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Oh No Abu Qatada has To Leave....

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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 09:43 AM
Okay I had an argument with my mother about this guy, she said she wanted him deported for spreading radical Islamic extremist views and hate, for the fact that he has known to be involved with terrorism plots and has known to be on contact with violent freedom fighting cells abroad. She said why would you want to keep this person in the country when you know all he wants to do is spread hate and destroy our country with violence and brain wash Islamic youths why would you want someone in the country that is that evil, let him be Jordan's problem.

I responded with. The only reason I want him kept hear is so we can keep the full electronic and counter surveillance on him as we do, once he leave the country he is out of our electronic surveillance and laws. meaning he can contact who he wants when he wants and to work out what he is plotting next and who he is talking to would be a night mare. At least here we have power to gather more intelligence (phone taps, cell taps, GPS tracking) which in return would help us work out what attack could come next.

To me they're both very valid points.

Which side of the argument would you be on?

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