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666, the number of people in the NWO hierarchy.

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 10:54 AM
After research and meditation, I believe that the 666 is the number of people in the N W O Hierarchy. It is stated that the number of his name is 666.

In the old testament a tribe is described by the number of his name. Once these individuals are discovered the Prayers can be made to facilitate their judgement according to God's will. I am going to start a list of names that are for sure moving against the children of God.

They have to be able to play out their parts so they can be judged.

These PTB at the highest levels are re-incarnated fallen angels. Their time is done and they know it. Once they are exposed they are done. That is why they fear exposure. Once identified God's judgement can descend. All people who believe in God can be witness to their judgement.

Let us not fear them and pray daily for the judgement to descend.


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