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UFO sighting in Austria

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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 04:58 AM
My mom just called me all excited that there was an article about an UFO sighting in our local newspaper. I have to admit that I kind of infected her with the UFO bug, so she always keeps an eye out for anything mentioned in the area...From time to time we hear about strange phenomena from folks in the neighborhood, but here is the article from our local newspaper:

Link (from Austrian newspaper in German):

Was it a UFO? Not only Tscherko Ewald, three other witnesses followed the end of February, the puzzling spectacle in the sky.

Photo © KANIZAJ The object was not going Tscherko Ewald. So it built after the Südsteirer as a model. "Of course, the matter was not."
Even now, weeks after the incident, Ewald Tscherko is still excited: The 62-year-old Leibnitz had on 23 February at 13.15 clock an experience that he will not forget all his life: "It was a UFO, there was no device of this world."

What had happened? Tscherko was just on the way to the mall at Gralla, when he noticed a spider-like flying object: "At first I thought, this is an assembled unit." Any company organizing as a spectacle, suspected Tscherko. But then he came out not believe their eyes: "It has hummed softly and I felt a vibration in my chest." The spider-like aircraft, which partly stood motionless in the air and disappeared after several stops in about 70 to 200 meters altitude rapidly towards Gralla reminded him of a star or a half-cocked umbrella. Tscherko it even built after model in the form.

First, the Leibnitz was left alone with his observations. The air traffic control, Austro Control in Graz, could - if she is ever allowed to talk about it - do not provide confirmation for unusual movements.

But Tscherko persisted and found by chance in the last few days, several witnesses: This is also confirmed from Thomas Lanzl Heimschuh a "very large, star-shaped plane that first flew up and down, and then it was gone." Patrick Marko, a salesman, who was struck during the lunch break the object, speaks of "a gigantic machine. I was shocked." Diabl and Julian, who had just come home from school Neutillmitsch, saw a "huge, star-like device made of metal." He had a "strange feeling". A direct threat felt none.

All four decided to deny that he had seen a helicopter or even a model airplane, "No, never!" Conjures Tscherko. There was also no quadrocopter, "I've seen everything on the Internet. That did not look so and was much larger." Tscherko has even seen the dome of about 15 meters and opened large object looking out a man with a black helmet and overalls. "This was a man." But of course the thing was not: "The device has moved his arms back, as it accelerated, and the color has changed.".

(Sorry that I posted the whole text, but the google translate link didn't show)

Please visit the link for the picture of the replica.

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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 05:03 AM
Mysterious Spider UFO with a dome of about 15 meters and a man with a black helmet looking out,

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 05:05 AM
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Damn, you guys are fast! Sorry for the double post!! Please mods, delete mine!

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