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Freedom in Hand.[WRC]

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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 03:21 PM
As I looked around, Not hearing a sound, The day of freedom has arrived.
So many mangled, So many torn, So many changed, So many died.
We became as one, When the days were done, As peace became worldwide.
We stood for the good, We knew we should, And never gave in to the tide.
Our enemies we've beaten, Like a bright burning beacon, Our hearts filled with pride.

Today we start over, Keeping peace in our souls, What the future may hold, Nobody Knows.
We will strive for peace, And never let go, Our freedom is here, Lets embrace it's flows.
Love thy neighbor, It's a simple concept, Leave no one astray, Leave no soul unkept.
Together we thrive, Much more than survive, For the weak and weary we have wept.

Forward we move, Evolution in hand, We've broken the bonds, Of unevolved man.
Open your souls, Open your minds, We strive to be better, One big family clan.
Free you are, All near and all far, And never let go of your fate, Give into love, And let go of your hate.
I speak to you now, with an encouraging vow, To bring us into the light.
The time is now, Please do not bow, for I am only representing, All of your might.

The victory is yours, So never forget, This world belongs to you,
Fear is now gone, This is a new dawn, So sit back and check out the view.
For those who challenge, This new form of life, terrors they will face, for we know now what's right.
Together we stand, All hand in hand, To embrace our new world, Together tonight.


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