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How China Views Obama's America, and Why it Matters

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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 12:36 PM
Strong America v. Weak America: Which is better for our international image?

Obama would have us believe that increased humility and emphasis on policies like climate change have increased America's world standing during his administration. The President believes, and has said so numerous times, that American arrogance and prosperity leads would-be-allies to distrust and distance themselves from us. But a recent report seems to show that the Chinese think exactly the opposite.

One of China's premier academics has found that Chinese distrust toward America has actually increased since 2008. Why? Because despite what Obama will be telling you about the economy from now until November, China sees an America in decline. They view our high unemployment, slow GDP growth and rising prices as signs of weakness - the type of weakness that would lead a country like the United States to use dirty tricks and try to hold their rivals' progress back.

Climate change agreements, which China distrusts for economic reasons, are one example of policies pushed by Obama that are considered thinly veiled attempts by America to stall China's rising incomes, growth and standard of living. In short, Chinese leaders (who are obviously unrestricted by the American liberal-media's echo-chamber) are free to state the truths that American conservatives have been preaching since the 1980s.

A Chinese leadership, experiencing first hand the robust growth that freer markets provide, is growing cold on an increasingly socialist, economically floundering American society that wishes to impose its cap-and-trade, carbon-tax, job-killing policies internationally through organizations like the UN. Under any other President's administration you would think the names of the countries had been reversed. This would make great satire, if it wasn't so painfully true.

The United States is arguably more humble under Obama and we are certainly less prosperous. So how has this helped us fare with the nations who will matter in the 21st Century? Not very well at all.

But this distrust means more than a political point. It means cooperation on regional issues in North Korea, the Middle East and Africa will be even more difficult. It means that direct hostilities (cold or hot) between the U.S. and China are more likely. Most of all it means that what could amount to a great, stability and peace bringing partnership in this century might forever remain a dream.

In a realist's world where strength is respected and weakness breeds suspicion, China's rise and America's decline is more than just a patriotic, fist-pumping, red-meat issue my friends.

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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 12:45 PM
Can't stress enough how interesting you will find my thread stupidly named "National Defence University" the links hight exactly what your spotting, America is declining and will continue to decline as a heavy contender for global power, and the power will shift from the "west" to the "rest". America and Russia won't be the only big boys and they know it, while America are trying to resist this progress, I notice Russia are being much more compliant. Sorry I can't link you, as I'm on my phone, but please view my profile and read this info from the INSS, feel free to use the infomation if you wish.

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 11:02 AM
Do you seriously believe China - or any world power - sets this much value in who are current POTUS is? World leaders know we only elect a president for four years at a time, and no president can be in office for more than 8. So if they don't like our president, they just have to sit back a few years and wait him out of office. (Unlike communist countries or Middle East dictatorships, where their "leaders" can remain in power for decades). Their rise in world power has been in the works for the better part of a decade, and not the result of how they perceive Obama.

Their view of America is shaped by two nearly decade-long wars (one based on lies) that have incredibly weakened it's military's ability to respond to other parts of the world, and drained this country of it's financial ability to keep such an enormous military apparatus running.

While China was building up it's infrastructure and tackling new sciences, including a space program to reach the moon, America allowed itself to be saddled with never0ending wars costing it trillions of dollars, squandered it's budget not on building up it's own infrastructure, and moving backwards in terms of scientific innovation - we were more interested in annihilating the Middle East and then spending all our money on rebuilding those nations into oil-friendly vassal states.

If you look at the things we regard China as moving forward on - space exploration, military growth, massive economic engine - these have been growing for the past decade. "Blaming" this on Obama when he's only been in office for 3 years is a disingenuous way of removing blame for where it really belongs - our disastrous overseas policies (courtesy of the neocons), our "war on terror" (really a war for profit for those in the inner circles of the MIC) and our great failing to uphold any moral standards (torture, rendition, war crimes and their lies and coverups).

China - for more than a decade at least - has committed itself to moving forward.
America - for just as long - has been moving backwards.

The American Empire is in decline, and we're just looking for someone to blame it on. The best thing to ever happen to the Republican party was to lose the 2008 election - they now have the prefect scapegoat in Obama to blame all of America's failings on.

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