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Religion & Capitalism -- the Seeds of Fascism

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posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 09:13 AM
You will notice my post is devoid of pictures; this is intentional. You'll understand why completely by the end of reading it; at least, it is one of my goals to thoroughly communicate that to you. It isn't as exciting, but I hope by the end, you will consider what I've said and think for yourself what difference it makes.


"the use of social structures to subdue and frighten people while telling them what they want to hear"

Use force through violent means and/or psychological warfare against the minds of people. Today's major religions use the family structure to indoctrinate those children who trust their parents. (Implying that not all children are equally susceptible to this to the same degree and may leave eventually.) In most cases, authority is given to the parent, who gives it to the church or synagogue or temple or mosque. The leaders use the existing authority relationships to entrap individuals, which also reinforces them. Money trickles up from lower to upper. The hierarchy continues up to the top, e.g., the guy in Rome. It sets up the framework for competition among religious groups, which is then used by other manipulative leaders. It follows the model of causing a problem and next offering a solution in how it scares and then offers the religion groups made-up solution at the same time. Naturally sets up subordination and subservience to other authorities, a "this is how it goes, because they say so." Followers usually defend the system even against obvious evidence of manipulation and thievery, like any motivated, hard worker in a capitalistic society...


"a code of business that excessively profits that screws everyone involved in proportion to financial size"

Often a distinction is held between capitalism and corporatism, but businesses as I've described are like mini-corporations. Even if capitalism starts over again, when the time is right, some business will eventually expand massively and lead to a corporation and strive aggressively to dominate in order to be on top. To avoid being dominated, thereafter others follow suit and pursue their own businesses in the roughly the same way, and the trend continues until people are frantic and aggressive. (Businesses that for one reason or another are meant to stay small do not present this problem.)

Businesses only profit by buying cheap and selling higher, unless one person works alone. The idea is always to buy labor and goods for less (on smaller or greater degrees) and always sell it higher. "I'm barely paying you, but who's asking whom for the job?" For anyone getting paid "a lot," that company is surely ripping that person off even more, but that person doesn't mind so much as they consider themselves well compensated but still go back for more. Hence, a handful of companies and people together eventually own the entire world. Too many people are too willing to work for less due to desperation. The more people, the greater the desperation. Thus, big businesses benefit from higher numbers of people, and the idea of the elite fearing overpopulation is a lie. The more people available for a given job, the cheaper the labor. Big business would then prefer crowding and increasing numbers. The wealthier people live in the more spacious houses and better neighborhoods anyway, and they can always move to a new neighborhood if they desire.

Military force used to wield power. Today it does, but differently. Money buys the use of that power and the squads of police, leading us to...


"the lie that centralization of power is good for everyone at the bottom too"

A more direct and historically visible approach. Once used military to control the people and used force whenever necessary, including against its own people, always in "the interest of the nation." Sound familiar?

Today's version uses psychological war to subdue the minds of people. Promotion of fear of the government and police is created. It is preferred that the people grow to become excited or emotionally high while fearful, and this is achieved through movies. The violence excites the viewer who then reacts similarly to events in the news, which also includes passively responding to them. By this passivity, events which have real impact are not viewed with significance that reality should bear.

Additionally, over stimulation of the mind leads to an inability to quiet the mind. A mind that cannot be quieted is continually 'running,' burns out, and is stressed. The 'remedy' is usually further stimulation, having a dual effect of relaxing the mind while it is feeding upon the stimulation of video & audio or audio alone, yet at the same time furthering the problem of over stimulation. It is similar to an opiate that acts as a stimulant at the same time and causes the mind to continue to churn even once the source is turned off. Sources include all movies, all music including 'relaxing types,' any and all news whatsoever (yes, this post), all YouTube, all porn, documentaries, most magazines, computer games especially, also computer monitors, all TVs, stores for shopping (esp. large chains), typical restaurants, concerts (esp. that draw massive crowds), typical bars, amusement parks, malls, certain 'high energy' political rallies, and many more. It boils down to anything visually appealing or anything streaming into your ears, and that can include crowds with lots of people just walking by. If you doubt that a computer monitor itself counts, consider the growing trend of businesses to use LED billboards and LCD screens in stores. The brightness attracts you and stimulates your visual sense.

At the same time and overlapping with businesses' interests in collecting money, we have stimulation of your taste buds. Processed food under the continually changing labels and names and ploys to convince you that what's in the box or bottle is anything other than mostly trash. High sugar excites the taste buds and produces a physical addiction, like alcohol. Salt is also used. It boils down to continually pleasing you in yet another way to keep you happy and thus passive but addicted to the pleasure of stimulation. It's difficult to function with any addiction, including ones related to what is eaten. The sooner it starts, the deeper it becomes a part of the rest of your life. Hence, look down a cereal aisle -- they know what they're doing to your children. Look at the vending machines at schools. Even at hospitals, very high sugar "supplement shakes" (e.g., Ensure) are given, with synthetic chemical "vitamins" to make it appear to be anything other than something that makes you physically sick. (Note: there can be a positive effect, but it comes from the belief that it will help.)


posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 09:13 AM
It's an all out war against the people in order to give life to the dead. By that, I mean the corpSorations, that are literally dead people with more powerful rights than we the living. Money has taken priority, and it's slowly killing us all. Governments are all for this, of course, as those in office are getting paid well and living the high life. What I have described are very real attacks on the human mind and body in the interests of profits and control. I realize most people would agree with some but not all of the things I've listed. Some are more subtle than others, but it only takes a little 'taste' here and there to keep the addiction ("pleasure ball") rolling.

The Answer?

nothing, or a global catastrophe that nobody expects, my best guesses

"No way" may be the first reaction. "Surely something can stop these people." Together the ones we know of have spent decades to get as far as they have. In my opinion, they aren't about to lose it now, and I believe they have their all bases well covered. I don't believe in any "Oops, we forgot about that..." at this point. Between all of these very intelligent people with secret technological powers we can only guess of, I am very pessimistic to the future of what is left of our general society. Even after the money holders of the world essentially have the world, they won't stop with Earth. They'll move on to space if they haven't already. The poor will stay poor and be left to their petty devices and have less of a chance to rebel than they do now. For this reason, I believe that aside from a global (and lunar?) catastrophe that they cannot predict, they will continue to dominate. But, I believe that catastrophe will definitely eventually come, as it has many times in the past. It may very well be a long time from now, though. While I reject the notion of prophecies, I see clear evidence of extinctions.

Maybe it will just take time. However, we are in ruins, though, and I am tempted to believe a "cleansing" of the Earth may be coming for that reason. I don't see how it can continue this way for much longer. Aggressiveness and greed have trumped our caring for the well being of people with whom we should be united...

Global Lies

how far back have the name games been used to trick?

"United States"? "United Nations"? We are as divided as we will ever be for the most part unless it's one group of troops are at war against another group, customers sitting together in a theater, shopping at the location of a company run by people who put their interest in money ahead of simple human decency. So, again we see the lies. Not just today; our states have never been united, and never have our nations. If they ever are, it will be through the use of forces like we see today, especially those that can be used against people without them knowing they're there. The illusion of choice is a powerful, invisible force. People will fight to accept the lie in favor of feeling in control that brings, as opposed to feeling helpless.

Sane people are against the controlling, sick criminals who are running things today. There aren't many of us left. Most people have given up and prefer to live in a fantasy world. These people affect all of us, and the pressure to join and act as they do is strong, and all around us. It's tough to keep a clear head and easy to fall into traps even if we've fallen into them before. We are severely outnumbered, and our only potential allies are under the influence of forces they can't or won't bother to see, and I genuinely believe these people are so far gone that it's too late for most of them to turn back, too hard to accept; the truth is like bright light that hurts their eyes.

With what I have said, I feel I should address this website itself, as I have necessarily implied it has a negative effect. It's a double-edged sword. Some things are worth keeping to me. Likewise, of all the things I pointed out, I certainly indulge in many of them even though I know they have a negative effect on me. It would be much easier for all of us to rid ourselves of these things if we had our peace of mind, real calm, relaxation, slower paced lives, and good examples surrounding us. Such is the chaotic state of our time.

I wish you all the best in the future. Muster up your strength, patience, fortitude, and use your physical and mental resources in the best ways you know how. Help the people you can, but better spend your effort on someone else or yourself instead of people or pursuits that have the potential to drain you, even though it will not always be easy to let go. Sometimes, it's either that person or those people alone...or you going along with them.

I hope I have come across as sincere, but I know I can't please everyone, and these are only my ideas or ones I'm accumulated through others.

Thank you for your time and for hearing me out, however many of you made it through.

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 11:21 AM
I agree with you completely. Even with yours pessimism.
I'd like to pinpoint one of yours statements. Centralisation or concentration of power is root of all totalitarianism. Doesn't matter if its absolute monarchy, national socialism or Bolshevism to name just a few faces of this very same process. Many people will not agree that capitalism is bad in its roots. But unlimited accumulation of power (capital) is base of capitalism. Capitalism inevitably ends in society where power is concentrated in few hands. Capitalism is dangerous also because it is in its base global (this feature share with religions especially Catholicism and Islam). Few bankers clans now own and control 50% (may be more) of world wealth, Catholic church is one of biggest property owner.
When I realized this mechanism of concentration, I was born as anarchist. Unlimited concentration of power is against life. Period.

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 01:18 PM
I'm completely baffled: OP of high quality, controversial theme and nobody want to discuss it? I'm going to bed now - hopefully at my CET morning it will be better.
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posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 01:33 PM
reply to post by JanAmosComenius

Thanks for your reply. I am actually surprised that at least three people seemed to have read it. (If they didn't, they just starred and flagged to be nice or something. Assuming is bad though.)

Anyhow, thanks for that input. It makes sense to me. The concentration of power will always start small then expand. If they used lethal force and dirty tricks in the beginning, I would expect them to do the same at a later point too. And true too what the fascia are supposed to represent (a bundle of sticks [or people] being stronger than the individual ones), it seems very clear to me that they are further consolidating their power. Heck, that's what's they're telling us too. I won't embed the video for reasons already stated; besides, we've all heard it more times than we need(ed) to. It was that Bush guy telling us about a "New World Order" and "when we are successful, and we will be..." ....blah blah blah. That could have been smoke, and he and the rest may get what is coming to them before that time, but when you realize what they've already done, it's easy to believe that it's very possible, sparing something very drastic. Not just drastic, but something they'd never see coming. And, who are what is that going to be, and why wouldn't they be prepared for that? Anything any one of us could come up with, I would say they would be fools not to have already thought of the same. I could be wrong, and so could they. I am doubtful of any fortune teller, and that is what he tried to be when he said that.

The people in Mexico could have been a threat to the US. Perhaps that is why they let them traffic so many drugs into the US, and also why this current administration was caught trafficking arms directly to the drug cartels. It's trouble for both Mexico and the US...and that's for innocent people, in so many ways.

You know, it really bothers me to hear people talk about some higher power, with all this going on. One person I have respect for has even gone out on the limb to say he believes that divine presence "might still be with us here today [on Earth, implied]." Really? What kind of divine presence, is what I wondered. With all the things going on, any good-natured being(s) or presence(s) or god(s), whatever you wish to call it or them, should have stepped in a very long time ago. The more obvious truth that seems to be staring directly at us, is that there is either nothing protecting anyone, or if there is, it or they are protecting the wrong ones. Or, we are born and made responsible to protect ourselves, and it is unfortunate for many people that they are born into troublesome circumstances.

Maybe the universe is an inherently violent place, and you get along better if you are violent and powerful. It seems that way to me. I don't see any big rewards for being nice. The really nice people often finish close to last. Now, if you call being thought of as a nice person as a reward, I can see that, but really, maybe we're meant to all be fighters. That is the way it is in the wild for many insects and many animals. Plants and trees even 'fight' for sunlight and soil in which to root. Their survival seems random and based a bit on chance too, like ours. I didn't choose my family, for sure; they don't choose their "family" either, it seems.

For people who believe in karma, they have a lot of explaining to do, and in light of what is going on, their reasoning seems only to justify their beliefs through backward reasoning. Once again, something seems very off. Maybe it's just another version of telling people what they might rather hear, to keep them out of the way. Same with that Anonymous stuff. It might be a plot to let people sit down and let this 'enemy' of the governments do the 'dirty work.' Trust me, if people see the elite are 'getting attacked' / 'slandered' then they are more likely to do nothing, and that's exactly what the elite prefer. Anything other than a mass of organized, angry people who are ready to rise up. That is the last thing they would ever have. If it means they have to selectively uncover some dirt on themselves, that is far better than a violent mob. That would finally be fair game, fire with fire. Will the people do that? Hmm. I wouldn't bet too much money on it, but I have little to spare like so many other people. Even if it happened, the story could be spun worldwide. A few videos online, taken down "for protection" (of course). It would then obviously have to happen at a live event where it would be inevitably viewed by millions and taped. It could still be spun as a 'terrorist attack,' and what Americans would believe otherwise? My gosh, if 9/11 hasn't shown what these buffoons will fall for. I'm sure they thought of that already, anyway. Well prepared, and always monitoring the internet. As I have already said, though, we can talk here all be want. They prefer that over us being out in the streets, so I'll let it go.
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posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 03:12 PM
Religious fear and control, capitalism (in today's CORRUPTED form), and fascism... Sounds exactly like the intended goal of today's GOP and Conservatives for America...

The only "seemingly moral" agenda of the GOP and conservatives is their abortion stance. BUT clearly, they dont give a flip about a life, especially the life of a commoner.

[color=gold]It is SUPER CLEAR that the GOP and CONservatives are all about BIG-BUSINESS and CORPORATIONS, PERIOD!! And they are very aware that the more of a population we have, the lower the demand for workers thereby resulting in lower pay. I always wondered why they seem to be against abortion. I also always wondered why they ALWAYS tank our economy when there is a Republican in the highest office. They TRULY couldn't care less about the life of anyone but themselves, their cronies, and the SUPER wealthy.

They are NOTORIOUS for seeking to pass laws that are unfavorable towards common workers, while passing laws that benefit the employers in a harshly unfair way. It seems as if they are HELL-BENT on returning to the days of slavery where the master (employer) is KING and the slaves (employees) are lower than dirt.

They are obsessed with bringing us back to the dark-ages. Thats not good...
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posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by HangTheTraitors

They only pretend to care because it helps them get elected; it's a lie. As far as those unaborted babies...once they leave the womb, if the baby can't eat well because mom is too poor, tough! "Welfare recepients need to just get a job! We got wars to pay for!" Good ol' George Carlin pointed out this discrepency (minus the war bit, though, and I used my own words because I forget his).

I agree with you on the conservatives, and they seem worse to me. I think the Democrats would be Republicans if they had to be. I believe it's just a game for them, a job. I can believe that they might be able to really believe the lies they say, similar to the way any good salesman or actor does. You have to, to put on the show. But, yea, all the same in my book. All receive handouts from the rich in exchange for political favors. Corrupt.

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 01:06 PM
A metaphysical axiom to which I have subscribed is that all things in the universe, living or not, have self-interest. The first cell membrane formed because some molecules wanted their hydrophobic ends to face away from the water. So humans will also act for self-interest.

If two people in the wilderness with little food and water then is it in the interest of one of them to kill and eat the other? Or should they cooperate? Based on what little information they have about their surroundings, they have to make a choice under uncertainty. Their choices might turn out to ruin them, or not. With enough trials we might see that one choice tends to survive more often than the other.

Now, it may be that capitalism favors evil behavior. Then nice people should just stop being in situations with evil people and associate only with other nice people. Avoid prisoner's dilemmas and seek out stag hunts. The free software movement is an example of nice people avoiding evil people.
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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by Tadeusz

That's a great idea. Like many great ideas, the trouble is implementing it. Already we could have so much social change, if we only controlled the news networks instead of the Zionists who use the US as their war machine.

I think people are responding to the fear of a conspiracy by selecting the information which makes them feel at peace, and allows them to continue on like nothing is happening. Does it really take so much courage to find the truth? Are your social relationships not worth sacrificing if they are built upon mutual agreement of lies? Shame.

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