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Troubles In The Wounded Warrior Program.

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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 08:49 PM
The Wounded Warrior Regiment at Camp Lejeune NC has had many troubles since it's establishment and it seems that things are only getting worse. Not only are the veterans of these wars being hung out to dry, but now the wounded who are still on active duty are having simaler struggles. I have had quite a few friends who went through this very unit and had a very hard time with it. You will notice in the article how it speaks of wounded Marines being put on display. I have heard many complain about this as they were never told what they would be doing.

Marine Times

A Defense Department inspector general report found gaps in the care, treatment and transition programs for wounded Marines — plus poor morale fueled by idled hands, long waits for medical review boards, mixed messages about using and abusing medications and illegal drugs, and the sense their units had forgotten them. Worse, investigators found, wounded warriors complained they were put on public display, much like in a petting zoo, when charities visited and wanted the “visibly wounded” for their events.

Here are some comments from some of the Marines who have been assigned to the regiment.

• “The battalion is full of a lot of noncombat guys. It was originally set up as a wounded warrior battalion, but that is misleading because so many guys aren’t ‘wounded warriors.’”

• “The Wounded Warrior Battalion used to be a prestigious unit, but now it is a dumping ground. ... The real combat wounded will not come to the Wounded Warrior Battalion because of its stigma.”

• “I feel as though I have been lumped in with the guys that are here as malingerers and are taking up the resources being provided for those with legitimate injuries like mine.”

• “Confidentiality of personal information is an issue.”

• “The Marine Corps hammers drug users in other units, and there should be no difference here. I am not talking about a guy that gets hooked on his medications. Instead, I am talking about the illegal drug user who uses his own wounds to hide his habits.”

• “Once you get in trouble [for illegal drugs], you can never get away from the stigma.”

• “While they stick up for the drug addicts, they will nail you to the wall for missing an appointment or formation or for sleeping in and missing something because you are on sleep meds. It’s backwards.”

• “Many folks here miss the point. I need to know what is wrong with me before they tell me to get a ... résumé! The rules of engagement here are like the battlefield in Afghanistan. They don’t know what they are doing, so they deal with everyone like we are ‘boots’ and expect everything to work out in the end. It is terrible.”

• “Right now I am lost and confused. I do not know what the future holds, and I need someone to help me sort all of this stuff out.”

• “I cannot get promoted … until I leave the Wounded Warrior [Battalion]. It seems to me that there should be a provision for guys wounded in combat to be seen by the boards and not penalized for having a recovery time.”

• “At least if I had a goal like being able to pick up rank, I’d have something to push for while I’m here. ... I’m still a Marine and did not come here to give up.”

It's pretty sad that we as citizens allow this kind of treatment to our military members. Reguardless of the situation the military is in right now with these wars, most men and women sign up because they truly believe they are serving their fellow countrymen. I myself was denied promotion because of my medical status before I was discharged. This is just really saddening to me personally because with all the problems I have faced due to my service, Most if not all of the guy's in the wounded warrior programs have been through much worse. I wish there was more I could do for all of them.

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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 09:17 PM
Well this is news to me. I have been a member since the early days. I have seen some issues but nothing any different then any other organization I am and have been apart of. I am sure that they will clean things up after all this attention. These people do great things for our wounded vets both physically and mentally. It is a shame that they will only remember the negative parts.

Edit:Camp Lejeune NC needs to get their s--t together. These are our nations hereos wounded on the battlefield and this is what we do for them??? PITIFUL!!!!!!
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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 09:52 PM
reply to post by scoodoo20

I think the biggest problem probably lies in understaffing. Also the never ending line of servicemen that go through the program. I really hope that this report and other wills help to solve some of these issues. Being a Marine that spent four years at Lejuene this hits kinda close to home for me. I have known many brothers that have been through all of this and it just plain flat out sucks. We need to do better for these guys, and girls in some cases. We can't forget about the women who have been wounded as well. Anyway, thank you for your input.


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