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posted on Apr, 18 2003 @ 01:14 PM
Sheesh... I wish the newswires would get their facts straight. Is this for real, or more disinformation?

Chemical Ali, the notorious Iraqi general who ordered the gassing of thousands of Kurds, may still be alive. Iraqi soldiers say they saw Ali Hassan al-Majid just a day after British soldiers claimed they had killed him. They told a TV reporter the commander had been spotted with his henchmen in his home town of Al-mara in south-east Iraq. Some 100 Iraqi soldiers saw the event, he added.

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posted on Apr, 18 2003 @ 04:14 PM
can we really believe this??? Can we really know for sure??? How many people in America are in this elite inner circle??? None that I know of. Maybe Bush or Cheney. Other than that, who else could possibly know for sure???

What about Saddam and Vice President Ramadan??? Ramadan is known to be good friends with Ayman al-Zawahiri. They have been known to dine together and house one another in times of neccesity. They could be together right now. Yet how would we know???

The only way we have a chance is if we get lucky and someone talks, or if we were already on top of this assignment in the first place. If we were on top of things than I would hope that we had installed and prepared for the neccasary measures and procedures to be carried out in order to track the movements of these men. Then again, that is a lot of men to track with very little to start with other than raw technology. Man power in this situation seems almost non-existent.

So how can a bunch of radars track men that haven't even been marked??? Is it possible for them to know where everyone is??? I think not. I think they can be decieved. I think that Saddam and friends are laughing at us. I think our next terror attack will have his hand in it. Yet the attack will most likely draw accusations upon the HizbAllah Group, again. HizbAllah is no different from Al-Quida. They are both part of the nexus of underground agents who are bent on the destruction of US assets. They call the HizbAllah/Al-Quida alliance HizbAllah International.

HizbAllah International is part of a bigger nexus made up of corrupt regimes. Those regimes are:

1--The religious 'hardline-radicals' of Iran.
2--The Saudi Royal Family/ parts of it's Intelligence core.
3--The Sudanese Government and Intel/Tribal learders.
3--Pakistani Intel, parts of gov./Balchistan Tribal lands.
4--Syrian rings of resistance in government groups.
5--Former Iraqi Intel groups and head officals.
6--The leaders of Hamas and Egyptian Group(Islamic Jihad)

Those last groups(#6) above are ruled by the Infamous Al-Azhar Mosque which is the world's oldest University and home to the Muslim Brotherhood. The 'Muslim' Brotherhood is full of hateful men who hate Israel and everything about it. It is well known that many men who join terror groups are 'educated' there.

So with all this support and freedom for international radicalization through intimidation and violence going on in these networks, who is to say that they haven't got something planned??? Who is to say they were not ready for this backlash??? THEY STARTED THE WAR!!!!!!

Saddam is caught in the Middle of all this. He chose to side with both people and ended up becoming a menace to all. The question is, does Saddam have the support he once had??? Does he have the people in place to keep him alive??? Or does he really need anyone else??? Can he not do it on his own??? What do you people think???

posted on Apr, 18 2003 @ 04:19 PM
I think saddam is history. hes getting old anyways and hes got two sons who are more adept. Besides its as if we now have two more saddams to deal with now. With his sons takeing over after hes gone they must go also. his regime may still have loyal followers. If I know saddam good enough he has some families held ransom for his loyalty.

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