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Kent Walls rant: America and the lesser of two evils

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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 09:23 PM
What if I told you there was a way to save America's Finances?

What if would could do this for less then we are being told about?

Now for the kicker, neither candidate has the ability to save the country and head off the upcoming waves of financial disasters.

Prepare for european style measures and price increases due to massive tax increases....

What proof do I have ?

Easy, neither wealthy man running for president has started to fix the budget the easiest way possible

Take a pay cut down to a dollar a year for the term of your presidency as well as your VP's
(400 g's)
Cut your czars and cabinet members pay... (minimum wage * 0.7 * 40 * 52 salaried)

If they were serious about the job each candidate would do it... Being that both are only focused on getting the power of the job...

Then force congress to same formula for 535 members (minimum wage * 0.7 * 40 * 52 salaried)
limit their office expense to 1000 a year
and only 3 assistants at formula pay (minimum wage * 0.7 * 40 * 52 salaried)
no pensions all cancelled- and present ones being paid will be stopped

this is just a start....

social security-
off limits- removed from general fund

leave amount the same
both way to inexperienced to make present cuts from waste and antiques... nor is either competent enough prepare the DOD for the future

The problem now is that the military is a representation of the present leadership... all issues lay at the presidents feet and the contender has never lead, business is not military experience

to recover you have to increase the value of the dollar
the only way easily with in presidents authority- partial standard of at least 30%

Some-one's head has to roll for the banking disaster-
I say McGraw Hill- moody's owner
-inform the banks that it is either all of them or moody's

Pass only one-
tax on all lobbying efforts(state and federal all money going to the federal) at 50 percent both ways

after one tax Outlaw nation wide the ability to increase taxes -
-- includes state
at the very least a ten year freeze

no-tax cuts can expire raising taxes
all is frozen in place-

These measures should give us breathing room

As for the other reason I need only mention

Sports fans are you there?

How important is your team? Your bench? Your players ability?

Obama's team has failed to deliver

Romney has given no mention but I can safely assume that they will all be tools and toads... otherwise he will be yelling about it to counter the oman

We need a leader with a great team-

chances are low that we will get the leader with the ability to get an excellent team to lead this nation

my rant is simple

America is the greatest country on the face of the planet and we deserve better. These problems we have are easy to fix and easy to solve.

Choices are the key

what do you choose

posted on Apr, 24 2012 @ 04:42 PM
My girlfriend pointed one interesting thing out.

I am cat man

she said it would be funny if I did run because the two other candidates are dog men while...

you can guess the phrase...


What would happen if the american people got mad like Fala?

Why did Post I this here....

To let those who are the 20% here at ATS have an idea what I think they should look for in this election...
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