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Strange Sounds from the Sky in Cantonment, FL (Pensacola) April 22, 2012

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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 07:39 AM

Happy Earth Day.

This video caught my ear. I agree with the uploader it sounds like jets but it's more than that.....

from youtube uploader:

Strange Sounds from the Sky in Cantonment, FL (Pensacola) Sounds like jets continually taking off or circling...Don't think there is anything going on at Pensacola NAS and it's not the wind.

So what do you guys think jets, wind, something else? edit: to me the strangest part is at the end from about 1:08 or so.
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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 08:18 AM
I lived in this area briefly and the reason I moved is because there is a huge paper plant right in the middle of the town. It stank so bad that my clothes started to take on the sulfur smell. I don't recall ever hearing this noise there in my brief stay, but it may have something to do with it.

posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by Doodle19815

Thanks for the info.

Really I didn't know paper production smelled so bad.

I remember my home town in Wisconsin always smelled like spoiled milk. (It's WI....what do you expect.

posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 08:27 AM
Yeah I went to college in Pensacola, never really thought it smelled that bad. I did live outside a town called Nekoosa, WI which smelled horrible!!...there was a huge paper mill right on the river.

Anyway, pretty neat seeing a video so close to home. I didn't sound like much, but it was strange.

posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 08:59 AM
At 8:21pm last night we heard a huge boom/ vibrated the floor. It didn't happen again so I have no other proof. We watched the local news and they didn't say anything about I don't know what it was?

posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by iamhobo

The paper mill is actually in Cantonment not P-cola. It was horrible in my mind. I moved out of Cantonment in a real hurry and landed on Scenic Highway.

For CalvaryScout and everyone else -
I guess I rambled to much in my earlier post. What I meant was maybe the noise is coming from the factory.
I don't know for sure what they do there that would make noise like this or how far away the video was taken.

Also, I would drop a link to your thread Here
so that anyone doing research in the matter will have this new info as reference.

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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 01:47 PM
Based on my personal experience of that sound several times in Maryland last year, I believe the recording is authentic. If I would/could have made a recording of the sounds I heard, which if I remember correctly I described to Westcoast in a U2U last year, that's what I would have gotten. It sounded like jet noises but pulsed like breathing. I've not heard this distinctive sound since I last reported and talked about them on ATS as they were happening. I heard other sky sounds as well that were variations on this. Non-ending jet sounds over my house all day was one variation. I heard booming sounds. The only thing I haven't heard is the sky trumpet kind of sounds or the kind that sound like someone is using a loud saw or banging a large peace of sheet metal.

I've not really heard anything except for an occasional strange hum or ground vibration since we had the big VA quake. So my guess is that all those sounds were of things deep in the earth shifting around and preparing to release stress.
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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 03:13 PM
Considering the weather that has been rolling through the state, it doesn't seem all that unlikely to me that sounds could have been reflected back down at the ground from the cloud layers above (I know someone explained the mechanics of this once) If the uploader doesn't live far from the paper plant, my money is on that as the source of the sounds, and the weather as the culprit for tweaking the sound.

I'd say it's also still possible, assuming the uploader isn't too far from it, that there was some kind of engine work or testing or something going on at the NAS.

As for the "boom" someone mentioned hearing, I'd attribute that to the weather last night. I hear several single-shot booms of thunder myself over the course of the night that where like that.

posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 03:27 PM
spent alot of time there and in florda right on the ocean wind is an always as u can see in the video its also if i rember not too far from an air base
i live in alabama so this is a popular vacation spot
it sounds like the waves x1000 cause in the gulf the waves are always low
birds in the background not worried about it so why shuld we be
but if its not fake witch i dont think it is sounds like somone magnafied the sound of the ocean tho
it out of the norm but ima try to find out when this was "made/recorded" cause ive hade people there all this month exsept for like the last 5 days

(edit) this was posted today so it may have been filmed today or yesterday good timeing op would have took me days to find this with that title on yt i have noone to talk to down there so im saying its real and very chilling
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posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 09:02 PM
There have been quite a few rolling thunder/jet sounds around here over the last year or so.The thing is it lasts bout 10-20 minutes.I've lived here almost 32 years.I know what the bases round here do.This is different.OP Glad to see this post.

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 11:55 AM

Originally posted by SilverStar33
There have been quite a few rolling thunder/jet sounds around here over the last year or so.The thing is it lasts bout 10-20 minutes.I've lived here almost 32 years.I know what the bases round here do.This is different.OP Glad to see this post.

That is exactly the phenomena I've posted about many many times here!
Wtf is up with this new thunder 2.0? Weird indeed. The sound is like flash
BOOM, and then rolls of thunder that go on for minutes instead of dying away.
Maybe it's because the atmosphere has fallen down a bunch recently?

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 05:29 PM
reply to post by sealing
I have no idea what it is.I am reminded of about 15 years,an incident similar to an earthquake-house shook,felt for miles and such.Not a sonic boom-I know what those sound like.This was not explained by local news at the time.I really wonder what is going on around here.The bases deny anything so it leaves a rational person with a few questions.

posted on Aug, 6 2013 @ 09:38 PM
Hello, I too live in Cantonment Fl. The rumbling/thunder/jet sounds on this video
did not come from the Paper Mill. I have lived here for 40+ years and know that
there is hardly any noise coming from the plant. There is a traffic light right in front of
the plant and even with your car windows down, you barely hear any commotion
coming from it. I originally wanted to post about strange noises we have been
hearing from the sky. Look up strange thunder/jets sounds in North West Florida.
Plenty of videos, some at first think it is thunder, or a tornado, or even Jets swarming
the sky. No thunder, tornado, or Jets roll continues in one spot for about 20 mins.
Crazy Strange Things happening around here. I know of more crazy things going on and
that I have witnessed, but I am new here, and don't want to ware out my welcome.


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