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Ron Paul won Minnesota

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 02:41 PM

Originally posted by Blaine91555
If it does go to a second vote, would you vote to represent the wishes of the majority of the folks you represent or go renegade and not vote the majority wishes? Would you fail to vote their wishes due to personal bias?

I'm not going to Tampa, but I get to choose who does. And to be honest, I don't think that the majority of the folks really feel that way. I don't trust the primary results, there has been widespread fraud in nearly every state. I think the majority actually support RP, but the party leaders who are bought and paid for have lied and cheated the whole process.

Seems to me that if a Delegate does not vote the wishes of the majority of those they represent, they are failing in their responsibilities. To me that would be dishonest and wrong.

Again, I disagree. I believe the majority does want Ron Paul but the party leaders are cheating at the behest of their masters and counting votes in "undisclosed locations". I don't know if you've seen comparisons between Romney rallies and Paul rallies, but it's obvious there's a complete lack of enthusiasm for Romney. Even if the vote counts are correct, which I highly highly doubt, if the majority (which isn't a majority by any means, usually less than 50% show up to vote) can't be bothered to learn how the system works, and how delegates work, and don't bother to learn what each candidate represents, they just show up and mark the box the media tells them to, then I don't care to represent them, they don't even know what it is they stand for.

Are you asked questions like this before your named a Delegate to make sure you can be trusted?

No, they do not ask those questions, I got up and spoke to the crowd and told them about myself, but was asked no questions. Doesn't work that way.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 02:58 PM

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 03:05 PM
Finally Some Good News....

Its about time we see some results, I hope this is an awakening for most Americans (Especially young ones)

I disagree with voting ..most of the time,but for once I feel like hailing a politician with luck, I thought that Mitt Romney would definitely win seeing as Billions of stolen american dollars absorbed by the likes of big banks such as Goldman Sachs who directly supports his campaign.

Seems Ron's getting the votes the honest way... Telling it how it really is

hows that for a start ?

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 03:14 PM
reply to post by 27jd

I think the majority actually support RP, but the party leaders who are bought and paid for have lied and cheated the whole process.

And the delegates may overwhelmingly support Ron Paul, but those same liars and cheaters will be the ones announcing the winner and the nomination. I'm sure it won't matter what the final delegate count looks like, the nominee was decided months ago.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 03:23 PM

Originally posted by iamhobo
I am a big Ron Paul fan, but I just don't see how people are saying he might just win it.

This webpage shows the delegates poll to the right. Romney has over half of the necessary delegates to win. Paul only has a tenth of what Romney has.

Maybe someone can clarify this for me.
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That is because the Delegate "tracker" you linked is not accurate at all. This is why, according to that chart, CNN and the Wall Street Journal both have two different totals.

Also if you look at the "tracker" you will notice one word in small print at the bottom. It says, "Speculative". I am sure I do not have to define the word for anyone here. Normally it says, "Projection" which both words are nothing more than a way for the MSM to report these so called "facts" and not got sued for it.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 03:24 PM

Originally posted by lpowell0627

The bottom line:
I am, at all costs, voting against Obama and even though Paul is my choice, I know he doesn't have a shot of winning. Too many Republicans will vote for the Republican nominee period. I hope Paul drops out completely simply because my biggest fear is another four years of growing government, increased deficits, bailouts for all, and even longer unemployment benefit extensions, etc.

So you plan on voting for his mirror image, sans the skin color? Do you honestly believe that Romney will improve any of these things you speak of? He too is a psychopath who cares only about his pockets, and those of his corporate cronies.

The only decent option is to vote for Ron Paul. Even though he stands no chance of winning or changing anything, and will no doubt be killed if he gets close. Send them a message because that is all the average guy can do. Our voices do not matter. Its a corrupt process that we have no control over.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:01 PM
reply to post by Furbs

You can see the angst coming from the Obama supporters, like this fellow here.

and even if Ron Paul gets elected, and no one wants to support him in congress, THEN we really know government is no longer for the people, but for the elite who pays them off....and what people do after that, well......we know what the founding fathers did.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:02 PM
The simple fact that the GOP established Santorum the winner of the state, a man who is not even running any more, makes the voter fraud and the unconstitutional agenda being pushed by the establishment all the more un-transparent, fairly soon their game will be up. By denying Paul the nomination they are only denying themselves the credibility, with Paul drawing thousands, more than any other candidate combined, to his speeches, his victory is inevitable.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:03 PM

Originally posted by ajay59
I think even shills must be getting nervous now as I've noticed that their appearance in these threads is dwindling!
There is no stopping R.P. and the people now! Steamrollin ourway to the Whitehouse!


free Ron Paul bumper stickers...

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:36 PM
I guess people are starting to see why Santorum bowed out of the race. To the general public (who pay no attention to politics), Mitt Romney is the Republican going up against Obama.

That's it. All done. No questions asked.

Don't expect to see much Main Stream Media reports of Ron Paul winning anything.

And expect a full black out of the Republican National Convention.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:38 PM

I just googled it, It said santorum won...

Did Romney and Obama buy out some more people????

sigh... I was hoping this was a in your face approach... but it seems TPTB couldn't let that happen...

Check out my link everyone, LMK.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:39 PM
Ron Paul will probably not get on the ticket come time, but either way, I will write him in the “other” candidate slot. Some argue that I will be giving Obama my vote. Maybe so. Mittens is just as bad, if not worse than Obama. I will NOT vote for the “lesser evil”. In my eyes, “evil is evil”! I guarantee that I’ll be walking away from the polls with a smile on my face! Can you say the same?

When will America realize that it’s “Americans” that are destroying our country. It’s not Obama, congress, politicians, etc., etc., etc….It’s the American people who keep voting these idiots back in office. Don’t you people get that yet?

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 05:05 PM

Originally posted by ajay59
I think even shills must be getting nervous now as I've noticed that their appearance in these threads is dwindling!
There is no stopping R.P. and the people now! Steamrollin ourway to the Whitehouse!

Paul the racist is getting nowhere near the white-house. Obama will clinch a deserved second term.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by lpowell0627

You are the problem! How can you look in the mirror or look your children in the face after a remark like that? How can you say you are a Paul supporter, and then NOT support him? The rest of us don't buy the media BS. We vote our conscience.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 05:19 PM
Trying not to hold my breath, but the RP camp keeps insisting he has the delegates. The fact that the media has practically acted as if he literally does not exist by purposefully skipping over who is in third place but showing who is in fourth (for example) just shows how worried they are about the support for Ron Paul.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by SeenMyShare

Well said, SeenMyShare! I'm tired of hearing the "he won't make it onto the ballot so why vote for him" excuse or the famous "A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Romney" crap (I just got this one a few days ago).

I can assure anyone that my vote for Ron Paul is MOST CERTAINLY NOT a vote for Romney. It's not even really a vote for Ron Paul. It is a vote for the Constitution!

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by yoyoyoyo

Check the date above it, it says: Results for Minnesota Republican Caucus (U.S. Presidential Primary)
Feb 07, 2012 (100% of precincts reporting) n

Now notice 2 things, February 7th, when the PRIMARY was held, which was just a popular vote. Now the delegates have been awarded and Ron Paul walked with 20/24, thats a win. Any way you slice it, 83% of the delegates went to Paul

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 05:40 PM
Please correct my 83% statement, it appears that was incorrect. There are actually 40 delegates that were up for grabs for Minnesota, and im not sure how the tally stood before yesterday. Any who here is an article talking about Romney panicking, and the 'Romney Hawks' being deeply concerned about Paul's strategy. Why would they be concerned if Ron Paul is a non factor??? Can anyone answer that for me? Why is Mitt getting nervous?

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 05:41 PM
I think the bigger question I find myself pondering more and more as election time draws closer and closer is what will happen come 2012 election and Ron Paul DOESN'T win? I mean with all of the news of voter fraud (barely of which makes it to mainstream but that's another story), and the VERY apparent fact that Ron Paul seems to be the favorite of the majority of the country (I say that because time and time again we see literally THOUSANDS turn up at his rallies whereas the puppet contenders are lucky to have hundreds show up...most likely pad shills being a good number of them)....and as more Americans begin to finally wake the hell up and continue to question how we got to where we are as a nation, and then waking up even more as they uncover the many lies and crimes that have come at their expense.

Basically what is going to happen IF he DOESN'T win? Imagine the numbers of Americans that won't be fooled
I think THAT is one of, if not THE reason DHS has ordered over 450 MILLION .40 Hollow Point bullets....I SAY AGAIN 450 MILLION .40 HOLLOW POINT BULLETS not to mention the additional order of a buttload of .223/5.56 AR-15/M-16 rounds. Please note folks that one...our military uses either 9mm and/or .45 cal, ALSO note that "Hollow Points" are NOT training rounds, they are for putting a human being down due to round expansion.

Either way I have already ammo'ed up and am good to go 9mm. Picking up an AR this Friday along with 500 rounds. Best to be prepared in any event, and if nothing goes down then cool it looks like I will have plenty of target practice ammo for all of 2013.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 05:54 PM
God, please let Ron (The peoples choice) win!
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