exposes many of the great lies of religions that are a fraud against truth and high human intelligence.

ATS needs to get back on track with "Deny Ignorance", and I should not have to ALERT to every one of a huge number of off-topic ALERTS that are easily possible, else all their areas would be flooded as much as my themes are flooded with nonsense. Nobody expects miracles, but most expect the real problems to at least be recognized and if these that cause the problems can't correct their bad behaviors then ATS needs to get rid of the problem makers.

edit on 2-6-2012 by MagnumOpus because: Exposing the problems, conflicts of interests, and allowing flooding behaviors to drive people away from truth

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by wildtimes

I agree with you, btw, and in fact, over the last couple of decades there have been numerous articles (forgive me not providing a link, I'm repeating what I was told by someone who saw actual paper-printed journals stating as much) that overly-zealous "Religion" has been offered up for consideration as a mental disorder and/or neurosis/addiction.

I'd like to explore those ideas with you, as well.


Hello Wild,

I got into that area recently in the attempts to get the "jesus feak group", as one terms self, to move into an area with a very wide on-topic subject title that allowed pretty much as discussion topic. It was to make the point that they all need to stop the endless flooding games on other well defined threads.

It got into the defintions that pretty much explosed some of this deal with mental disorders to attact them over there. Some rather interesting things came from looking at definations. But, unfortunately, one of the ATS moderators decided to kill the theme there.

In the issue for Masons as a society with secrets, this was necessary to protect themselves from out of control crazy church thinking that burned people at the stake and otherwise went against the truth due to the power of the organized church to promote false teaching. No doubt the Masons considered the church as dangerous and out of control metally. Even in the times of DaVinci and Michalengelo, who are revered by Masons, they could only slip in a little truth on religion via the imagery in their art.

I do think it is worthy of discussion to get into the religion as a mental disorder, because I have seen more than enought to agree it is a real mental disorder. It would indeed be good to collect some of the information, per this theme, and show that history agrees with the simple fact that religion is faked from the times of Abraham in Ur.

Indeed, there is a lot written about religions as a mental disorder that involves fantasy. Even great US Presidents like Jefferson saw right through the mental illness factors for religion and acted to keep separate state and church. Very wise these Mason Designers for the US Constitution.

Might have to let things chill for a little time and settle. I've tried to get into that area of discussion and the moderators seem to be against that being a serious topic. Perhaps that moderator might like to recant his censorship for the theme and allow the truth to be brought to light, as it does appears in many journals.

If you want to try to get one going per that theme, I'll toss in some commentary.

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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 01:07 PM
An additional spin-off thought I've had while reading your thread how the original New World settlers were largely Puritans, escaping the dogma of Church in England and Holland....
it was (roughly) 200 years later that the Freemasons became the "founding fathers".....
that was (roughly) about 200 years ago (more or less)....

in the 500 years-ish since this continent (North America) was invaded and stolen from the Native populations, the bent of religion has ALWAYS been part of the agenda. I suspect William Penn & Co. would have been quite dismayed to see what they started was then continued by the Masons...the Founding Fathers were not on the same page as "the grand experiment" of the original "Pilgrims" at all (aside from the concept of freedom of religion - and separation of such from government) but that's "a whole nother" story.

just a thought.....

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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 02:20 PM
This is the posting that got the current derailing all started up again, and if one knows the issues for the "City of Ur" and that being the home for Abraham, the root for Judaic and Islamic theme for god, then one finds their flare up to burry this hint toward Anu and the Annunaki is what they got all up in arms about and started doing the typical disrespect for being on topic, trying to say drop the subject and stop posting.

That was all about control and attempts to keep the readers of ATS from finding these important areas for history and religion and finding the issues for god they all worship is nonsense in the present day theme for god being mother nature, a great architec, etc.

Certainly the genetic and blood makers are important issues in finding the origin of religion, and it will be presented and developed. Masons like the symbols and they all pick up on them, and these chevron symbols they all would take note, as it pops up in Ur, In the Lost Tomb, in Renesse le Chateau. Then the sign for Anu being the same symbols seen on the bone boxes points to where it all began.

The scammers of religion theism appear to be most desperate to attempt to keep this from being read, due to all the theme jamming or flooding methods they used to attempt to cover up this special significance of these symbols.

Originally posted by MagnumOpus
The Masons, since they like digging around religious ancient history, found some interesting genetic markers in Ur, in the early Pharos, in King David, and in Jesus.

Benjamites are a tribe of Israel. Overall, Israel was a very diverse people. Abraham was from Ur of the Chaldees "beyond the [Euphrates] River" (Joshua 24:3), which excludes Ur of southern Mesopotamia since it was on the west side of the River. The northern Ur was not far east of Haran in northern Mesopotamia, and its inhabitants were fair-skinned. Rebekah was also from there, as were Leah and Rachel and their handmaids. Their father's name Laban means "white." Overall, ancient Israel was fair-skinned, but intermarriage with the Canaanite population caused a darker diversity among the tribes. In Egypt, Israelite slaves were depicted as blond, red, brown, and black hair; brown eyes and blue eyes. Israel was diverse.
King David had red hair and blue or green eyes (ruddy = admoni in Hebrew = redhead or even blond) (I Samuel 16:12). Solomon had black hair and blue eyes (Song of Songs 5:11-12). Judah typically was darker than the other tribes, as Perez and Zerah were sons of Tamar a Canaanitess (Genesis 38).
Over time, Israel in exile has moved around quite a bit, being in hot climates and cold ones. So their skin is lighter in the cold ones and relatively tan in the hot ones. In Jesus' time, Israel seems to have been a rather warm climate, so you could expect the Benjamites who settled north of Jerusalem (some argue they were the Galileans) to have been tan but still ruddy. In more ancient times (pre-exile), the climate was much more temperate and green, so their skin would be fairer.
All throughout, though, their hair was usually light-colored, as were their eyes.

Then Masons, always being into symbolism, notice the Chevron over the tomb of Ur match the Chevron on the Renesse Le Chateau in France, and matches the Chevron sign over the lost tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem.

The last photo is the tomb with Chevron.

When one finds this little deal with the Reddish-Blonde Hair one finds why David was considered special, why Jesus also had that same special look.

And if one digs around looking for the Royal Blood theme of O Neg bloodtype, one finds the Arians, the Scots, and the migration patterns for this blood type. There was a need in the Bible Narrative to preserve this bloodline via only marriage of another Hebrew with like genetics.

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 02:29 PM
Then, the development for the City of Ur theme continued and the derailers became more intense to burry the subject down in the page pile.

When Ober thinkers engage in the process of learning about Ur and Abraham they begin to connect some important dots for human and religious history.

The genetic look makers get to become known, as well as the blood type issues for the Holy Blood theme. And the Ober thinkers begin to grasp the real details of religion that the church hoped to keep burried for all time.

But, this is the meat for cracking the issues of corrupted religion and that of a serious problem in the end times, when this and more become highly public knowledge and the organized churches fall off the wall like Humpty Dumpty's great fall.

Ober thinking Masons like Albert Pike appear to have found this Abraham Nexus of problems of a faked up god concept and decided the only way to free the world from the grip of the religious insantity on god was to have the Judeo-Christiand and the Islamic go to war and kill each other off with a huge depopulation theme, and that which remains is then cleansed of the false concepts for god that have terrified human existance for far too long.

These are the pivot concepts that lead the world toward the highest truths.

Originally posted by MagnumOpus

Thanks for following along with the theme, and pleased you also see the value in presenting the information and associations. The Internet resources have sped up the collections of data that used to take a lifetime of travel and research to find. Plus, we get photos of these symbolic items to consider, which is right in the middle of the Mason theme for symbols and teaching mystery school knowledge.

One of the even more interesting issues of Ur is the symbol for "Anu" that is the six spoke rosary symbol and how this symbol shows up on the "Bone Boxes" for Jesus and the Essene in the "Lost Tomb of Jesus" and one other. This web URL committed to the Type O Rh Neg blood type has dug up some very interesting information that the symbol of Anu and is something the Essene also appeared to have discovered and this appears along with the chevron symbol. So, some double correlation to Ur's and the Annunaki.


The Symbol of Jesus Was The Symbol of Anu - First

The symbols to the left are (now) commonly referred to as symbols of Jesus, but according to the Sumerian tablets, LONG before they were the symbol of Jesus they were the symbol of Anu, the king of the Sumerian gods.

Ur was the last of the areas for the Annunaki and this six point wheel symbol is one of high significane for the Essene Lost Tomb of Jesus that has been shown earlier with photos.

Here is an article that shows this symbol again for folks that didn't see it before:

The Symbolisms pile up with Chevron, the Rosetta, the genetic blonde hair, blue eyes, blood type-Rh- factors.

Then, Mary the Master insciption, Jesus Son of Joseph, the tomb for Jonah nearby with whale symbol.

And lots of it tracks back to Anu and the Annanaki of Ur.

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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by TheRedneck

If you want to discuss religion, we have forums for that. Please start a thread to do so in the appropriate forum and allow members who wish to address this topic to do so.
Since this thread is in the religion sub-forum and somehow religion is off-topic in it, then I would suggest moving the thread to The Grey Area, or Secret Societies.
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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 05:00 PM

Originally posted by jmdewey60
reply to post by TheRedneck

If you want to discuss religion, we have forums for that. Please start a thread to do so in the appropriate forum and allow members who wish to address this topic to do so.
Since this thread is in the religion sub-forum and somehow religion is off-topic in it, then I would suggest moving the thread to The Grey Area, or Secret Societies.
edit on 2-6-2012 by jmdewey60 because: (no reason given)

This thread's subject happens to be right in the middle of religion and theology and the roots of it, in fact. Abraham is dead center for religion and theology. Lots of religions don't believe Jesus is god, and this thread show just how they came to that consideration.

Masons are the founding fathers of America and the pillars of most communities these days, and they tell the straighest story. They all believe in god. They have extensive libraries that make your one book reference look silly. The only reason they are a highly respected society with secrets is to avoid attacks by people like you and the organized religion's ilk that have things wrong and profit from those wrongs. What you attempt to do here is not different that the Vatican's attacks on others telling the greater truths. If anything, the Masons greater understanding for religions allows them to get along with all religions from Jewish to Islamic.

Being on-topic or off-topic is determined by the Subject Title and somewhat by the Opening Post for each individual thread. The ATS rules apply to each thread's topic that puts a focus on the discussion, which limits the content to the subject only. The moderator put you on notice to cut it out totally.

Even your gripe is off-topic, technically, combative looking, and it looks like you want to test the limits with the moderator again.

If you all have this need to talk about religion, go start your own wide window subject thread and talk all you want in your own special area that you have total control over setting the theme and the focus. But, if you limit your subject, then stick the rules even there. There is absolutely nothing keeping your gang from talking all you want on your own thread that you design. So, why can't you do that. The obvious reason is you hold out for one more attack or jab against Masons and this theme, or the truth of the Essene's knowledge going back to Ur and Abraham.

It is really obvious how ATS works, in this regard, and you should be helping the moderators have an easy job, rather than either testing the limits or running right over them and derailing this thread's focus.

Moderators should toss you out if you can't respect the rules and make matters difficult and act combative.

What did the moderator tell you in letters big enough to be read on the moon. This thread is way off topic and a good part of that was due to you. And again it is off topic because of your combative nature to disrespect the rules and the focus theme of the Original Poster.

edit on 2-6-2012 by MagnumOpus because: Tossing out persons that don't listen to the fact that staying on topic means follow the threads individual topic/focus

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

Moderators should toss you out if you can't respect the rules and make matters difficult and act combative.
Considering your definition of combative, I will just make it simple by never looking at a thread with your name on it.

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 06:23 PM

Originally posted by jmdewey60
reply to post by MagnumOpus

Moderators should toss you out if you can't respect the rules and make matters difficult and act combative.
Considering your definition of combative, I will just make it simple by never looking at a thread with your name on it.

That is likely wise, as you don't seem to be able to control yourself to only speak to the thread's theme.

ATS made the rules and you and NuT have tried to bend them to suit your purpose, and it didn't work.

Now, I do think the entire ATS community has your number now and those flood the theme games will get the moderator's attention now very quickly. So follow the rules for a change.

posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 02:07 PM
Now that this parasitic comment game of evangelising riding on other's themes has been addressed, it is time to get down to some more of the Mason's teachings without the rude interruptions.

Many of you that have been reading the theme here have learned a good deal on the Mason's methods using symbolic imagery, tracing boards, and literally tracking down the old history.

Their longest route is the 33 rd degree Mason degree and it is like the story of Jacob's ladder where one learns incremental bits of the old history to advance slowly toward the view from on high and the brightest light of truth in the universe. Some would expect instant gratification in this learning process, but the stepping stones allow all Masons in training to always be short of the truth until they advance to the 33 rd degree level.

Keep in mind that the Mason's Lodge is about a school of learning that takes time to build the base and retrace the history to arrive to the next higher level. Masons Lodges used to be called Temples, but it appears to be changing so the teach a history moreso than a religion. Mason's teaching method is a bit like the story for the Wizzard of Oz as folks treck down the brick road facing various trials, until the last curtain is removed to find the truth. On the intermediate steps of the ladder, one is often way short of their ultimate truth.

One of the intermediate levels that always catches the most attention is the Royal Arch Level, Degree 17, and here they get accused of the worship of Satan. So, lets look a little more carefully into why this occurs:

In Masonry, the "Great Architect Of The Universe ", who is the Masonic God has some of the attributes of the God of the Bible, such as infinity, eternity, and omnipotence. However, the Masonic God does not have any qualities such as mercy, love, and benevolence. "Coils Masonic Encyclopedia", Henry Coils, page 516, 517 says: "Men have decided whether they want a God like the ancient Hebrew Yahweh, a partisan tribal God, with whom they can talk and argue and from whom they can hide if necessary, or a boundless, eternal, universal undenominational, and international, divine spirit, so vastly removed from the speck called man, that he cannot be known, named, or approached. So soon as man begins to laud his God and endow him with the most perfect human attributes such as justice, mercy, beneficence, etc., the Divine Essence is depreciated and despoiled. The Masonic test (for admission) is a Supreme Being, and any qualification added is an innovation and distortion."

Here the Biblical God is being rejected as an inferior concept of God, while the universal God of Masonry is extolled. Masonry teaches also that God is unapproachable, but the Bible tells of God as being able to be approached by man, through Jesus Christ. The Masonic God is said to be "incapable of anger", pg. 718, Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike. But the Bible tells us that God is angry at sin and also loving and merciful to those who repent.


In Ezekiel 8:16, Ezekiel tells us about God showing him what was really going on, in the temple at Jerusalem: "And he brought me into the inner court of the Lord's house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the Lord, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east." When the Prophet Ezekiel is taken further the Lord also shows him the women weeping for Tammuz the Sun God!


You see, at first, when one starts up the ladder of degrees of Freemasonry, he is made aware that you may worship any God and still be a Mason. This is made to seem as if they are very "liberal" and don't want to offend anyone by excluding anybody's idea of who God is. But, then when you reach on into the higher degrees of Masonry, they in effect let you find out the "Royal Secret" that the God of the Christians is the same God as was worshipped by the Babylonians, Egyptians, and any other Pagan Religion! They make it seem very alluring and mysterious, having you think that some great "wisdom" is just around the corner, if you follow on further into the degrees of Masonry. This so-called "secret wisdom" is merely the idea that all Gods are really just variations of the "One" God, The Sun God!


This is why, during the Mason's Royal Arch "mystery", they all weep and mourn for the seeming loss of Osiris (Nimrod) the "God". But then, according to Author Charles Heckethorn, the Sun begins to gain its meridian height and shines on the gold plate. This is symbolic, of course, of when Nimrod, after he died and went up to the Sun, seemed to go down into the ocean at night and "die" again. But then in the morning, the Sun would rise up again, as a guarantee that the Sun God was still alive, which was a guarantee of immortality of the Soul. During this Royal Arch Mystery- the Sun would shine on the plate and show the initiates that the "Lost word" or Osiris, or Nimrod, the Sun God was still around. They had found it! The lost word: JAH - BUL - ON is merely 3 different ways to say the name of their Sun God!

This degree shows the Masons how the old temple themes worked and introduces Nimrod and Sun Worship. Nimrod is several generations down from Abraham (Abraham was Noah's great grandfather, and Nimrod Noah's great grandson) and the deal with Creator god Anu theme. Nimrod's symbolism is shown shooting at Orion's Belt's three stars and he works to defy these concepts for god and basically install himself as god by decendency from Anu. So, this basically becomes the entirely corrupt concepts for what might be called god because Semiramis and Tammus totally mess up.

But, at the 17th degree level this is the highest part of the Ladder they have been shown, and there is a longer road to travel to see the wizzard and have the wizzard found out.

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posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 03:06 PM
Lets go a little deeper now. Most have seen that I hinted about the highest concept for god, which would not be Anu or the Annunaki theme, but the god over them and all others theme. Yet, most of the Chrsitianty and Jesus theme is stuck on the theme with Anu.

Masons teach history moreso than religion and thus avoid the term god with the use of "Great Architech of the Universe". This way they keep a clean break from these old religion misconceptions for what would be called god.

Mason's highest levels calls Nature as the Creative Force as the true god theme. Masons only allow the Jesus story a minor role in religion history and don't consider him god, which totally ruins the organized churches based in Christianity. So, it is typical for the Organized Church to literally hate the Masons and try all manner of methods to convince the world the Masons worship satan.

The reality is the Masons have the correct concept for god. The Christians worship a theme derived from Abraham and Anu, and try to make Jesus in a false icon god.

Here are some better hints for Masons views on god

3. Freemasonry is not Christian, neither is it based upon the Bible. Its revelation is Nature, its god is a nature god the same as that of the Hindu, Egyptian and Syrian.

4. Freemasonry intentionally misleads those beneath the 33rd Degree Council into thinking that they know something of the institutions purpose and secrets, when in reality they know nothing whatsoever.

5. The Masonic Lodge represents the Universe and the religion practiced there is Naturalism or Nature Worship. The Candidate himself impersonating the sun-god Osiris (Hiram) in the third degree.

So, one finds the Masons appear to have tracked religion from the issues of the 1st ad 2nd temples, the temples of Egypt, Nimrod/Seiramis/Tammuz and clear back to the origin for most of that in the City of Ur and the home for Abraham and his deal with Anu. Lots of this information is in the Book of Enoch and the old Sumerian Tablets.

But even that could not legitamately be called god, so the ultimate on high view for god is Nature or the Natural Order.

Jesus was stuck in the level for the 17th degree, and declaired that as Satan. But much of Jesus god theme was that from Abraham's deal with Anu, which still falls short of what we would term god today. So, the Masons have the ulmate truth for the concept for god.

It is the last step for the Masons 33rd degree, as they get a view of the universe and the vast concepts of nature, which no man or even Anu could be termed.

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posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 08:11 PM
The most interesting parts of religion lie around the theme for Anu and ancient Sumeria, which gets into the god Yahwah and what appears to be the god for Jesus that he called The Father. Anu is said to have two children via different mothers and one was Enki and the Enlil. Enlil is the god associated to Yahway and distroying things, and Enki is the Creator god that made the blended human and Anu species. Anu is consider the most high god of these old times being over a Pantheon of lesser gods.

No one would pay these stories much heed, but the Indian history stories speak to much of the same theme of these gods as the Sumerian Tablets and the Book of Enoch. So, it these stories correlate in multiple old world history records. These stores also have caught the eye of prominent university types that lend more credibility for their being taken more seriously

ENKI SPEAKS (PART 1 OF 6) Ancient Astronauts From The Planet Nibiru Engineer Us Earthlings to Slave* by Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. sashalessinphd@



"At the end of days a day of judgment there shall be.The earth shall quake and the riverschange course,and there shall be a darkness at noon and a fire in the heavens in the night,the day of the returning celestial god [Nibiru, the far-orbiting 10th planet of our solar system]will it be.

"And who shall survive and who shall perish, who shall be rewarded and who will be punished,gods [astronauts from Nibiru] and men alike, on that day it shall be discovered;

"For what shall come to pass by what had passed shall be determined; and what was destinedshall in a cycle be repeated, and what was fated and only by the heart's will occurring for good or ill shall for judgment come.

"The record read, the past remembered, the future as prophesy understand, let the future of the past the judgment be!'

These are the words of Enki, Firstborn of Anu of Nibiru"From The Lost Book of Enki:Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God, by Zecharia Sitchin

Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin (a UCLA Anthropology Ph.D.), guides you though Zecharia Sitchin'srevolutionary proofs (and their implications for us) of the history of our solar system and onEarth from 500,000 years ago until 2023 B.C..

Sitchin archeologically documents events, from the atmospheric crisis on Nibiru, the solar system's far-orbiting tenth planet propelled the noble Enki and 600 miners and 300 shuttlecrewmen to Earth 445,000 years ago for gold for Nibiru's atmospheric shield.

300,000 years ago, Enki responded to a mutiny in the goldmines by genetically altering homoerectus, a local primate, into Earthlings-- Homo Neanderthalensis and Homo Sapiens-- to tendmines, crops and livestock of Earth's Nibiran colonists.In Sumer (Iraq) after the universal deluge, Nibirans Lords taught Earthlings astronomy, math,agriculture, herding, writing, massive architecture, geological information about planets andmoons--to better serve.Earthlings obeyed the Lords; excess earthlings escaped into the hinterlands, away from thewars Lords fought with Earthling soldiers, In 2023 B.C. these wars climaxed in thermonuclear genocide of Earthlings in Caanan and Mesopotamia. The fallout from the nuking promptedthe lords to scatter over or exit Earth.

Records the lords left us include stone-carved star charts that map Neptune,Uranus, Pluto--three planets beyond eye-range from Earth.The maps show rocket routes through our solar system.The maps show accurate geographical details of the entire Earth.The maps show the landmass under the Antarctic icesheet.The Lords mapped Antarctic land after 11,000 B.C., when the sheet slid into the Ocean,caused the Deluge and drown most of their Earthlings.

Our science confims the Nibiran goldminers' scientific, athematic, astronomical accounts.In our museums and hinterland caves earthlings have drawn Sumerian rocketships.Modern biology validates Sumerian engravings of Enki splicing DNA to create anEarthling worker. Our science still hasn't deciphered how the Nibirans movedgiant rocks better than we can to build their navigational landmarks--the Giza pyramids,monuments on our moon, Mars and on Mars' moon, Phoebos.

With Sitchin's evidence we free ourselves to create a new paradigm, a paradigm unfettered bythe"godspell". Godspell is philosopher Neal Freer's word for the yearning of Earthlings for thereturn of their Lords. Our yearning for such "divine" lead created religions which mandatemurder of millions for their particular gods.And the gods, remember, are merely long-lived, technologically advanced humans with awide range of individual quirks and a hierarchic, largely patriarchal, warlike culture.They were, by and large, obsessed with genealogy and male superiority.Many Lords were petty, murderous slavers, contemptuous of Earthlings' consciousness.And genetically we're half Nibiran.

There is much more on the URL---this is just a sampling.

What is more convincing is the detail to which elements of the Earth are known, as well as elements of the Sun's planetary system are detailed. Most consider that this level of information could only have been provided by these Anu related folks that travel in space and came to Earth and generated some various offspring and set up a blood type that was considered more significant than the others.

How all this happened in so short a history of time is what makes these stories all the more convincing as being a real happening and not a myth.

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Most of the very old themes on religion deal with the Elohim or the multiple god called a Pantheon and they all get back to Anu and the Annunaki theme from the Sumerian Tablets and Book of Enoch. These days, for all the people that care to dig back into the times before Genesis and Noah they discover these isues, but only a hint of where to look is contained the Bible's narratives. It is that hint that allows the more curious to find the higher truth and rise above literal ignorance.

Many have begun to become more aware of the history that extended much longer into the Earth's past than the Bible Narratives and this has generated a literal ton of information on these Elohim and the main god over the Pantheon named Anu and his two divided offspring named Enki and Enlil. One was proud of his human creations and the other wanted to rid the Earth of such. It appears to a large extent some of the battles continue today.

Lets take a look at yet another person that cared to dig more deeply into Earth's past and find details that are now become changed from myth into a literal history of old. This author gets very close to the correct perceptions for this ancient history...

Jehovah is the modern variation of the tetragrammaton YHWH, sometimes pronounced Yahweh. The pronunciation Yo-ho-wah is actually closer to the original. The other words associated with Jehovah are: Adonai, Lord and Elohim. Elohim is actually plural and refers to Gods, or Lords. In Genesis 3:22, after Adam and Eve partake of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the Lord says, "Behold, the man is become as one of us," the "us" being the Elohim, the Lords of the Earth.


The Gnostics in the time of Jesus knew full well that the old Lords of the Earth were not Gods. In the Gnostic document known as the Secret Gospel of John is the story of a false god creating the bodies of man, unable to bring them to life. The false god is told that he must breathe life into the bodies he has created. What the false god is not told, is that as he breathes into the body he has created, the true God, a God that is Spirit only, places a small speck of His own spirit into the body, giving it life. The false god is allowed to continue his own ego trip, believing that he has created life while the true God, the creator of all life, remains hidden, acting in the background.

Jesus reveals that truth in his confrontation with the Pharisees in John 8:44 when he tells them, "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." Jesus was speaking of Jehovah, the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The Old Testament combines two distinct individuals into one God, which stands as the most confusing aspect of understanding God. By separating the two individuals out into their original personalities, we can get a clearer view of what God really is. The two physical individuals were known as Enlil and Enki. They were half brothers: Enki, was the oldest, and Enlil, was the younger brother, but born of a mother with a higher social standing than Enki�s mother. Because of the higher social standing, Enlil was given over-all control of the civilizations here on planet Earth. Enlil thus became known as the Lord, God almighty, now called Jehovah.


Enki was the member of the Elohim with a spiritual background; Enlil was not spiritual at all. Over time Enki came to the conclusion that mankind needed to know its true potential and started the mystery school system in ancient Egypt (circa 2750 BC). The Gnostic religion was the outer form of the mystery school system and was the primary recruiting ground for the members that later became known as the Great White Brotherhood. The organization derived its name not from a particular race, but from its focus on a particular substance; the white powder of gold. Many races and nationalities were represented in the Great White Brotherhood.


Enki, through the mystery school system, taught mankind that there is a true God, a God of Spirit that is the true source of all life in the universe. A God based strictly on Love, Peace and Compassion. This is the God of which Jesus spoke, and is why Jesus left us with but a single commandment: to love one another. Each day we have a choice: we can serve and worship the memory of a physical being steeped in lies, manipulation, violence, murder and genocide, or we can serve the true God of Spirit, based on Love, Peace and Compassion. As Jesus said: God is Spirit, and what is born of Spirit, is spirit. You are a divine child of God. You are the living light of spirit. As Jesus told us in the Sermon on the Mount: you are the light of the world. By living our lives in Love, we bring ourselves closer to God, closer to the truth, and closer to the perfection God sees in each and every one of us.

One can find the Anu theme well back into the times of the Incas, in the name for the Anubis (the sky god), and one finds that the Masons chased down a great deal of these old historys and came up with essentially the same theme as Jesus, the Gnostics, and that being that Jehovah was not god, the Anu was not god, that Elohim was not god, that Abrahams deal was not god, but there was a god that involved Nature and Natural Order of the Unverse and how to make harmony with that nature. The Masons termed their version of this as the Great Architech to well separate the real theme from being god, yet being the highest reality for a supreme intelligence out there somewhere yet to be determined.

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Another of the authors that are speaking to the issues of the Holy Grail Kings (The Holy Bloodt-ype Theme) is Sir Lawrence Gardner, of the UK, in his missive "Genesis of the Grail Kings". He finds some interesting issues that parallel the Masons theme on "Tubal-Cane", which is related to their highest code symbol for a 33 rd degree mason that is rhymed with "two ball cane".

Connections like this one to Jesus' Father Joseph being part of the Alchemical Crafts handed down from Enki, pretty much tell that the Therapute, the Essene, and thus Joseph, Mary, and Jesus knew a lot more of the old history than the corrupt state of religion would profess at the time.

In the event, the creation of a more permanent and versatile substitute for the Star Fire was not a problem, for this was the province of a group of previously trained metallurgists whom Enki had called the Master Craftsmen. The first of these great metallurgists to be trained had been Tubal-cain the vulcan - a sixth-generation descendant of Cain, who is remembered today in modern Freemasonry.

In consideration of the Bible's New Testament, it is of particular interest to note that Jesus's father, Joseph, was himself recorded in the early Gospels as being a Master Craftsman. In modern English-language Bibles, he is described as a carpenter, but this is a blatant mistranslation. The word 'carpenter' was wrongly derived from the Greek ho-tekton (a derivative of the Semitic naggar) which actually defined a Master of the Craft (or Master Craftsman). Joseph was, therefore, not a wood-worker, but a learned alchemical metallurgist in the manner of his ancestral forebears.


As a result, the people of Babylon announced their allegiance to Enki and his son Marduk, which proved unacceptable to Enlil-Jehovah. Having lost his popularity, he opened the gates of Sumer to let in invaders from the surrounding nations. The scribes recorded that he brought about the great and terrible storm which caused the annihilation of all the Sumerian culture, so that their language was no longer predominant and there was a great confusion of tongues.

All the work which had been accomplished in building up a unique civilization over thousands of years was destroyed in one fell swoop by Enlil-Jehovah simply because he would not share authority with his brother Enki. The records confirm that, at that moment in Sumerian history, the Grand Assembly of the Anunnaki simply vacated their seats and departed 'like migrating birds'.


It was at this stage of Sumerian history that the empire fell and Abraham was forced to flee northward from the city of Ur. But what had happened to the Anunnaki: the Grand Assembly of gods who had established everything? Once more, the text continues:

Ur is destroyed, bitter is its lament. The country's blood now fills its holes like hot bronze in a mould. Bodies dissolve like fat in the sun. Our temple is destroyed. Smoke lies on our cities like a shroud. The gods have abandoned us like migrating birds.

In historical terms, this total collapse of the Sumerian empire follows the founding of Babylon by King Ur-Baba in about 2000 BC. Indeed, the story of the Tower of Babel, and the resultant wrath of Jehovah precisely fits the time-frame of the Sumerians' own abandonment by the Anunnaki.

The New Testament, as we know it, was contrived by the 4th-century bishops to support the newly manipulated Christian faith and, in just the same way, the Old Testament scriptures were designed to uphold the emergent Hebrew faith, rather than to represent historical fact.

Clearly, one has to get back to the pre-biblical writings in order to find any anomalies, but the problem in scriptural terms is that the earliest Hebrew writings (which were restructured many centuries later) were themselves only written between the 6th and the 1st centuries BC, so they are not likely to be wholly authentic in their telling of accounts from thousands of years before. Indeed, it is plain that this is the case because, when these books were first written, their express purpose was to convey the history of a religion which did not actually emerge until well into the ancestral story.


Their biblical history bears no comparison to, say, the contemporary pharaohs of ancient Egypt, but their significance, we are told, comes from the fact that Abraham and his descendants were designated as 'God's chosen people'. This, of course, leaves us wondering because, according to the Old Testament, their God led them through nothing but a succession of famines, wars and general hardship, rather than acting throughout as their merciful shepherd - an image which is only portrayed from time to time.


When researching for Bloodline of the Holy Grail, it was apparent that good sources for background information were the various Gospels and texts that were not selected by the bishops for inclusion in the canonical New Testament - the books that were strategically ignored. Similarly, there were books that were excluded from the Old Testament: the books of Enoch and Jubilees, for example.


Sumerian written records can be traced back to the 3rd millennium BC and they explain that the gods in question were brothers. In Sumer, the storm-god who eventually became known as Jehovah was called Enlil or Ilu-kur-gal (meaning Lofty One of the Mountain) and his brother, who became Adon the Lord, was called Enki - a very appropriate name because Enki means Archetype.


It has never been fully understood why Jehovah should decide to protect Cain when it was he who held the grievance against him. But the fact is that Jehovah did not make this decision; the mark was settled upon Cain by the Lord - and the Lord (the Adon) was not Jehovah but Cain's own Father, Enki.

So, when one considers these associations one knows most of the knowledge given to Cain was from Enki's methods, and when 33 rd degree Masons speak of Tubal Cane and the volcano god connections to Vulcan, they indicate they know of this association to the gods, and that they were not the real gods for the Universe. ---As Enki indicated the same.

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There are a number of things that correlate back in the ancient history for an advanced intellgence doing many of the things told in the Sumerian Tablets and the Book of Enoch. One is the issues of the Earth being severely damaged and the Continents broken up, that these old histories explain.

There is more because there are interesting issues that tell that nuclear explosions happened in Earth millenea ago. Some were meteorite effects, yet others have no signs of meterorite impacts. Some have latent radiation involving human remains and the old Indian history speaks to these happening.

It leaves little doubt that there were advanced lifeforms causing problems on Earth in times long gone by. These advance lifeforms were certainly deemed to be gods for those times.

Some examples:


Pieces of Libyan Desert Glass weighing as much as 16 pounds are found in an oval area measuring approximately 130 by 53 kilometers. The clear-to-yellowish-green pieces are concentrated in sand-free corridors between north-south dune ridges.

The origin of this immense deposit of glass has been attributed by some to ancient nuclear explosions and alien activities, but investigating scientists have always been satisfied with a meteor-impact hypothesis.

A recent study (abstract below) also opts for this explanation, although no one has found a crater of suitable size or other supporting evidence


Evidence at Mohenjo-Daro

When excavations of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro reached the street level, they discovered skeletons scattered about the cities, many holding hands and sprawling in the streets as if some instant, horrible doom had taken place.

People were just lying, unburied, in the streets of the city.

And these skeletons are thousands of years old, even by traditional archaeological standards. What could cause such a thing? Why did the bodies not decay or get eaten by wild animals? Furthermore, there is no apparent cause of a physically violent death.

These skeletons are among the most radioactive ever found, on par with those at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

At one site, Soviet scholars found a skeleton which had a radioactive level 50 times greater than normal.


The claims
In the authors' words:

Our research indicates that the entire Great Lakes region (and beyond) was subjected to particle bombardment and a catastrophic nuclear irradiation that produced secondary thermal neutrons from cosmic ray interactions.

The neutrons produced unusually large quantities of ^239 Pu and substantially altered the natural uranium abundances (^235 U/^238 U) in artifacts and in other exposed materials including cherts, sediments, and the entire landscape.

These neutrons necessarily transmuted residual nitrogen (^ N) in the dated charcoals to radiocarbon, thus explaining anomalous dates.

Some North American dates may in consequence be as much as 10,000 years too young. So, we are not dealing with a trivial phenomenon!

All these ancient history details go toward more support for the Annunaki theme for planetary collisions and separation of the continents theme, then these other factors that support nuclear weapons effects with melted sands, fused building wallks, and radioactive remains speak to factors other than natural phenomena.

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The Masons have been one of the most investigated externally and infiltrated internally organizations in history, but they keep going strong. Some of America's Founding Fathers were of impeccable character and founded the US using methods of Spying on the British to gain Independence. Mason George Washington was a Master Spy as well as a Master Mason. Other Masons have turned out to be major scoundrels, like those involved in the Warren Commission that covered up the facts on JFK and laid down a fairy tale.

What the Masons do best it show the Organized Church and the bible narratives are more into following evil concepts of god rather than truthful concepts from the real histories. Mason cut Jesus little credit, at all, because it appears Jesus theme for god was similar to the Enki theme from the times of Ur and Sumeria, which isn't a good concept for god. So, many of the Jesus followers jump up and down about the Masons, but the Masons do appear to have the highest truth that doesn't involve painting Jesus for a Sun god theme.

One of the most fun things about digging around in the Masonic Secret Messages is their passwords. One of the top ones is "two - ball - cane", which they don't want to say the real password which is "tubalcane". TubalCane is the one the Annunaki taught the secrets of metal working. It works much like the game of the priests in Soloman's temple could not say the real name for god but for once a year and only in the most secret inner chamber and only by one priest. So, these little Masonic games for passwords follow in a similar vogue. Once you dig around in these issues, one finds why god's name was a huge cover up, and they only said the truth once a year in a secret Holy Chamber.

The next that one finds is the "Jah-Bul-On" that is a little more difficult to track down, but basically it is three names for god from the old times. "JahBulOn" is the password for recognition for the Royal Arch Degree or the 17th degree, and it works one up to the three password games for Hiram Abiff, and the search for that three unit password. For the Royal Arch: "Jah" stands for Jehovah. "Bul" stands for Baal. And "On" stands for Osirus.

According to Masonic historian Arturo de Hoyos, the word Jahbulon was first used in the 18th century in early French versions of the Royal Arch degree. It relates a Masonic allegory in which Jabulon was the name of an explorer living during the time of Solomon who discovered the ruins of an ancient temple. Within the ruins he found a gold plate upon which the name of God (Jehovah) was engraved.[4]


According to Stephen Knight, following Walton Hannah,[17] the word is a compound of the names of three gods worshipped in the ancient Middle East.[18]

Jah (= Yahweh)
On, a name in Genesis in the Bible (in "Potiphar priest of On"), thought in older times to be a name of Osiris (but now known by Egyptologists to be the Hebrew form of the Ancient Egyptian name of the city of Heliopolis).


Walton Hannah stated in his book Darkness Visible that the interpretation that Jabulon was a name for God reportedly disturbed Albert Pike, the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite, who, when he first heard the name, called it a "mongrel word" partly composed of an "appellation of the Devil".[20]


JEHOVAH. Of the varieties of this sacred name in use among the different nations of the earth, three particularly merit the attention of Royal Arch Masons:
1. JAH. This name of God is found in the 68th Psalm, v. 4.
2. BAAL OR BEL. This word signifies a lord, master, or possessor, and hence it was applied by many of the nations of the East to denote the Lord of all things, and the Master of the world.
3. ON. This was the name by which JEHOVAH was worshipped among the Egyptians.
I have made these remarks on the three names of God in Chaldaic, Syriac and Egyptian, Baal, Jah, and On, in the expectation that my Royal Arch Companions will readily recognize them in a corrupted form.--Lexicon. From footnote 226:1 in ROYAL ARCH, OR SEVENTH DEGREE Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor, by Malcolm C. Duncan, 1866

One must keep in mind that at the Royal Arch Degree the Mason is still learning going up the ladder one step at a time learning the old history. They are only half way to the top at Royal Arch and there is a long way left to go, and only a few make it to 33. The old history involves these sacred names for gods, in this case the evil gods.

Baal is Enlil

Jehovah is Enlil

On is Enlil

Other Aliases: Baal-Dagon, Ellil (Babylonian name), El (Phoenician name), Kumarbis (Hurrian Name), Taru, Tarhunt (Hittite names), Latipan (Semitic name), Pabilsag, Father of the Gods

Going along the same theme here the Masons have one of the oldest passwords from the times of Hiram Abiff and it involved one syllable given to King Hiram, one to King Solomon, and one to Hiram Abiff. Hiram is the most trusted of the three and won't give up his secret syllable even under threat of death. Solomon had the syllable "KIR." King Hiram had the syllable "WHAH." And Hiram Abiff's was killed and his syllable is missing and leaves a major mystery to be solved.

The Masons are wide open for the sequil story, with the third syllable left hanging, but since it is from the times of Solomon, it won't be very Jesus associated. But it might show up the real elements for what were creator gods and what is the real god as an intelligent design, architech of universe, and the natural order.

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One of the most obvious symbols in America is of Masonic Design and Origin, and most don't even know what it is.

It sits on a little island in New York Harbor.

Yes, the Statue of Liberty is a Masonic Symbol and most don't even know that. It has the rays of light, just as the Rays of light assigned to Nimrod's Sun worship. It has the ultimate light for truth held high by the Right Arm of Lady Liberty.

The Masons take a lot of credit for the making of America, as it involved a number of Masons seeking freedom from King George. The statue of Liberty commemorates that Day of Independence from the French Masons.

Situated at the entrance of New York Harbor stands one of the most important symbols of American liberty... The Statue of Liberty. It was a gift from the French people to the United States as a token of mutual friendship. Its designer, a Freemason, was Brother Frederic A. Bartholdi (1834-1904) who conceived its design while on a visit to America. As his ship sailed into New York, Bartholdi had a vision of a woman standing on a pedestal, holding a torch and welcoming immigrants to a new life in a free land. Along with Brother Bartholdi, Brother Gustave Eiffel was also responsible for the statue. Brother Eiffel designed and built the frame work which holds the copper sheeting in place.

Frederic Bartholdi was one of the early members of Lodge Alsace-Lorraine, Paris (Oct. 14, 1875) which was composed of prominent intellectuals, writers and government representatives. When his famous statue "Liberty Enlightening the World" was achieved, Bartholdi convened his Lodge to review it, even before the statue was shown to the U.S. committee. On June 19, 1884, the Lodge, as if it were a pilgrimage, went in a body to review his masterpiece. On July 4th, 1884 the finished statue was presented to the American Ambassador in Paris, Levi Morton. On August 5th, 1884, the then Grand Master of Masons in New York, William A. Brodie laid the cornerstone of the pedestal of the statue of "Liberty Enlightening the World" with full Masonic ceremony. On November 13, 1884 Bartholdi delivered a lecture and gave the Lodge a report on the history and various methods used in the execution of the statue. Again the Lodge witnessed his emotion when he came back from his visit to the United States in 1887, and he told them of the ardent welcome he had received and of the wide enthusiasm created by his work.

And another view:


The Statue of Liberty in New York harbour was presented in 1884 as a gift from the French Grand Orient Temple Masons to the Masons of America in celebration of the centenary of the first Masonic Republic.

She is holding the Masonic "Torch of Enlightenment". Also referred to back in the 1700's by the Illuminati Masons as the "Flaming Torch of Reason". The Torch represents the "Sun" in the sky.

The Statue of Liberty's official title is, "Liberty Enlightening the World".

The cornerstone of the statue records how it was laid in a Masonic ceremony (see plaque photo above).

This messed up the Mason's symbolism a good bit, as the light of higher knowledge the Masons get into isn't the sun, but light of highest truth that doesn't have much to do with the Sun.

It is the rays of light that tie back to Nimrod's symbol as the Sun god that get into some of the elements the Masons study. The statue seems to suggest that on a pedestal that Freedom Rang in 1776 and Govt became separate of Religion and Kings, and a Mason President took the lead in America. They could talk about the origin of religion from the times of Sun gods, to the highest elements of truth being associated with heaven and the highest light of truth being right here on Earth.

Bartholdi sailed to America, at the suggestion of other Freemasons and kindred spirits in France, for the purpose of proposing the project. Although he had no drawings as he set sail, his Masonic biographer writes, as he entered New York harbor, “he caught a vision of a magnificent goddess (Nimrod’s Semiramis — Isis or Astarte), holding aloft a torch (of Illuminism) in one hand and welcoming all visitors to the land of freedom and opportunity” (signifying Brotherhood control of the American people by the “liberties” perpetrated against them).

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Most that have read a good bit of this thread have found the Masons like to follow a teaching course that gets them all used to following old insights for religions, and they particularly get into the themes of Egypt and this leads to much of the old Sumerica god issues.

If there was one god concept that illustrated Mason's theme for Buildings and such, it would be Egypt's god "Ptah" from the times of Memphis. If there were ever big secret words it would be "Ptah," "Enki," and "Ur", for the city of the gods in Sumeria. Ur once had the Euphrates running through it (however the river changed course over the millenium), much as Babylon, and similar to all the water works of Egypt.

After the flood the God Enki, also called Ptah in Egypt began the reclamation of the land by building dykes, dams and canals. As soon as the land was fit crops were replanted. The archaeological evidence supports this. see Ancient Crops and Grain. In Egypt, the earliest evidence for crop growing comes from Lake Fayum, to the west of Cairo. Plant remains show that barley, hordeum vulgare, and a primitive form of wheat known as emmer, triticum dicoccum, were grown in Egypt from as long ago as 5000 BC. Egyptian agriculture was the main reason for the success of the whole civilization.

This web site below is immense and provides for hours and hours of very well compiled information on everything from Jesus, The Essene, to the variations of the gods for the term Elohim. It begins with lots of information on the metaphore of Hiram Abiff, remember that Ab means Father in transslations. I don't agree 100 percent with all the commentary, but the bulk of it is pretty close. Browse around the site and you will find a hugh amount of information on religion. You can find the story of Cane and Able made more clear, as to their origins. Masons teachings get one started on how to research and find the truth from the old relics of religion, which are being discovered at an increasing rate these days and easily shared via the Internet.

Many of the usually secretive Masons are beginning to share some of their discoveries, but they still mostly keep their degree information somewhat secret to keep their password protected learning process working and the society gathering more members.

The Talmud, expanding on the Biblical account, tells us that Abraham discovered the true God while he lived in the house of his father Terach. Enki was a forgiving, loving god and had control over the Sinai before Enlil came down to Earth. Enki was then forced to leave and go to Africa. Terach, we are also told, was an educated professional knowledgeable in the skills, philosophies and spiritual practices known in his homeland in "Ur of the Chaldees," a civilized and sophisticated city-state in "Babylonia."

Of all the Masonic linked web sites on the Internet, this one has to be one of the more impressive. It makes a lot of the long lost associations for what was going on with the theme of god, and opens up the secret vaults of religions for all to better comprehind that which was the real history.

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At this point of learning about the triune concepts for god from the times of Sumeria, we find essentially Anu, En.Ki, and En.Lil. En.Ki and En.Lil have totally different concepts for being god over the Earth. En.Lil believes in basically slavery and thnks humans have too many of their higher DNA traits so he seeks to exterminate many humans. En.Ki likes the human form that he created with cross breeding methods and wants them to do well, so he teaches them all the skills and higher arts of education and science. One is considered to be like a Lion and the other like a Lamb.

So, now one can begin to see why there is this constant battle between religions, as the concepts for god are not unique, but two part, one that distroys to enslave, and the other that teaches benevolence and freedom. We see this division in the problems of the Middle East constantly, even in the issues of the Protestants and Catholics.

One side wants a NWO that dominates the world in the like cast of En.Lil and the other wants a Messiah that saves everyone from the En.Lil tyranny and promotes the En.Ki knowledge and freedom. The En.Lil cast is the Lion that slaughters the En.Ki cast as lambs for the taking. Lion and Lamb are the old metaphore ways to speak to tyranny and freedom. And the character differences between the two dominate gods of the old Sumerian ways that came to make humans as genetic hybrids of the Annunaki DNA.

Now, it appears the world is stuck in an ignorance that keeps the obvious from being in view, as the Bible's limited vision turns out to be far short of the truth, and all these ancient records and relics keep being found that tells the pre-flood story in better detail and we find a bunch of off world visitors that found humans made good workers so they could play. Some of their creations turned out better than others, and some went far astray.

It gets down to the issue that the off world visitors were here for a very long time and much details were lost in the times that humans did not posess the power of writing. Yet, later due to En.Ki the later humans did learn writing and the story for history being recorded began. These records take us back mostly to Sumeria, and the older DNA records suggest that the first of the human hybrid experiments occured down in Africa. The first were the black races, and the later appear to have been the white/blonde race that was more closely associated with the look of the gods of Sumeria.

The most perfected of the Annunaki hybrid human experiments was the story for Adam and Eve, which happened right close to Ur in Sumeria. It went on to form another division of Cane and Able, as part of the hybrid human creation process. What the churches today teach is way short of the story that occured and this causes problems and lack for understanding of the Earth History. The Bible lays down a simplistic allegorical fairy tale that leaves out much information needed to provide the best understanding for what occured.

These days we have the faction that tries to paint Jesus as Nimrod and the protest against En.Lil and the flood, and the other side that tells that Jesus was nothing and we still want our NWO leader patterned after En.Lil and that upholds that deal to make that faction as god chosen ones to control the planet, with the deal of Abraham with En.Lil.

The world does not need a NWO type Abraham god to put the humans back into a slavery mode, as most would want the En.Ki mode of making all free and taught the highest knowledge. So, the battle for freedom and slavery still exists via the lack of truth being told by the organized churches.

The message is a very simple one and that the god of Jesus and the god of Abraham were two highly different gods with different goals. Abraham was a rich person in the old days that made a deal with En.Lil, and Jesus read these old stories and took up The Father or En.Ki as the loving father concept for god.

Such made Jesus a great prophet, mostly for sorting out the concepts for god and taking a better pathway.

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