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The Whim, The Research, The Vomit.

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posted on Apr, 24 2012 @ 09:05 AM
This is a world in which we now have all manner of information at our fingertips.

We can see, real time, weather on the other side of the planet, earthquakes seconds after they happen. We can research any subject matter our whims desire, take virtual tours of historical sites without ever setting foot anywhere near them.

Whenever something "pops" into our mind, be it song lyrics, a question about human anatomy, what that constellation is in the sky, where the nearest hairstylist is... we can find that information in seconds.

We can also share this information with strangers and friends alike, instantly.

Pretty great, huh? Maximum results with minimum effort.

Anyone can spend two hours reading various websites on some particular subject, watching instructional videos, hearing others' opinions, etc. and feel fully justified in saying that they have "researched this subject extensively" and immediately go to their nearest social-opinion vendor (facebook, twitter, ATS, etc.) and add to this menagerie of information that we all wade through everyday.

My issue is this: there is no (perhaps very little) personal verification/experimentation in this "research". There is no work involved short of the reading/watching/hearing of others peoples already eaten, digested, and excreted information on any given subject.

The internet is like one big recycling bin producing nothing new and quickly losing clarity.

There are so few things a person can find that come from real-world experience anymore. So few people are able to share any of their own personal life-experiencings and understandings of the world around them without first consulting other people's opinions and, thus, making anything 'new' that may have arisen in them, nothing more than more of the same.

This is in the rant section for a reason. I love ATS and the odd subject matter that pops up here. I find the users here to have at least a certain uniqueness about them...but after about a year and a half here I am starting to just see the same things over and over and over again. Stop crying PROOF, stop saying you are "researching" something without actually going out into the world and DOING it, stop spouting opinions for the sake of spouting opinions; FORM an opinion. Do some work. The internet does not make you an expert on anything, it only makes you a consumer who fills up until they vomit up something for someone else to consume.

So, eat this and try to digest it properly before sticking your finger down your throat.

P.S. I want to leave this with a quote: "How's the ignorance taste the second time around?" -from the song New Faith, by Slayer.


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