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Tales from Fast and Furious: (Number 2 and 3 in the YouTube Series)

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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 09:01 PM
Tales from Fast and Furious: Victims of a Rogue Government (#2 in the Series)

This video brings awareness that not only have many died from this scheme, but forces us to take note that many of those who are victims of these crimes are the loved ones left behind. Special consideration is given to the U.S. soldiers who were killed families: the Zapata's and the Terry's.

At 1:38 asks the question: "Who laid the foundation for this perfidious road of death?" Then answers it. Here we look at the faces of the masterminds of this sinister plan to use the murder of Mexicans with American guns as a part of their agenda to limit our 2nd Amendment rights. Will you be surprised how high up the chain of command this ploy was hatched?

Tales from Fast and Furious: See No Evil-Feigned Ignorance of Operation Fast and Furious (#3 in the Series)

This is how the Obama Administration does/denies business. The name "Project Gunnrunner" wasn't macho enough for the egos who were in charge of this operation so they dubbed it "Fast and Furious" after the popular movie series by the same name. In this episode we see just how well the Administration plays dumb about the Operation. The Plan B if the SHTF in this operation (and it did when Agent Brian Terry was killed by arms that the U.S. "walked" into Mexico) was to clean up the mess and act like nothing happened.

Either we have a mentally challenged MSM, which I seriously doubt, or the government told them "nothing happened" so they (to my way of thinking) criminally ignored reporting this story.

Can you look the other way and do nothing?


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