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Why do migrants hate France so much?

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posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 03:01 AM
News story from Pravda dated 4/20/2012 Pravda is the old official newspaper of the commie party USSR, name means "truth", ts-0/

I have read much about France and their migrant issues. US is likely to have the same problems in future years. We are on the same path, but a few years behind. My old boss would say on a quiet night they burn 100 cars.

In May of 2005, I happened to be in the midst of a riot in the city of Perpignan in southern France. The area of ​​Saint-Mathieu, where I lived, was inhabited by many Gypsies, Arabs and other ethnic minorities. It so happened that in one week Gypsies killed two Arabs, beating one with iron bars, and shooting another. The perturbed Arab population revolted and brought down their wrath upon the quarter of Saint-Mathieu. In one night, a picturesque street of Marshal Foch was nearly in ruins: burned cars and buildings, broken and robbed shop windows.

Riots do not take the French by surprise. First riots started in the 1970. Incidentally, in 2005 urban riots swept across France and 28,000 cars were set on fire. The cause of the riot was the fact that on June 20, 2005 in the working-class district of the town of La Courneuve during a shootout between two rival gangs an innocent boy was killed.

Nicolas Sarkozy, then the Secretary of the Internal Affairs, arrived in town and said he wanted to clean the city of Kärcher. On October 25, during a visit to the city of Argenteuil, Nicolas Sarkozy used the word "scum" for local residents who threw stones at him. These expressions were seen by working residents of the suburbs as an insult and a provocation. Just at that time two teenagers were killed who hid from police harassment in the transformer box. That was enough to blow up the situation. The immigrant suburbs across France revolted, and the order could not be restored for weeks. These events became the reason for greater discussions on social and urban policy, education and integration.

Not unlike downtown Los Angeles... Where are the cops? The cops are trying to live to retire.

Vandalism is a lesser evil characteristic for these regions. The problem is lack of safety. Criminal gangs feel at ease, drug trafficking is nearly open and can be seen in the lobbies of apartment buildings or in front of supermarkets. The slightest conflict with gang members can turn one's life into hell. Rest after a hard day's work can be forgotten. Local kids gather at night under the windows of apartment blocks and make a great deal of noise.

Other typical crimes include theft and robbery. A friend of mine fell victim of persecution by a criminal group. One day, she prevented the actions of criminals who in broad daylight were trying to crack open the door of her neighbors. Threats and insults have followed, and the thieves removed the wheels of her husband's car, and her son was regularly attacked by bullies.

"Where are the police?" some would ask. The police are trying to sidestep these ghettos called "zones outside of the law." If someone is hurt in the pursuit of criminals, riots and "nationwide" unrest can be expected.

Discrimination? In France?

France has long left the Maghreb, and people from North Africa are not forced to live in their territory. There is no discrimination in the labor legislation. But who is to blame if enterprises are more willing to hire people with French names than Arabic? As for the education, it is really a problem. If the French, in most cases, have one or two children per family, and do not spare their time or resources for their upbringing and education, the immigrant families have five or more kids. The care immigrant parents provide to their children mostly boils down to making sure there are fed and dressed, but otherwise they are raised in the streets.

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posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 03:43 AM
I could be wrong but I get the impression that its the children of immigrants who tend to cause the trouble.

Their parents move to France looking for a new life and are grateful for the opportunity. Their kids on the other hand tend to be dissatisfied with their place in France (for instance being unskilled) and idolise their parents country of origin.

To be fair though, we should call a spade a spade. Immigrant Europeans, Chinese and Indians don't cause much trouble. They largely work hard at school and get on in life.

In France it's the Arabs and Gypsies who largely don't work hard at school, largely don't work hard after school but then blame France for their problems rather than themselves.

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posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 03:53 AM

It's full of French people, viola!

.. The guy above is most likely right imo, it's the children of migrants. Same thing here in Australia. I guess they had no choice in where they are, they feel dislocated from their origins and the way the world is today, we're growing more and more tribal, going backwards. It's just human nature, if you ask me.

It's not right, obviously, but nothing can be done. Humans by our very nature, tend to group together in like minded groups. We seek familiarity. And when we feel threatened we rally against it.

Their parents moved away from, most likely, repression so their children do not know this. They only see what they want to. If their cultural identity is foreign to the land they now exist in, and they do not understand the reasoning why their parents migrated, they will hold on, stronger, to the culture they feel represents them.

As I say, it's just human nature, and while many people will integrate smoothly, or adapt and change with the world, they are not indicative of the majority. It's just easier to hush it up, deny any voice the right to speak about it, and let it happen until society falls apart.

:-/ meh

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 03:55 AM
reply to post by ollncasino

Wifey was watching a tv series about gypsies here, "the Rich's" I think.

We must have gypsies already. In Michigan they were easy to recognize as they drove pickup trucks with a cap, and the cap side windows opened. They did not riot but they would take your money to repave your drive way and then paint it and disappear.

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 04:18 AM
The question should be why does EVERYONE hate France so much.

I get the impression migrants are treated fairly bad, but not living there I can't say for sure.

Things will only get worse if Le Pen gets into power shortly.

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 04:44 AM
The article you quoted is fairly uninformed. For example, there is no "city of karcher", but Sakorzy said that he would "clean La Courneuve with a karcher", and karcher is the well known brand of cleaning tools. Also, no one in France calls anyone "Arabs", the young who live in ghetto areas are often grand children of immigrant from mainly Algeria, those immigrant didn't leave Algeria because of repression, but to have a better life like any other immigrant, and those grand children of today are French( almost everyone in Algeria speaks French, because of colonisation which stopped only 50 years ago because the French couldn't win the war ). The problem is a French social problem, just the same problem as American ghettoes. The first immigrant have been parked in those ghettoes from the beginning, they didn't have access to the good jobs, and until today it is proven that there is discrimination for jobs, housing and even entry to night clubs. Education is another problem because the ministry of education sends to those areas the newly formed teachers, instead of sending some of the best and experienced teachers. They don't see the potential of these young and they don't try to really help them accomplish that potential, but they direct them to low skill work/trade. those schools are often called "ZEP", "zone d'éducation prioritaire" meaning "priority area of education", but everyone knows it's just a fancy name for a complete social and educational disaster. There is a saying in France which says that if you have a name from Arabic origin, your only chance is to become a soccer player like Zidane, a rapper or an humorist. There is a problem in France regarding minorities and women : the country is run by white males older than 50, and you see that in politics, in media or at the head of big companies.

This reminds me of the "muslim riots" the American MSM invented to portray the 2006 riots in France. It was not a "muslim riot", but people from all origins and color and a social conflict. When you treat humans like animals for long enough, and you park them in a zoo they start to act like animals.

ps : I don't live in France.

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 07:23 AM
Yes, it is primarily social problem. Latent racism - which is present in every society - then have chance to eventuate and possibly add positive feedback (i.e. worsening situation).

I'd like to add that France "indigenous" Gypsies were quite well integrated into society. They have/had specific way of life for sure - many of them were modern days nomads but in quite luxury trucks. There were problems but not big. Troubles started 20 years ago when Gypsies from central and eastern Europe started to pour into France.
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