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Major UN Split: India & China on same side, Cashing in on Iran sanctions - USA is pissed!

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posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 12:46 AM

Originally posted by SplitInfinity
reply to post by yuppa

LOL! That was pretty good! LOL!

The FEL is VERY REAL...and has many applications that go far beyond just Military uses. Even DARPA took one on the CHIN as they have been working on that modified Laser Beam Shooting 747 for is no longer needed.

As I said...this isn't SCI-FI...this is very real and anyone here can easily google information on the FEL. In the mean time...while all the Carriers and even sooner...Aegis Cruisers will be re-fit...the SM-3 will be the Anti-Missle Vanguard for both the USN's Fleet and overall Ballistic Missle Protection for U.S. Forces and the Mainland which includes all territories which will be covered by the USN's SM-3 Net.

Split Infinity

OH i know its not science fiction. It could be used to do what i suggested as well. I see the rest of the countries that we disagree with and who are not our friends would suddenly start pulling their words back to not piss us off until they have a counter measure. I can actually see thousands of mirrors up to make laser fences and grids,as well as splitters that would literally produce a wall of laser fire for ship,air,and land defense. Oh and forget bombers or ICBMs worrying the country anymore. I could even Imagine a huge mobile base being constructed with these weapons in place. Or mayby a base on the moon with lots of reactors to power them. The world domination plan proceeds on schedule Emperor.

posted on Apr, 25 2012 @ 01:35 AM
reply to post by yuppa

The Funny thing about all this is that we were originaly going to build a few land based ABM systems first in Poland and then perhaps a few other places in that area...with the Russians being a part of the system. We were going to use SM-3's with a Radar site in the CZECH Republic. These SM-3's are not the curret SM-3's that have been modified and are now Extremely Effective ABM's as well as Satellite Killers.

Russia was to be a part of this deployment as well as using Russian Radar Systems and Russian Moniters in place at the site in Poland as a 4 stage development to be used as a protective ICBM shield against any rougue launches from the Middle East with Iran in particular as a listed threat. The U.S. offered the Russians Joint participation and development.

At the time the SM-3 Missles needed the radar system in the CZECH Republic as well as Russian Radar to provide adequate Target Aquisition and Tracking. The Russians decided that this system could be used against Russian ICBM launches...kind of silly when considering the small number of ABM's that were to be land stationed in Poland...and rather than joining the U.S. in Development of this system...Putin went the other way and made it an issue.

As little as two years ago...their was a breakthrough in Solid Fuel for the SM-3 as well as better Super Computing and Radar Targeting and Aquisition. Sec. of State Clinton made it known to the Poles...who were very keen on the instalation of these sites that the U.S. had changed it's mind...not because of Russian Pressure but because of new capabilities of the USN's ability to use the new SM-3 ABM to shoot down any ICBM's Launched from the Middle East. At first the Poles were pissed...but after certain tech information was passed to the Poles along with promise of other issues...the Polish Leadership was satisfied.

With the SM-3's new abilities as well as longer range...the Russians missed out on an oppertunity to not only take part in a ABM Shield that could now protect Europe, Russia and the general Middle East...due to the flexibility of it being aboard Aegis Cruisers which are part of every U.S. Carrier Group...thus able to be stationed closer to launch points and give the USN. the ability to shoot down any ICBM's well before they became out of with the new Long Burn and Powerful Replacement Solid Fuel for the SM-3's...was demonstrated a year or so ago when an SM-3 shot down a satellite with a decaying orbit that housed a Fuel tank of HYDRAZINE...a Highly Toxic Booster propellent for satellites. The SM-3 not only shot down the orbiting satelitte traveling in orbit at over 18,000 also scored a perfect direct hit that exploded the Hydrazine tank in orbit elliminating the danger.

Russia could have been a part of all this and a partner in an ABM shield...but we don't need them anymore. PUTIN made a HUGE mistake. Split Infinity

posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 10:57 PM
All very impressive arguments and bits of information but, being from a military family, your arguments are going to be biased. Based on facts yes, but biased to the point where you underplay Russia's capabilities.

We have been neck to neck with Russia, most military experts would even say playing catch-up, since the 40's. Why is that? They have extremely intelligent people in their country. Russia has been a force to be reckoned with for a LONG time. Long before all of the countries in the world were as globalized as they are now and Putin has done nothing but good economic things for his country. His people like him which is why he keeps getting elected, and he keeps his closest advisers and friends to him professionally. They don't make it public, but if you pay attention to how Russia has operated

Other countries like China and India see this kind of political and military stability as a strong suit, whereas they see America's system as divided. They see the military running the show over here because we are very weak politically. That's not the case with Russia. With a few recent exceptions, Russia never has been divided in that regard, and Russia has been a force to be reckoned with since at least the 1500's.

China is making some very large and quick military strides and God knows they have the money to do it. Namely.....ours. Now theirs by default. Russia and China have the 2 largest military budgets in the world and two of the oldest regimes in the world, and India is keeping pace just fine. With that kind of money, wisdom and common ground ( Both figuratively and literally) this is a part of the world you don't want to discount so quickly simply because the U.S. won one leg of what has become a very long race. One that shows no sign of ending any time soon.

Being from a military family you should know that you shouldn't jump on the Hoo-Rah bandwagon every time we outpace someone. We're not talking about Iran or Iraq here. This is Russia and China. On the world stage the U.S. is the cocky teenager who thinks he got the leg up on someone wiser because of a sucker punch.

Experience and treachery will beat youth and ambition every time.

Open any doors lately?

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