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Irrefutable evidence that God exists.

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:25 AM
reply to post by kauskau

bc existence would set the principle of absolute objectivity as a fact of equal rights to any free reality or individual constancy value

while every conscious seem to perceive objective truth being due to else superiority upon themselves realities or individual existence

from my perspective opinion, i always thought the issue of all rights being due to else superiority that do not admit truth superiority being the exclusive reason of existence
it seems to me that superior freedom that know and can affect an absolute dimension positively, have in common the vicious trait of never admitting superior existence of truth to it

we can see a bit that trait in humans, where wealthy people without being evil keep meaning their wealth to define their existence, rarely or never individual well being condition would mean objective superiority rights to it

that is why i guess we perceive how objective rights are usually as always meant by negative beings conditions or living rights abused, while unfortunately those kind of revolutions shapes cant succeed since what is negative dont know how to act superior nor recognize objective superiority ways

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:28 AM

Originally posted by smithjustinb
God is not a religion. God is not a man in the sky. God is not supernatural. God is the creator of life forms. God is an architect that shapes what we look like, not by an act of will necessarily, but just by the fact of what God is. So, the presence of God causes life forms to take the shape that they do and causes them to take shape at all. So we are because God is.

What's more is that my definition of God can be accepted by atheists as well. You can't not believe in God as I define God. I define God simply as, "that which is". You see? So I have irrefutable evidence that God exists because essentially, my definition of God is also, "the natural cosmic circumstances that led to the emergence of life". So if you're an atheist, and you believe in the past and you believe that you exist, then you believe in my God.

All you have to do is look around if you want to see God. God is all around you, but God is not out here saying, "Look at me and how powerful I am, I am your master, God". No, God is more subtle than that. God is the fact of our existence that we, daily, take for granted and walk on the Earth oblivious to. It seems like a lot of people don't take the time out of their busy lives and stop and look around and say, "wtf??" and, "What's really going on here?"

God is the universe and the universe is alive. We are the living universe. Our forms take the shape of it. My eyes are black holes and my face is a galaxy of stars and light. At least, that's the shape of our forms. We are made in the universe's image.

Just another post that says - "I believe, therefore it is true."
Fine if you believe this but dont ram your beliefs down other people's throats.
Some of us believe otherwise, but we don't ram those beliefs down your throat.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:30 AM
** To all friends on this thread, may i suggest that instead of struggling to re-define but KEEP that foul little word "g/o/d", which over millennia has become synonymous with severe confusion and even Bulk evils, "in the name" of perverted ideas of "holiness"; why dont you more simply ABANDON that foreign word, and define your own Neologism for your own personal SET of meanings ? then you may evolve that set as YOU go along, and avoid other "authorities" (like Popes and Bishops).

** we are dealing PRIMARILY with the "Human Cognitive Mechanism" (HCM), which has been programmed from early school, to respond to given Meanings of words. if i say "cat" your brain immediately thinks of cats known to you, and their behaviours; if i say "cap" with a tiny change of letter, your mind switches dramatically to a totally different idea; so notice how powerful one little letter can affect your mind. if i say "g/o/d" you immediately think of the predominant definition in the western world, which is the hebrews idea of Egotistical vengeance on their behalf; or the later christian idea of reckless sacrifice and forgiveness of all enemies. Can you imagine a world with no police at all, or a heaven where the most vile criminals are all "forgiven" ? be serious ! jesus had good intentions, but was closer to a spaced-out half-wit, and taught dangerous ideas of "praying", which are more likely to summon devils, than GOODNESS. "god" is NOT (not) the same word as GOOD. the previous god jehovah, far from representing LOVE, was closer to being a psychopathic butcher of anyone opposed to jews. You dont need either of those extremes, better you study the MIDDLE WAY of Buddhism, so why do you keep using THEIR word, which always evokes THEIR meanings, and then you have to spend decades trying to clean the crap out of your brains ?

** this is not a light subject, even tho i make jokes sometimes to keep my own mind clear of mal-influences. HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of humans have killed each other "in the name" of those extremes of concept. Nowadays there is STILL a huge undercover war of hates between billions of Muslims and Jews; and the maniac Netenyahoo is on the verge of starting a nuclear war out of hate for all countries around his own, RIGHT NOW as we speak. i'm surprised he hasn't sunk the Enterprise already, and claimed it was the Iranians. only serious threats from the Russians, Chinese, and Pakistan are stopping him. but will that be enough to stop a religious lunatic, willing to blow everyone to hell "for the sake of the LOVE of god" ? time will tell.

** so why do you all keep using that dangerously evocative / perverted - even evil little word, which switches your minds straight into the domain of confusion and jewish arguments ? you dont "know" god, like you can KNOW what a cat is, so why be prepared to Lay down your lives for a mere word ? stupid isnt it ? but still a very serious HCM problem, because millions of idiots ARE prepared to die "for his holy sake", so something is badly wrong with the human mass psyche. well i havent got all day to sit here, so i'm just going to summarise.

** ABANDON THAT WORD COMPLETELY, make up a new word for your own personal set of beliefs. maybe you can come to some common agreement on Original Causes. that "Nothing" out of which "Everything" eventually appeared (both Spirit and Matter), i call the "Cosmic Background Plane" (CBP), which is coincident with the "Cognitive Background Plane" (CBP). i leave them with the same acronym because until you also comprehend "Kamanic Packetal Consciousness" (KPC), you are not likely to notice any difference. Astro-physicists call the Matter part "the universe", which came out of "Nothing" via the Big Bang, but Mystics separate that from "the Cosmos" which more encompassingly includes Consciousness or Spirit, as well. the ORIGINAL cosmic "everything", i call the "Kamanic Proto-unity" (KPU), which First "awoke" out of LATENT un-consciousness, not "created" by the "Nothing", but just "existed", asleep, with no epistemologically
"knowable" ( 3-dimentional ) cause "before" that (cannot "know" the 2-dimentional start of any causal chain), and OUT of which all the junior "gods" ALSO awoke, parallel to US. some "bigger" more clever yes, but not "better" than US humans. continued next post ........

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:31 AM
God does not exist. Exist means to stand out. So if God existed we would beable to see him or hear him. Existance is what is seen.

God is hidden in plain sight!!!!
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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:34 AM
** the KPU was a type of "perfection", but also in a State of serious IGNORANCE of the profound Dangers lurking in the cosmic force fields. then came the "First Cosmic Disaster" (FCD) when "the gods" (# 3 plus his mostly male followers), a bunch of Clever (but inexperienced) Alien Geneticists, like the Titans of ancient Greece, or Anus-anus of Nibiru, started their sexual EXPERIMENTS to speed up "evolution", by mixing Alien genes with the monkeys on earth, to create workers for their own schemes. BY MISTAKE the >excess< of sexuality introduced confusion and VIOLENCE as well, into human "Adamic" souls ...... and the rest is history. [ but we did not all start as monkeys, billions also visit earth via re-incarnations, to gain experience of earth conditions, during aloneness and Primal thinking ]. Earth then descended into "Wars of the Gods" (WOG) via their incarnations into Dinosaurs (WOD), then countless other "Wars of Humans"(WOH), and got SEVERELY OUT OF THE CONTROL of those relatively FEW "gods / aliens".

** Luckily the "mother goddess" (# 2) plus her "Council of Seventeen" (COS), were on the opposite side of the "Oscillating Inverse Primes" (OIP) series of "Names of Awakening"(NOA), and THEY were hesitant to experiment, and so able to WATCH the others at first, while their ignorant Male spouse Egotists insisted on proceeding. that Hesitance allowed THEM, to Learn from the "Mistakes of Others" (MOO), rather than loose all their own Energies and Perspicacities like the mostly males who become devils did. THEY are our only hope of "Salvation", but ironically you still have to do most of it yourselves, to become "Liberated".

** ok, you should be able to see the story from that Framework of new concepts. you can fill in all the details by examination of your own common sense Speculations. not "knowledge" you will argue, but at least EXTREMELY PROBABLE, when you compare with the state of this planet, and the nature of human emotions, which even the religious agree were "made in the image" of their "creator", meaning that their "god" must have been just as mad as the warmongering humans "he" created (why never a she ?). so simply by examining humans, you can DEDUCE the MOST LIKELY explanations, and for a START you must SEPARATE the (CBP and KPU) which scientists sometimes call "GOD" (capital letters), or the "BIg Bang"; from "god / gods" (small letters) which were only a MUCH SMALLER alien product of the KPU; and later also of human imaginations inside your "Shields of Ignorance" (SOI), which is a Protection against irrelevant inquisitiveness, which would DISTRACT you from more important Domestic Survival thoughts. Do not waste time arguing "it is all imaginations with no Knowability"; this is such a serious subject that HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of humans have killed each other "on behalf" of > IT

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:38 AM
God is hidden in 'plain sight.'
God is seeing, God is knowing and God is always present.
God is hidden from sight because he is sight.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 06:54 AM
So seems like most people pretend "god just is" is somehow valid proof...that's REALLY REALLY sad in the 21st century

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 10:32 AM

Originally posted by lonewolf19792000
reply to post by smithjustinb

God is the universe and the universe is alive. We are the living universe. Our forms take the shape of it. My eyes are black holes and my face is a galaxy of stars and light. At least, that's the shape of our forms. We are made in the universe's image.

So your god is creation. Well now, my God is mightier than yours for he existed before creation because he created the universe.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 10:43 AM
Good job OP, me being an atheist, i actually felt calm reading you "creator" filled OP unlike other religious post, only if more religious nuts think like you like the world would be better. No religious division and manipulation.

Even tho im an Atheist, i do believe in energy, Karma, Chi, Chakra, w/e you wanna call it. So i can accept your OP imo.
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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by Wolfenz

Ignorance to me is being totally oblivious to the facts of how many ways we participate in a war against the future as though they will never be able to respond accordingly to our attacks.

Maybe we are not the Gods. But, perhaps our future generations are.

shhh... it's a seek writ.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by ILikeStars

Maybe we are not the Gods. But, perhaps our future generations are.

There are two answers to this.

One, it's a possibility that we are merely an experiment that has been left to its own devices, due to the fact that we have failed to create a stable, peaceful world.

Two, it's also possible that we are meant to become like the force that created us, and we are slowly being helped to prepare for the next stage. Maybe we were meant to become like those things we call gods, but first we must endure pain, sacrifice, and horror. After all, to get to must experience hell, to know what is truly important and necessary.

I can't say which is the correct answer. But for the sake of sanity, and the happiness of my future, I choose to dig deeper into the second possibility. My reason being, choice in perspective is what sets the field for the future.
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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 11:20 AM
Adjective: Based on or in accordance with reason or logic: "a rational explanation".
Noun: A rational number.
Synonyms:reasonable - sensible - sane - logical

1.The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural...
2.A particular area of this: "veterinary science".

@ athiests and religious; Your rational minds LOOK for a God Being, that might resemble man, as man is the only "intelligent" life in our known universe. Your faith is a substitute of fear, of the unknown.

Awareness: is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects or sensory patterns. In this level of consciousness, sense data can be confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding. More broadly, it is the state or quality of being aware of something. In biological psychology, awareness is defined as a human's or an animal's perception and cognitive reaction to a condition or event

1.The state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings.
2.The awareness or perception of something by a person.
Synonyms:awareness - sense - mind - knowledge - conscience

@ Spiritual; Our open consiousness feels God within, knows God is all. My simple definition of "god" is the Prime Creator of all the multi and convoluted Universes. Our hearts and given minds are much more aware of our reality then the common person(s) who look for a god rather feel and know of its existence in everything that is

1.The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
2.A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Our hearts "intinctivly" know of a higher force and realm of consciousness and awareness..

My Defintiion of Soul;
"What is Soul to You ? ~ Soul is the essence which brings life and creation to be. Individually seperating from the prime creator to experience and expand the ONEness consciousness of the Creator itself. Souls travel through existence to learn, grow, and become something more then it's own ♥
Obviously one cannot explain what the Creator is with this limiting language..

A fair assumption (and common mis-conception) is this : Some people look at "God" as a human or a humaniod with almighty powers, who created everything in the 3rd dimension (but they dont belive in ETs..).

Others (as myself) look at "God" as the conscious creator, the one which gave awareness to all that is, including all the other infinite dimensions and universes.

The first example is pretty closed minded, usually belived by one because they follow some book written by early man (Bible .. etc..).

The second is for the Spiritual, who have expereinced Out of body, Oneness, expanded conscious awareness, telepathy, channelling, have see spirits and light orbs flying around et cetera...

I think people who fit in the first example, need to open their minds and challenge their own beliefs, stop looking at the prime creator as a human or person, and look at it as infinite consciousness. You have a consciousness, you are aware of your surroundings, you THINK a thought, but who is thinking the thought? Ill tell you your brain is pretty useless if it dosent have the lifeforce to operate it (Soul). What is being the one who is talking in your head, you call it consciousness/awareness, but where does it come from, and where do your thoughts come from ? Where do they go ?
The universes are very complex, and if you look at human kind and how they live do you expect them to understand any of it ? Even though they can hoot-holler and fight abotu a "God" for days! "

If you want to understand "god" better, its the reason behind the big bang, the very thing that gave you consciousness and everything else in creation. This is not a man, not a humaniod... if it was, why havent we seen or felt the presence of 'that' God? Because its not a person... its the ultimate consciousness that gave awareness to the universe.

Think about it...

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by LoveisanArt

that might resemble man, as man is the only "intelligent" life in our known universe.

Oh, we're the most powerful and intelligent species (pffft, intelligent
) in the universe, so God must look like us.

The arrogance in this presumption is of such gargantuan nature that it couldn't fit into a Superbowl stadium.

Others (as myself) look at "God" as the conscious creator, the one which gave awareness to all that is, including all the other infinite dimensions and universes.

God is conscious energy. All there is to it. It is awake...on a level some of us have discovered, but can't be poked with scalpels beneath a bright light. Hence, the scientific skepticism involved in the topic.

If it sounds like I'm disagreeing, I apologize. I actually agree completely with your post.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 11:41 AM
reply to post by Starchild23

God does not look like us. God is what is looking out of us.
God is hidden in 'plain sight'.
God is the 'awareness of this'

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 01:05 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
During a fairly brief, somewhat fleeting encounter with what I understood to be the living God, I experienced a God who is self aware, infinitely greater than (but also equal to) us, and possessed with an independant awareness evidenced by an unparalleled sense of humor, that could be described as almost (but not quite) wicked. To run into him, is to fall down laughing, even to the point of tears while saying "how did he KNOW, how did he KNOW?!", because the joke is told from the future in an acausal manner. I know, sounds crazy, but that was my experience, which goes well beyond what the OP is suggesting in terms of God as a supreme being, who is a type of person, with a distinct sense of self awareness and understanding.

Just FYI, here's a brief description I made in another thread, describing, at least in part, my experience.

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by NewAgeMan

I feel compelled here to try to decribe this "joke of the ages" as I experienced it, although no words can really capture what it was, at the time that it happened to me, but I'll try, here goes..

It begins with a sudden epiphany of absolute liberation due to a radical tranformative forgiveness of one and all, here and everywhere, where I guess the fundamental presupposition is that absolute forgiveness is absolute freedom/liberation, perhaps with only one condition, or one thing to DO, involving our most grevious sin, against our own self (which in the light of such awareness is itself extremely humorous), and so the laughter begins.. but it gets better. Since all has been forgiven, every aspect of our prior self, and all our foibles becomes a source of immense humor (as does that of the others with whom we interact or have relationships, since everything is now so perfectly clear in the light of the truth and perfect awareness), and so laughing at ourselves, and 100% liberated to be absolutely freely self-expressed, our first inclination may be to immediate run to someone we know, to let them know that we absolutely forgive them, while also seeking their absolute forgiveness, all the while laughing as the joke just seems to keep on getting better and better. They of course, on encountering us, may be horrified, even terrified, and so they'll immediately thow up their defence shield of judgements and all manner of assumptions about us, and themselves, and seeing this, OMG the joke gets even FUNNIER, but wait there's more...! Falling down in a heap of laughter, we may now beg them not to assume anything, and desperately attempt to assure them, through tears, not of sorrow, but of laughter and joy that we are most assuredly NOT laughing AT them, at all! Still further horrified at our abhorent behavior in relation to them (hysterical) their first concern might be that we've awakened the neighbors! LOL some MORE! Recognizing their fear (lol) and amid their urgent pleading that we "calm down", after throwing a wet towel in our face (lol), we take heed and walk away, saying to ourself "ok, he's right, calm down, calm down (still giggling). Then it may occur to us that being absolutely free, we simply don't know what to DO or where the heck to GO - OMG what do I do NOW? Where do I go? (LOL) [if God could speak he would remind us here that we are entirely free to do and go where we WANT! lol some more!] "Ok ok, this can't be happening" we might think to ourselves - what can't be happening we might then ask ourselves? of course it's happening, nothing can't not happen for God's sake! lol
Perhaps then thrown into a panic, running this way and that, realizing that freedom is all around us, no matter WHAT we do or WHERE we go, a hiliarious panic might set in, and so we might run fleeing into a prison cell of our own making, the one we USED to inhabit for no reason at all (prison of absurdity), and there, laughing like an insane madman at the sheer beauty of it all, while thanking God for such hyper-freedom as this, along comes God to open the DOOR (he might even first knock, just to be polite!), "saying" as it were, don't be afraid, come on out and play and laugh some MORE! "Oh God" we say, you're just TOO FUNNY I don't know if I can DO THIS? "Why not?" God seems to ask, and so weeping and laughing tears of joy and immense gratitude, free to come and go, we exclaim "on no, I just don't know what to DO now, now I'm royally screwed in the best possible way, maybe I should start by quitting smoking, but oh God this has just been so stressful, do you mind if I put it off until the new year sometime?! LOL LOL LOL

That's sort of what it was like..

To that I might add the idea of having arrived at an end-of-time moment, only to discover that everything leading up to it, was already known in advance by this God of humor and understanding, who is always and forever one step ahead, of everyone else, which I suppose is part of what makes God God, that unsurpassed aspect, and that's when we might be utterly astounded and exclaim with dismay "how the heck did he KNOW?!" and then the laughter kicks in again, a shared laughter about an unfathomable and inscrutable mystery, made known with awareness or gnosis through the knowledge of the humor of understanding.

It's hard to describe, but it was very real and not merely some sort of psychotic break with reality, but more like reality itself breaking through at long last to make itself known, with the kind of joy and laughter capable of wiping away the tears of sorrow, with tears of belly-busting HILARITY!

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:37 PM

Originally posted by MrXYZ
So seems like most people pretend "god just is" is somehow valid proof...that's REALLY REALLY sad in the 21st century

If God = Reality, Then Reality = God.

How sad that people can not follow logic even in the 21st century.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 04:49 PM
I just finished reading a book that is all about this. I was an atheist and still am very unconventional when it comes to religion, but this book finally gave an intelligent argument for god based on REASON! it's free too! Here's the link.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by Starchild23

eye to eye my brother

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 10:14 PM

Originally posted by MrXYZ
So seems like most people pretend "god just is" is somehow valid proof...that's REALLY REALLY sad in the 21st century

I mean... how do you prove cats exist?

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 10:34 PM

Originally posted by ILikeStars
reply to post by Wolfenz

Ignorance to me is being totally oblivious to the facts of how many ways we participate in a war against the future as though they will never be able to respond accordingly to our attacks.

Maybe we are not the Gods. But, perhaps our future generations are.

shhh... it's a seek writ.

Yes War is Tool of Balance I would Tend to think ...

War with the Future your Absolutely right Right ... has been
since man can pick up that Element called Fire with a Stick
and learned to Control it and Use it to Our Liking...

Technology is the Greatest Fear Against the Unknowing Ignorance
In Religion

a sad Place in the Renaissance to Elizabethan era (( Witch Hunting ))

it did not Break until the Late Victorian era ( Industrial Revolution )

I dont Know what God is a Group Council of them like many Claimed Mythology's
or a One Extreme sentient Being that rules ? this Solar system a Group of Stars ,
This One in a Billion Galaxy , just how Far... of Control God Has ?

as it is Written in the Christianity Cannons that Angels were at War Among themselves

and attempted Take Over of the Hebrew God YHWH leads me to believe

That Angels are as Close to what Gods is ...

and its Claimed that Angels can have Offspring with a Modern Human as its said in the Book of Genesis

The Nephilim Sons of Anak... (Anakim) (( Anunnaki )) ? God?
( read : Book of Jubilee / Enoch )

So that tells me ... we are Part of that God or Gods

Especially when you think of DNA Chromosome 2 Fusion !!
46 Human chromosome Against Primate 48 Chromosome

the Ability to Mix to produce an offspring as that something else had a 46 chromosome

Creationist are right in a sense as Evolutionist are too

Learning's to Adapt to its environment..

Just that Us Apes have have been altered modified Rewired more division of cells in certain places ( Brain)
with a Few Plugs of Retro Virus's here and there in the DNA sequence Code

Honestly I think Lloyd Pye may be right ....

If were created by the known Christian Hebrew God !
We should not have ANY ANY... FAULTS or Defects
we Should be able to resist to all diseases
and be Perfect in every way ... you would think ...

but that so called Garden of Eden Banishment.... ?

The Difference between Man & Apes is that 3 % genetic Material ...

DNA - Sequence scene ( Mission to Mars )

I am Not a Atheist but I surly do not take Word for Word of the Christian Hebrew Bibles either

I think there is Something there Some Civ type 3 of some kind ...

Think of a Apple Tree...

it feeds Animals ( Fauna ) with ( Apple )
It Nourished & Enriched the Soil for Flora to Grow from uneaten Apples Fallen Leaves by Decay on the Ground with the Help with bacteria
it feeds its Self by the Sun & by Clouds or a Nearby Stream ( Water )
it can Shelter Fauna from Weather Elements
changing in the 4 seasons from repopulating itself to shedding ( Leave's Renew )
and that is just the few Examples ... before Man nor Ape existed ...

Now question is Why Would Flora produce Nourishment for Fauna ?

One Simple Answer is to Spread its Seed in different locations from Fauna carrying it to different locations to Feed and the Wasted Fruits & vegetables with seeds within .... can repopulate and Grow...

Next Question

How can a Plant ( Flora ) Know How Adjust & Design itself to a Faunas Needs ?

like Grapes Berries Banana Apples Oranges = Peas Cucumber Potato , Carrots
that all can be held in a Human Hand or Fingers easily...
or the Herb's and Spices and Plants for Medicine

Those are my question for an Atheist

we are close in creation as our Creator has done
what is going to happen within the Next 100 years if we get that far ...

we just might be like gods then ... seeing how advanced we got since 1947 & before ...

just remember this in all of Mythology of Gods
and the Christian Hebrew God ( was with the Angels AKA sons of God ) and Destruction of Mankind by god
( Deluge ) YHWH was an Angry God in the Old testament

They had Wars .... & ... Punishment

So that theory we can not be like God because we have Wars and destruct ourselves is B.S.

God Has Given Us Free Will

yet we let Others the same as us Unwittingly control US ...& Set Rules of Their Law
for us to Obey ... in this World we Pay to Live On !

Klaatu's warning

We need those Aliens Anunnaki AKA ....GODS Civ type 3's

to set us in a Strait Path ....

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