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Anyone have any crazy dreams in an Alternate Reality?

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posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 01:50 AM
I did. It was the year 2021 and I was at work. I don't like being at work in my dreams but it was a dream. As soon as I walked into the office area I thought everything was wrong. The cubicles I'm familar with were not there. They had small little desk spots and you could see everywhere above the desk tops. People were gossiping and talking in groups.

Anyway I thought I must still be working there because no one seemed surprised at seeing me. I noticed the computers looked big and bulky. I walked over to join in what one group was looking at on a computer screen. I noticed the date on the computer said 2021. I saw no signs of the technology I'm used to now. No cell phones. The computers on people's desks were not pc's but more like old pc's if not terminals tied into a mainframe. I didn't stay long enough to figure it out.

What everyone was staring at was a tiny little video on someone's computer screen. They acted like it was amazing to see a video on the computer screen and it was only about an inch or two wide. The computer system they were using had no graphics and was an old main frame system we stopped using back in 1998. Here it was 2021 and they were using it.

Somehow I got the impression that cubicles were never invented and productivity suffered everywhere across the nation and our technology suffered as a result. I guess it could be a weird dream or a nightmare.

Anyone have something similar where technology seems very backwards or other weird dreams?

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posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 02:00 AM
Looks to me like your subconsciousness is attempting to justify your pathetic existence in your cubical job.

Sorry if my translation of your dream is offensive, but I am telling it short and sweet (or sour) as I see it.

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 02:15 AM

Originally posted by mileysubet
Looks to me like your subconsciousness is attempting to justify your pathetic existence in your cubical job.

Sorry if my translation of your dream is offensive, but I am telling it short and sweet (or sour) as I see it.

Uh! Get em' Miley! jk

Are you consciously lashing out in attempts to justify your pathetic existence in your 'bashing job'?
Only joking, but yeah... think about it.

Someones gotta crunch numbers, put food on the table, all in the pursuit of happiness. Being that it is all in the pursuit of said happiness, we are all equal in our pathetic'ness... hence.... "All men are created equal". man i hate making sense sometimes!

As to the OP, kinda!

I had a dream once, where all of the architecture was very 1960's. With out outlining the entire dream... I ended up in a space ship that seemingly had technology in it that was not pass the 1980's. It was weird, especially considering the fact that it was able to maneuver at amazing speeds, and had the ability to destroy the planet!

The funniest thing I have ever heard in a dream, came from that dream...

As soon as I found myself in the space ship, I was at the end of a long table which was surrounded by apparent military personnel. That is when a voice chimed in and said... 'He's the black Darth Vader!' I will never forget that line... I actually woke up laughing, well first a little uneasy, but then laughing.
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posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 02:20 AM
I have really weird dreams where I meet long lost people I didn't even remember I knew and we are pretty much best friends. I guess that could be alternate reality.

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 04:52 AM
I have strange alternative reality dreams often throughout the night.

Dreams like being at work ( I retired 7 years ago) doing the same type of work with new clients and new & old staff for the same old owners in different areas and buildings. Sometimes I am me and sometimes I am someone else. Sometimes speaking languages I do not know but understanding what is being said.

Sometimes I am on different planets, in alien bodies, doing things that a human probably wouldn't do.

I have been to the place where the Akashik records are kept and have worked for hours sorting out the paperwork and putting it in its proper place. Although much of what I have read in those records slips out of my mind as I return to my body.

I have been to destroyed planets in various stages of disrepair or repair.

I have been to hundreds of time lines about me and the choices I make that change that future of me into something rather odd. Many of those choices were real in this life too but I chose to respond differently.

Often it takes a pot of coffee for me to totally return to planet earth in this time line.

Many of my existence threads are placed in ancient times or in the vast far future. The dreams that are in direct response to movies that I have watched have the main character actor in it. For instance Bruce Boxleitner.

Yes I have met up with angelic type beings but they don't speak audibly some of them do have wings but most of them don't have wings or halos. Although most of them do emit a glowing sort of light/aura.

I do have prophetic type dreams but I don't like them and I forget them almost as fast as I have them. I did have one prophetic dream that I couldn't get out of my mind no matter how hard I tried. I talked to friends about it hoping that would make it not happen. It did happen though. To me, it somehow doesn't feel safe to have prophetic dreams.

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 10:23 AM
To date, almost every dream I can remember has occurred in the same world, kind of a distorted mirror of this one. There are a few that I am pretty sure didn't happen in that world, unless it's wayyy more distorted than I know. But, aside from those dreams (there are fewer than twenty of them out of thousands of dreams I've had) everything I dream occurs in this dream world of mine. I didn't think that was odd for a long time, but then it kind of became a... preoccupation, about the time I was 14, so I payed a lot more attention to my dream world, kind of building a mental map of it. Then actual maps started showing up, and they're always the same map, and it is deffo not a map of earth. The most peculiar aspect of this is: there are places in this dream world that correspond with real places in the world. Some of them are places I've been, others were places I hadn't gone yet at the time of the dream, but have been to now. I'm not quite sure what the heck is going on with that.

But in the most basic sense of your question, yes, I dream almost exclusively in the same alternate reality every night.

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 01:39 PM
interesting dream, orionhunter

Hopefully it is not a prophetic dream of sorts..... Could it possibly be alerting to our civilization losing a lot of technology for one reason or another... Our going downhill to have to start all over again? IMO, this has happened before ... remember the discovery of the ancient computer in the hollow tree?

Who knows? But let's just hope it was a tangled dream of your day to days...! I won't even begin to try to interpret from that angle... I'd have to be in your shoes

Wild dream for sure! And again, I DO pay attention to my dreams... They oft can give clues /guidance and or protection...if we but listen and can gain understanding. IMO!

Haven't had any futuristic dreams that I am aware of although I've had prophetic ones.
Not sure if you could classify as futuristic but I did dream of a UFO/craft ... that was named the "Absolute X" so if they come out in public with this technology... You'll have heard it here first lol..
It was the ultimate space craft:: It could travel anywhere gallactically speaking... . space, underwater, globally universally ...anywhere! I posted the details of the dream somewhere here on ATS before. It def was a Wild dream ! I realize the dream setting wasn't set in the future but who knows , we may have a craft like this presented us IN the future.! Just wanted to throw it out there for ya!
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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 06:35 AM
My mind was probably telling me working in a cubicle is a bit pathetic but it could be a lot worse. The cubicle could be removed where you get to stare at all your co workers all the time making everything more pathetic and unproductive. Imagine what life would be like if the loss in productivity shifted all of our technology back 15 to 20 years. No personal computers, no cell phones or smart phones, no ipods or ipads.

I enjoy reading Dilbert the comic strip. I see things that make me think I could be living a comic strip or someone who writes it could be working where I work at. Well not always.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 09:59 AM

Originally posted by garygnu
I have been to the place where the Akashik records are kept and have worked for hours sorting out the paperwork and putting it in its proper place. Although much of what I have read in those records slips out of my mind as I return to my body.

Really!! that is an awesome place to go. I have read a lot about Akashik records and I would love to give it a go one can access information about previous incarnations and those "dreams / visions" you had could come from these locations/times. Fascinating!

Originally posted by garygnu
I do have prophetic type dreams but I don't like them and I forget them almost as fast as I have them.

Try keeping a recorder or notepad / pen by your bed and record/write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. I have been trying this lately and has helped me remebering a few dreams for once!!! I never remember my dreams for more than a few seconds and when I do...they are weird or freaky! (not necessarily related to this topic so I wont post them here)

I understand you might not like them but sometimes you could receive relevant information from those and would be worth documenting.

Just a thought.


posted on Apr, 24 2012 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by orionthehunter

Two nights ago I was in a dream which I'm sure was an alternate reality. I was looking through a brochure which had technology in it that I have never seen. There were digital cameras which looked very expensive but at the same time very old fashioned. Reminded me a bit of the camera my parents had from the 70's in that it was rectangular and long, but it was slim and made from aluminium at the same time. It also had a flash that popped up from the top, which seemed old fashioned to me.

Someone was talking to me and saying how much they wanted a state of the art camera, and I was expecting them to say a name I knew like Nikon or Canon for example, but they said Hia, and I was confused. Then when I looked at the brochure the brand name of the camera was Hia with an accent on the I and a large left leaning capital A at the end.

I've never seen anything like that camera in real life, never seen that logo before, and never heard of this Hia (pronounced like 'here'). I googled the name and there is a company called Hia (no accent) that makes security cameras only, and they look like old web cams

I think a lot of us are stepping into alternate realities lately.

I regularly find myself shopping in a supermarket that doesn't exist in my world. It is the same supermarket each time as I recognise things there. It is huge and sells everything. It's very bright and nothing like the supermarkets I go to in waking life. To be fair i don't like shopping so I spend very little time in shops anyway. I prefer to buy everything off the web. I seem to like this supermarket in my dreams though

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 03:04 AM
Last night, April 22,2014

I found myself in an alternate version of pre WW2 Germany. Now I'm a hispanic guy with no ties to any German or Arian ancestry, nor do I have ties to any Jewish lines, yet there I was, in some Jewish quarter, of some small town and it appeared to be sometime between 1933 to 1936. I was on a special mission of some type. I was sent to this location from Great Britain. I was either Jewish or British and must have looked close enough to infiltrate without being noticed. I could speak German, but I felt my accent was way off. The dream began in what appeared to be mid morning hours, with me looking at a small lonely building across a narrow street. It reminded me of Geppetos work shop in Pinnochio. I was facing West. The sun was rising behind me and to my left. I could see in color. I looked to my left down the small street and could hear a large group of men singing as they marched down the street towards my location. They were dressed in some kind of shorts, tan or white shirts and black hats. I saw someone carrying a standard colored crimson and framed with many small gold tassels. It was a tall standard of 6 ft high and supported and carried by a single pole. They marched and sang into the Jewish sector. I looked to my right at 2 o clock and could see some kind if club or restaurant to the right of the lonely building. This restaurant was about 45 ft away from me. I crossed the street and walked to the corner where this small road opened onto a main boulevard. At the corner I met with 2 other soldiers on the same mission as my own. We tried to explain to the Jewish folk that we were there to gather intelligence or to protect them or help them escape, not too clear. My friends went about their actions as I stood to see the parade of men as they approached in a march. One came to me friendly like and asked me to join them in the march or join their actions. I did. We came to the front of the restaurant and encircled it as one spoke. They started to chant something. I peaked into the restaurant and could see many Jewish men and women clearly frightened by the happenings outside but they remained seated at their tables or booths mostly. I could see the decor of the restaurant. Ornate with a fountain bubbling immediately within surrounded by large tropical plants. Brown wood and crimsons and crystal with candles. I walked in and took a look around and felt trapped in my situation. Suddenly, a few of the men rushed past me and shouted at the people inside explains something to them. They grabbed 4 or 5 people and dragged them to the area near the fountain. I stood there staring at the poor people selected. Behind me someone came in with a small tripod and some kind of strange machine gun I had never seen in this reality. It was a little smaller than the size of an M60, but it was older. Something of an experimental design. A member of the antagonist group grabbed my arm and told me to do it. I felt a bit forced and there was no way out of this it seemed. I stooped down over the weapon and started to load rounds into 2 twin slots which somehow fed into a single barrel. I guess the rounds were cycled to take turns entering the chamber. I just remember clipping in about 4 or 6 of these rounds which were about 60% the size of a 50 cal round. I looked up and felt terrible for what I was about to do. I woke up.
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posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 03:07 AM

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posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 04:00 AM
a reply to: orionthehunter
Hi All,

I had a series of strange incidents which occurred while I was awake but relaxed - so I was not asleep, but in a different kind of reality, often sewing or doing something with my hands, like reading a magazine (which I rarely do) and I was aware of my hands making the motions of turning a page or sewing a stitch and of my husband, who sat slightly behind me on the sofa...he would lean forward and study my actions, but I was not in his reality, so I did not speak to him.

My surroundings felt similar yet completely different - I was aware of him and of wondering what he would be thinking as he watched my movements - fearing his reaction (he could be very sarcastic) often gave me the energy I needed to snap out of it - usually. There were a few scary times when I felt trapped between two planes of existence - very weird and scary...

I honestly thought I was experiencing an alternate reality, like a thin slice of a similar life that had miniscule differences...very hallucinatory. And nope, no booze or drugs, just being in a relaxed state while watching tv (which I can actually space out while appearing to watch - some of this brain drain stuff they show encourages the mind to rebel lol).

But the weirdest part is that It happened on and off for around a year...then slowly faded away until it happened no more...a short time later, my husband died rather suddenly. We had talked about it - maybe it was meant to show him there were other planes of existence, therefore there was no actual 'death', just another level or space the soul carries on to. Or maybe it just convinced him I was nuts.


posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 11:35 AM
Hi everyone. Thanks for all the replies. I had long forgotten about this thread and even posting it. I see a few people have had interesting experiences. I never had such a dream again as the one I initially posted about. Thanks for posting all the responses. I enjoyed reading them.

I do very vaguely remember other dreams where technology was much more advanced than it is now.

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