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Into The Paradise Within.[WRC]

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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 09:47 PM


The sky thundered with an unfathomable thunderous bolster. Everyone in sight hit the ground and prayed for their life. The skies were now dancing about and throwing multiple colored lightening bolts from horizon to horizon. Everyone could feel the electricity of the air and the sting of the mist on the back of their necks as they hugged the ground and begged for salvation. After a few short moments of terror and pain, everyone went numb and fell into a zombie like stupor. The sky then erupted into a fiery red and violet haze and electricity intensified in the air surrounding all of mankind. This is it, the end is here, for Mankind shall now have to pay for the crimes against their great mother.The great mother had chosen her time of reckoning. She chose to dispose of the wicked and bring hope to those who are in sorrow. Her time for cleansing had arrived and it was time to sort the wicked from the weary.

With the cracks of the earth came the ships from within. The zombified population would take no notice. Those who were killed in the shaking of the earth have long since departed and there is only a strict division of souls left for the great mother to choose from. The benevolent Gaians from the inner earth would be her hands used to separate the souls and to reform and rebuild her beautiful face. Once again she will shine and give sanctuary to those who choose to love her. But first her will must be carried out.

As the people lurked around in a zombie like state they began to gather in groups. Not knowing what they were doing the just herded themselves together. This is when they started to regain full consciousness. Everyone was looking around at the groups they had found themselves in when, "BOOM BOOM BOOM" The sky and earth sounded off louder and stronger than had ever been heard before. The vibrations were felt in every millimeter of ones physical being. Next cam the voice. " I am Gaia, I am your mother and Sol, the sun, is your father. I have had you here for a long time now and your poor decisions have worn me down. I simply cannot support all of you anymore. I now must choose only a small number of you to live on and accompany the Gaians to the sanctuary they have made for me in the inner earth. Here they will teach you to strive with Me and not because of me. They will teach you how to live as one with me, and together we shall experience happiness and bliss and you all shall have your perfect paradise. I look forward to gaining communication with you that will be staying. There is much knowledge to be learned and all the time in the world to learn it. This is your day of reckoning, and if you have a good soul then you should be happy, and already know that you have been saved."

"Now, to the wicked who have been tormenting me with your destructive ways. Your tale is to be much different than those who were the benevolent ones. You already know your fate as well. You are seeing the others depart as I speak to you now." (The benevolents are now being taken aboard the ships and into inner earth) "You all will stay to witness the final cleansing of my surface. Your father Sol will give me my final wash with his thick plasma streams that will burn everything into dust. I will tell you no more as I want the evils in which you face to be to overwhelm your soul while you pay your price for wickedness. But know that you have done this to yourselves, and you can blame no man, woman, souls or spirit for the evils in which you have committed. Goodbye my wicked children, Goodbye"

A moment later the sun let off the largest eruption of it's lifetime and burned the surface of the planet to dust. The atmosphere burned away and a ring of gasses surrounded the planet. There was no sign of life anywhere on the surface. Not even microbial life could have survived. As we now know, this has happened before our time and it will happen again. The cleansing and rebirth of our great mother is a cycle. The Gaians were saved a cycle before us. So now we must learn from them and be ready to save the new cycle when the time comes. The balance that has been restored will come undone again as this new species of amphibious hominoids gain intelligence and evolve as we once did. This is what our mother does for us. She creates us, nurtures us, and when we are all grown up she separates the good from the bad, brings the good here to paradise, and cleanses the wicked away to begin all over again with a new species. This is an important role we are to play. We are now an advanced species who are ready for a broader scope of knowledge. Only time will unlock the treasures that we seek.

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