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Inside A Meeting Of The Illuminati.[WRC]

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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 11:31 PM
It was a beautiful sunny day in the English countryside. The elegantly dressed men all gathered on the stone terrace of the ancient castle turned elitist retreat and prepared to conduct the meeting.

'Knock Knock Knock', the granite gavel struck the stone of destiny.

"Gentlemen, this meeting is to come to order. We the Illuminati who have controlled mankind for thousands of years now find ourselves on the brink of total control. We have enacted all the necessary measures to carry out our 'final solution'. Mankind will now be our slaves and will do our bidding when we require it. Our masters have assured us that there will be no more interference from the bothersome Pleiadians who wish to save mankind. The most recent battle has left them unable to continue their pursuit. They were the final force opposing us and they have been defeated."

"Our forces are in place and the entire world is now successfully a police state. With armed troops controlling the unarmed populace, there is no resistance left to fight us. Our annihilation of the billions of people with the world wars have left us with a good fraction of the population decreased. We have yet to reach our goal of five hundred million, but our troops will take care of that soon enough. Soon we shall move into our underground cities and let the extermination begin. Once the population has reached optimum numbers we will begin to relocate the civilizations around the areas of gold on the planet. They will be our mining slaves and we will have enough gold to buy our way into immortality and off this planet. Once that time has reached, we will kill the rest and let nature take back the planet."

"The only thing left to do now is choose a representative to act as a leader to the minions. As we all decided unanimously a short time ago, Mr. Loraline shall be this man. He is an evil man and can be the tyrant we need to carry out our operation. In fact he will enjoy this opportunity very much as he takes great pleasure in the suffering of others. When this meeting comes to a close we shall have him address the people of the planet. He shall strike fear into the hearts of every man, woman, and child with his message of death and turmoil. When I bang this gavel, our reign of undying terror shall truly begin"

'Knock, Knock, Knock, the granite gavel struck the stone of destiny.

With that, the men went their separate ways. Some together, some alone. Off to retrieve their families and head to the underground cities. Mr Loraline was headed for the broadcasting room at the other end of the castle.

Standing there waiting for the tech gurus to lock onto every signal on the planet, Mr Loraline drank whiskey, smoked cigarettes and traded kisses with his mistresses. He had never been more excited than in this moment. He could not wait to begin his reign of terror.

"Thirty seconds till we're live sir", said the tech guru.

He took a long pull from his bottle of jack, Lit a new Marlboro, and grabbed his women tight. When the lights from the camera came on it was Showtime.

"Listen up all you slaves of mine, yup, that's right I said slaves of mine. You all now belong to me. My troops are currently receiving their orders to kill all but a small number of you. Enjoy the mayhem as I know I will. It doesn't matter if you resist. My men will kill whoever does. There is no escape from this. This is your destiny, and your destiny is my paradise. When my men are finished with their exterminations, those of you who are left will find out your fate. Let's just say you will all be servants of a better race. I will now take my leave and let my men do their jobs. As you can see I have two smokin hot women here to keep me busy for a while. Too bad for all of you, I bet you wish you were one of us right about now. Oh well, I guess I will see who remains here in the near future. Until then, have fun dying."


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