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The Immigration conspiracy. Something IS happening!

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 03:40 PM
The emigration of people from Africa to other countries is not a new subject.

This video examines the possibility that all humans are immigrants from Africa.

And that the white race evolved from many generations of black albino's.

"I'm not racist, I hate everybody."

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:00 PM
Its not racist to say enough is enough with regards to immigration especially when like here in the UK austerity is biting so deep that we have food banks springing up everywhere and old folks freezing to death because they cannot afford the heating bill.

my somewhat niave older brother has been robbed twice in two years while living in London - both times by immigrants - the second was so violent he had to come back home to my parents in the north east to recover and now he's too nervous to go out after dark even to his local supermarket .

everywhere I look I see friends and family losing their jobs , thier homes due to the economic crisis - my once beautiful home town can no longer afford to run a bus service after 6 pm of an evening and now my 6 yr old sons teacher is in trouble for daring to tell the class the legend of george and the dragon and displaying the george cross flag - on ST Georges day ? our nations patron saint ? how dare she

To cry out in anguish and fear for our so called leaders to show a little common sense regarding immigration is not racist or bigotted - its just a show of sanity in an insane world.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:32 PM
Same here in the States, immigration levels are way too high, and it is changing the culture.

Even immigrants think the immigration rates are too high.

Excess immigration drives down wages and salaries, pushes up home prices,

And deprives young people of entry level positions.

I should be the biggest issue in the election, but barely a peep from the politicians.

Get rid of the illegals, and shut down immigration, maybe start sending some immigrants home, like any that don't have jobs, and our economy would recover just fine.

It is a dirty business, what is being done with immigration, and it needs to be dealt with.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 05:21 PM
the problem is not immigration..
its the hand outs and "do gooders" being hypocrates.

30 years ago there was immigration...poms wogs nips and blacks

we got nothing...we had to have a relo to stay with to sponser us..
We got jobs , worked hard, LEARNT the aussie way...and made a future.

NOW? the "do gooders" protest and complain if you even call them black/wog/nips etc?
We give them money and free housing or put up in 4star motels (Virginia palms)
and surprise surprise ...they have no drive...they think they are owed a living, dont intergrate, get violent when asked to get jobs/ learn respect/ fit in/learn english/ etc etc.

What happen to equal rights for ALL??

If you cant fit in...send them back!!
end of story..

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by daaskapital

Aren`t all "australians" immigrants?
No one ever asked Aborigineres if u white people(or yellow,or black...doesn`t really matter) can live there and complaine on others commng?

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 05:48 PM

Originally posted by poet1b

Same here in the States, immigration levels are way too high, and it is changing the culture.

Even immigrants think the immigration rates are too high.

Excess immigration drives down wages and salaries, pushes up home prices,

And deprives young people of entry level positions.

I should be the biggest issue in the election, but barely a peep from the politicians.

Get rid of the illegals, and shut down immigration, maybe start sending some immigrants home, like any that don't have jobs, and our economy would recover just fine.

It is a dirty business, what is being done with immigration, and it needs to be dealt with.

forgive me for one-liner-question but.... Shouldn`t indians send all u people back to europe and africa and asia? I mean US-Canada are most beautiful countries EVER STOLEN!

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 06:03 PM

Originally posted by mainidh

Originally posted by repeatoffender
wanker, what is a regular australian?, im part abo, what are you? a foreigner as well! D/head

Which part, the HAND or the legs?

I love how you suppose being PART aborigine makes you ABORIGINE, and not Australian.

Cant have a sook then eh?

Love your name. Hope it isn't fitting.

My cousine is Nyungar, and he never has to say "I'm half aborgine" when he's arguing with people, he can rely on his brains and merit to overcome their stupidity.

Nice bandwagon mate.

edit on 23-4-2012 by mainidh because: g of e = meh

lol, what your saying is that your cousin "chooses to recognise his indiginous heritage" over his well whatever other heritage you have. fantastic phrase that. part of the Australian Governments cultural awareness program.
i love this quote dude "I love how you suppose being PART aborigine makes you ABORIGINE, and not Australian".
im part aboriginal, my grand mother was part of the stolen generation, i dont have much time for blonde haired blue eyed people who claim to be part of a clan dude then tell white people to # off.
either you are australian or you are not. i was merely asking a series of questions. how he knew our friend was a foriegner based on the information at hand ( was he implying he was foreign if his ancesters were white and came here in chains).
and what he classed as a regular australian,
nice attempt but just not good enough.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 06:05 PM

Originally posted by John0Doe
reply to post by daaskapital

Aren`t all "australians" immigrants?
No one ever asked Aborigineres if u white people(or yellow,or black...doesn`t really matter) can live there and complaine on others commng?

did anyone ask the north american indians dude

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 06:27 PM
Mix the races, break down national sovereignty, dilute the resistance of UN world takeover

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 06:28 PM
Of course, immigration will continue, and voters will continue to not require ID of any kind at the polls.

I need to produce ID when I go to the scrap yard to drop off scrap metal, but if I were to vote in the USA, I can just walk right in?


posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 06:57 PM

Originally posted by daaskapital
Hello ATS, before i start, i would like to say that this thread in no way promotes racism or discrimination against certain ethnic groups, and i do not want this thread to degenerate into a crap fight between us all

Is that why Americans are so fat and Canadians are all ripped? Because we jog and ride bikes and stuff all the time because I don't think thats really why. Canadian bacon is leaner. Thats why.

What is that gawd awful smell, that Aussies bring here when they steal all our lucrative ski lift operator jobs at Whistler?

I'm not kidding. Every Aussie girls apartment I have ever been in, smells like Eucalyptus or something. Its gotta be something from home that reminds them of home or something. I never ask them because I mean how does a friend tell another friend its time to change the air freshener?

Whats my point? My point quite simply is, if some want to play the race card, you must counter with the Christian card. I am sorry, but we have historically been a Christian country, and our cultural heritage is completely invested in Christian Morals and ethics and as such, in order for us all to get along and follow the same rules of conduct, historically, we have struggled to preserve our heritage and our culture, which we feel is being threatened by a large number of non-Christian ethnicities.

And although almost all Christian countries have been working very hard to prevent over-population, non-Christian countries have not, and as such, we cannot be overrun by foreigners, as reward for our due diligence WRT good global stewardship based on sound reason and science.

Our culture is at risk. It is for that reason we are sad to announce that we must pull up the drawbridge and invite those who believe otherwise, to themselves go to Sudan, and do good works for those people who you are so concerned for, as we all are, in this time of civil and political unrest.

You can hit them harder than that if you want to. The Christian card is a very powerful card. Even the race card is ineffective against it. People cannot talk about racial issues, but you can get a petition signed in a heart beat, against anyone who is giving away jobs to foreigners and acting in such a way as to threaten your cultural heritage.

It doesn't matter what race it is. Its culture and clashes of culture.

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 07:03 PM
reply to post by John0Doe

First all all, the U.S. did not exist, until Europeans established this great nation where the rest of the world desires to live. It wasn't considered such a great place to go until the pioneers of the U.S. succeeded in carving out a great nation from the wilderness. If your ancestors lived in the U.S. when it was created, then no, you are not an immigrant.

The tribes in America before Europeans started arriving, in the U.S. and Canada area, should thank their lucky stars that they were mainly settled by the Brits and Northern Europeans, because the tribes in Latin America suffered far worse. They weren't going to be able to hang onto North America anyway, they simply lacked the technology to defend their lands. That the Spanish so quickly conquered South America forced Northern European nations to start settling in the U.S. for their own survival and a balance of power.

If it hadn't been the Europeans, then Asian countries would have made their way over here eventually, and The Tribes of America would most likely be worse off. As it is, they live in the countries where the rest of the world wishes they lived.

On top of that, do you think Native Americans want even more people to immigrate to the Americas?

Most beautiful country ever conquered, possibly, but is the people who settled in the U.S. and Canada that made these countries so beautiful.

All of S America could be as beautiful as North America, except for the corrupt way those countries are ran. Indonesia could also be a very beautiful country, except it was conquered by Islam, which greatly subtracts from its beauty. Such a waste.

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by Samuelis

People try to use that line in my country allot, "your and immigrant too". my response to that is that my ancestors were not immigrants...they were conquerors, BIG difference! And guess what, I not ashamed that my ancestors conquered North America for my children and I. My only regret is that so many whites now refuse to defend the land that their ancestors bled and died for.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 07:20 PM
reply to post by IpsissimusMagus

The Afro-centric ideology about race is a complete liberal academia fabrication, and the white race did not evolve from black albinos, which are still genetically identical to non-albino blacks, whites are not, let me tell you why...

Roughly 2 Million years ago the first “Human-like” creatures emerged from Africa migrating outward to populate Europe and Asia. We call these creatures “Homo erectus”, as they were the first upright walking hominids, though evidence has been uncovered in archeological digs in Europe and Asia that shows Homo erectus was also the first to use stone tools and to control the use of fire. It is from Homo erectus that all modern humans descend. Though, as was canonized by 20th century science, not every branch of what we have given the moniker “Homo sapiens” or “human” emerged from Africa 200,000 years ago.
It will be demonstrated that what we call “race” is in fact an outmoded semantic when referring to the separations between different branches of modern humans. Homo erectus was not only the ancestor of modern humans but also the ancestor of Java man, Neanderthal man, and Denisova Man. These separate “species”, which are now extinct, developed outside of Africa independent of each other in diverse regions of the world directly from the line of Homo erectus. What classifies them as separate species is not that they were incapable of interbreeding, as it has been proven that they did, but that they were simply “different” in regards to physical make up, especially skull shape.
Roughly 200,000 years ago the first “humans” began to appear in Africa as another divergent strain of Homo erectus. At this time Humans were still one “race” and resembled modern black Africans or “Negroids”, which to this day share many of the common features associated with Homo erectus such as longer forearms, a sloped forehead, and a prognathic jaw. Yet as the first Negroids migrated out of Africa they encountered Neanderthal man and interbred as they migrated, creating a hybrid species of Negroid/Neanderthals.
The earliest migratory route fallowed the coastal regions of the Indian Ocean and furthermore down through South East Asia into Australia, which at the time was connected via land bridge. Remnants of the Hybrid/Negroid species can still be found along the coastal regions of India and are known as the Dravidians. Their prehistoric African origin is apparent by their distinctly African features, such as dark skin, broad noses, and thick lips. As this new species of hybrids settled in the east they also encountered the last remnants of Denisova man another divergent species similar to Neanderthals further diversifying the early hybrid line by interbreeding yet again. Hence the Melanesian and Australian Negroid type became a hybrid of three separate species.
The first racial characteristics of the East Asian or “mongoloid” race such as lighter skin, slanted eyes, and small stature appeared over a long period of time due to multiple migrations of several racial mixtures and is highly complex. First there was a migration of Negroid/ Neanderthal hybrids out of the Indian sub-continent through a passage in the Ganges delta under the Himalayas sometime around 80,000 years ago. As this branch of hybrids migrated North East toward the coast of China then on into Siberia less and less sun exposure and the utilization of animal skins for protection against the elements allowed for the natural selection of a people of much lighter skin color than their Negroid/hybrid cousins yet many of the racial characteristics such as broad flat noses remained common in this branch. Yet anomalies exist within the East Asian racial stock that requires further examination, as pockets of extremely light skinned Asians exist is areas further south than there darker skinned Siberian cousins to the north. The people of Korea, Japan, Manchuria, Kashmir, and Tibet show signs of racial intermixing with Caucasians, (which will be explained in detail later) some even displaying traits like blond hair and blue eyes.
While humankind became settled throughout Asia in a span of roughly 100,000 years it took much longer for the first settlers to reach Western Europe. This area was much more isolated and extremely harsh environmentally, thus migration to this area was limited to the more robust Neanderthalensis, who had existed on this earth much longer than Humans. The ancestors of the Caucasian or “Caucasoid” race had to surmount the great geographic barriers of the Caucasus Mountains to enter ice age Europe via the Eurasian Steppes. Over long periods of natural selection they became adapted to conditions such as snowcapped mountains and glaciers and began to thrive in the harsh environment.

to be continued...

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 07:22 PM
The direct ancestors of modern “Western and Northern European” Caucasians are called Cro-Magnon man, named after the cave in France where the first remains were found. Cro-Magnon man first appeared in Europe roughly 40,000 years ago and was the first human to have a high forehead, a prominent chin, and gracile skeleton.
Due to the extreme selection of the Caucasoid migration over the Caucasus Mountains, through the Eurasian Steppes, and up the Danubian Corridor, what emerged in Western Europe was a distinctly different species from the Negroid and Mongoloid lines of Homo sapiens. As Western and Northern European Caucasians are directly descended from Cro-Magnon, by default Western and Northern European Caucasians (i.e. the Celtic/Nordic sub-race of Caucasians) are not a race but are in fact a totally different species than Negroids and Mongoloids. Cro-Magnons went on to become what are known today as the Celtic/Nordic sub-races of Caucasians, also called the Proto-Aryans from the root race that spawned the family of Indo-European languages. These Proto-Aryans are from whom the distinctly Celtic/Nordic features of colored hair and eyes and pale skin arose.
As Humans migrated into Western Europe from the Eurasian Steppes the environmental conditions were so harsh that only a select few of the strongest and most clever survived the migration to pass their genetic material on to fallowing generations. Hence, Cro-Magnon man became much taller and more robust, some skeletons measuring as high as 8 feet tall. They also developed an extremely large brain of 1600 cubic centimeters on average, 400 cubic centimeters larger than the average modern Negroid brain, and 200 cubic centimeters larger than the average modern Caucasian and Mongoloid brain. Yet though there was a reduction in overall brain size in modern Caucasians from our early Cro-Magnon ancestors, the Celtic/Nordic sub-race of Caucasians have retained the large frontal lobe region, which is the creative and reasoning center of the brain.
As for Negroids and Mongoloids , they lack the highly developed frontal lobes, which are responsible for attention, behavior, emotion, intellect, initiative, judgment, personality, and most importantly abstract thinking, problem solving, and creative thought. Though Mongoloid brains are statistically slightly larger than Caucasoid brains the bulk if their brain power is located in their slightly larger Temporal lobes, which controls auditory and visual memories, language, some hearing, and speech, hence mongoloids have a slightly higher verbal intellect, and memory. Yet it is creativity that separates us from the animals, all of the most profound creative achievements of humankind have been accomplished by Celtic/Nordic Caucasoids, which will be describe in detail within this work. Other races simply lack the creativity of the direct descendents of Cro-Magnon man. They do not create or innovate, they simply infiltrate and imitate. They only exploit that which western culture has already established, never adding anything of value. This major difference in the modern Celtic/Nordic Brain is a trait directly inherited from Cro-Magnon, and is what sets the Celtic/Nordic brain apart as compared to other human brains. The highly developed frontal lobes displayed by the high forehead of the Cro-Magnon or Celtic/Nordic skull, but not shared by other humans known for their sloped forehead. These highly developed frontal lobes allowed the ancestors of the Celtic/Nordic sub-race of Caucasians to become the first inventors of writing, the first artists, the first builders, the first sea farers, they also had the first form of complex religious expression and complex social structure. This Cro-Magnon trait of a high forehead can only be seen today in modern Celtic/Nordic Caucasians as distinguished from other Caucasian sub-races, which are simply hybrids of the pure Cro-Magnon descendents and the Negroid/Mongoloid lines of Homo sapiens. Hence Western and Northern Europeans are the purest and most direct descendants of the Cro-Magnons.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 07:26 PM
You say if they commit a crime they should be sent back home, as its a lack of respect

Well, have you ever thought, these are in some cases retaliation crimes especially the violence ones, racism exist in all country's that are multicultural, some people can only take so much abuse and lash out, they gather in gangs for security, but i agree its when they're in these gangs they do course trouble, and in turn creates racial tensions,

I don't think this is just a problem in Australia either the entire western world is being swamped with migrants, US/EU/AUS in there millions & millions each year,

I really don't understand what the TPTB are playing at here, unemployment is dropping still and they want to bring over millions of foreigners into our country's to live on the dole getting hand outs? very strange move

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 07:34 PM
reply to post by OrionStarfire

In case anyone was wondering about the (this will be described later) parts, these are excerpts from a book I wrote, which I'm preparing to release to the public for free. Stay tuned for more.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 08:04 PM

Originally posted by IpsissimusMagus
The emigration of people from Africa to other countries is not a new subject.

This video examines the possibility that all humans are immigrants from Africa.

And that the white race evolved from many generations of black albino's.

Do you mean these black albinos? Is that what they are?

Is that what the evolutionists say that these people in this video are African albino black people that we all came from?

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 08:12 PM
I'm not going to bother with the "im not racist" line, you can take away whatever you choose from my commentary.

From a standpoint of an Australian (i cannot take other countries views into account).

Anyhow, this "problem" is cyclic. The reason why i say that is over the course of my life i have seen this cycle 4 times.

First it was the Springvale (Victoria, Southern suburbs) nonsense, bloodshed, including roaming gangs with machetes. This was finally quelled via mass arrests with the assistance from several law enforcement departments and in some cases the military.

Second was the violence in Noble Park (Victoria, Southern districts, wasnt much of a media storm), roaming gangs of youths armed with baseball bats, tyre irons, and assortment of blunt instriments. This seemed to quell itself without any major intervention.

Thirdly (And race sadly is required) (Victoria, Melbourne CBD And surrounding suburbs), what was classified as race based attacks on Indian students, these where publicised as "hate crimes" by the international media. Causing a systemic problem on both sides treating each other with complete disrespect or distain, and yes i personally was 'victim' of this, i for one dont like to be spit on, abused or simply because of my skin color (coupled with 'i have it easier than they do'). In the end these where proven by the state and federal organizations as random attacks/robberies (Targets of oppertunity), not due to color, race or creed.

Lastly (Or latest it seems), Footscray area (Victoria, northern suburbs) there has been an increase of incidents of armed robbery, and assults on the Victorian Train services, roaming gangs of upto 20 youths. This appears to have entered the platau stage, which means it could degenerate or get better.

Anchent history:

Chappel St (South Yarra, Victoria) - This was a no go zone for the most part, as the (and i use this term loosely) area as "controlled" by a certain "race" of people, if you ventured there during the night, it was highly likely you'd come back in an Ambulance. This was systemmic of a greater problem, which again was resolved due to mass arrests, deportation and two police shootings (sadly)

These are not a single "race" these are different people, or subgroups within the community creating these problems. There is a number of factors to which you need to take into account.

1. Some Refugees or people seeing protection visas are coming from countries where violence is how "things got done". It is sad for these people, they come here, and sadly one bad apple gets the idea that their new home is a 'soft target', manages to convince others to join his/her 'cause' and you all have seen what happens.

2. Counter violence, i do know in Melbourne some of the violence is a counter 'attack' because of what others have said, this includes people of all races and creeds.

3. Enclaves, I honestly believe these are bad. It is both helpful for the 'new immigrant' however it causes problems for the community as a whole. There are several suburbs in Melbourne which are classified for certain creeds or races. If you want people to intergrate you will need to have ALL of the races/creeds socializing.

What can the government do? Nothing but enforce law and order.

Why Spruk? They can do lots of things, you are full of it!!1!!11!!1!

Actually I'm not, the government HAS to take in true asylum seekers, and allow immigration. To disallow that would go against our membership in the UN. If they do ANYTHING to an enclave it is seen as being racist (see Indian Student Protests (2009) as an example. Vicpol said they where 'soft targets' for ciminals, and it was taken as a racist slur, which in actual fact the comment (delivery was inappropriate) was correct. Criminals where seeing these international students AS soft targets. Language barriers and cultural differences means they have a higher chance of getting what they want without getting busted by the police.

In the end the problem isnt immigration, the problem is mentality that "living in the city is 'da bomb'". Using our country towns where jobs are plentiful would be a good solution (on paper only, practice its harder for everyone mainly due to xenophobia, but that can change with education of course).

To my Sudanese, Chinese, Japanese & Indian neighbours, i welcome you and the cooking i can smell when i enter the floor of my apartment (especially the Sudanese & Indian families who are nice enough to supply me with their beautiful left overs. Yes there is a reason they do this, and it comes down to mutual respect.).

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 08:19 PM
reply to post by IpsissimusMagus

I apologise for the mass posting.

Actually our bone structure (there is subtle differences between the major bone structures of the continental races), along with skin color.

Mostly the skin color was 'evolved' in the area the people immigrated to

The natural skin color can be darkened as a result of tanning due to exposure to sunlight. The leading explanation is that skin color adapts to sunlight intensities which produce vitamin D or ultraviolet light damage to folic acid.[4] Other hypotheses include protection from ambient temperature, infections, skin cancer or frostbite, an alteration in food, and sexual selection.[5]
- Wikipedia link, it would take me too long to sift through scientific journals to simply prove a simple point, and the wikipedia article outlines it good enough.

Skin color, bone structure, eye color etc are different per race, this is because of the areas they are from. High strain physical activities (IE chasing game) would mean stronger leg bones and joints. Where as a 'race' to which was accustomed to using dogs to chase their game would have a 'weaker' leg structure.

I believe (i cannot find the study, so take it on face value) the skin colors/pigments are different because of the heat exchange from the sun/ultraviolet light. Certain areas produce darker humans, where as the polar regions would produce lighter humans (longer colder winters, colder summers etc). It would take a biologist to explain it all, to which i sadly am not :/

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