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The MSM & Anders Breivik.

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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 10:11 PM
It seems as though every single week there's a trial or heinous crime that the MSM latches onto and reports repeatedly and extensively that is inescapable. By turning on the television or picking up a newspaper, we are bombarded by these events that the MSM sensationalizes and manipulates to make money.

This week, is seems to be the Anders Breivik trial. What bothers me with this specific case is that by giving this pathetic excuse of a human being air time and infamy, the MSM is giving him an opportunity to share his disgusting, hate ridden belief. The manifesto he wrote has became widely searched on Google because of all the coverage of him and his atrocities.

He is a terrorist, therefore I understand why the media would be reporting this. He killed many people -- and even worse, many were children, therefore it would be a shame if this wasn't reported. That being said, I do not agree with the extent of how the MSM is playing up his trial for their own gain. It seems as though every month there's a tragedy and a trial, whether it be Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, or Anders Breivik, the media absolutely loves giving these individuals all the attention in the world because it sells magazines, gets views, and creates a buzz that dies out as soon as the trial is over.

The Anders Breivik situation bothers more more than the Casey Anthony or George Zimmerman ones. Because of the extensive coverage of Anders, his filthy manifesto and disgusting beliefs are read about, researched, and looked into when it is a complete waste. If his trial wasn't as reported as it is, this piece of filth wouldn't be so well known. The media is giving him just what he wants -- a platform to spread his hatred and stupidity.

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posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 12:01 AM
I think putting any mass murdering nutters on trial creates the risk of inspiring personality cults, or prompting sick individuals to become copy cats.

His main ideas however are neither new nor particularly rare.
It's his bizarre actions or reactions to those beliefs that make him a freak show.

I don't think ideas are the main motivators for people like him.
There must be something else broken in his head.

Everybody harbors prejudices against some group, but only a few people blame ideas for actually killing people, at least outside a war situation. He may have misread himself as in a war situation, although incomprehensibly he claims he wanted to prevent a war.

Lots of people have hetero-sexist or even homophobic ideas, for example, but most of those people are against physically hurting or killing gay people.
In the 1980s they said heavy metal music turned kids into suicide victims and Satanic killers.
But in hindsight only one or two psychopaths used that as an excuse.
It's difficult to say whether ideas are a causal factor in such a situation. Perhaps he latched onto those ideas to justify his blood lust.
Nobody is sure.

I know people from Europe who are very concerned about the apparent Islamification of some countries.
But even they say Breivik should be hung, drawn and quartered for what he did.
Perhaps he'd even like that - he said he prefers the death sentence, suggesting that he'd like to be some kind of martyr.

But that's actually where the joke is on him, because not only did he undermine the political position he rants about, but his actions vastly outdo any ideas he claims to have.

He's just a mass killer, who had the weapons to live out his madness in a country that wasn't well prepared.
People will still argue long and hard about all his influences, but it's unlikely to imagine any real movement galvanizing around his arguments just because he makes them.
People are trying to understand him, that's why they read his stuff.
I may be wrong about people in some cases, but it doesn't really explain why he murdered all those youngsters.

Perhaps evil is often incomprehensible.

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