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Scientists and "They"

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posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 10:39 AM

Originally posted by muSSang

Originally posted by applesthateatpeople
Technology makes us weak.

Very, very weak.

Science works against us.

The more we learn, the weaker we become...

You think it's silly for me to say such things, because you are programmed to...

Why dont you go buy a horse and live up in the mountains that way you cant bother anyone.
Bloody hate hypocritical preachers like yourself!

Get of the computer if you think science and technology makes us weak

Sorry it took me a year to respond.

I'm trying to get a horse and a mountain.

Internet is a joke and so is anyone who uses it everyday. I just went a year without it and I feel pretty strong.
Anyone who sits in a chair all day is weak. Children know this and you don't?

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