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Unbelievable: Water has personality and can store information.

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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 04:00 AM
reply to post by daynight42

Following the brand new theory (which still has to be studied intensively and coordinated (many researchers dont know what teams from another field of research have found) before it could be scientificaly accepted)) I have outlined, the flowers are alive and emit photons (carl popp). It is an EM field with informations which is able to remain printed in the supraconducting atom clusters for up to three months (the very atom clusters tuned (resonating) with the Flower particular frequencies ie photons energitically emitted in the IR frequency zone). The other atom clusters not entering in tune are not affected and keep other EM informations up to three months also concurently with the informations recorded from the flowers.

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 04:11 AM

Originally posted by Phage
reply to post by Manhater

The Earth's surface is approximately 71% water.
The Earth's mass is approximately 0.023% water.

BTW, there is no "Aerospace Institute at the University of Stuttgart". Besides the fact that absolutely no information is provided about how the "experiment" was conducted. How were the images made? How were the amounts of water controlled? Were all the various "samples" made at the same time, under the same conditions?

Since this is in the science forum, these are questions which should be addressed if these "experiments" are to be seriously considered.

Sometimes you really don't need to 'prove' whether something is true or not, sometimes you can just feel it.

We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want.

Our knowledge has made us cynical; our cleverness, hard and unkind.

We think too much and feel too little.

More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness.

Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.

This water research has been ongoing for some time now, with various different researchers being ignored when publishing their results. If this ever gets to the mainstream media, in a way it sort of proves that 'conciousness' is real and that its not just 'in our heads' as many of you ATSers would say.

You know, I know it.

Love is the way

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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 04:15 AM
I must add that if the Russian theory (Garaaiev, Korokov) implying photonic EM informations troughout the organs in the EM IR field as well as the ELF (low ) frequencies is correct (they imply also the DNA recording ability of the events affecting our survival like fear events, love events and sexual social behavors .. That is to say in one world: our feelings) our feelings generate EM fields containing a video clip of all the informations gathered by our brain from our senses (so not when we live our normal life witout feeling anything deeply -that is most of the time) This informations of our consciousness when affected by a strong feeling may be gathered by the nearby water and recorded in the atom clusters (the tuned ones) . In such case, water emit a consciousness but it was recorded from the living bodies from its surrounding.

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 04:19 AM
Right, so, every snowflake (made out of water-ice) is unique.

If I ask a dozen, or 500 dozen unique people to put drops of water on slides all at the same time under the same conditions from the same water source with no variation other than the people, then freeze those drops to create crystalline lattices, I'm going to get a dozen or 500 dozen unique results.

I can do this over and over and over and get unique results every time.

If I took one single person, and had that one single person put a dozen drops on a dozen slides, or 500 dozen drops on 500 dozen slides, and as before froze the drops to promote crystallization, I would again get a dozen unique results, or a 500 dozen unique results.

What am I missing?

As far as water having the ability to store information, that's not a shocker. Everything in the universe is information. Water itself is information. replicating a method to reliably and consistently store and retrieve stored information is the rub.

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 04:20 AM
So earth is made up of 70% of water, and our body is made up of 70% of water.... what is water made up of? How did it get to earth in the first place?

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 04:49 AM

Originally posted by Manhater
Least the water can do is make me smarter.

Yeah. The water makes you smarter by carrying information from other cultures around the world. That last part really surprised me. It is kind of a funny concept, too, lol.

But if it is true... it has some interesting implications.
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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 04:54 AM
reply to post by Druscilla

You are missing the fact that the one person you mentioned would get a dozen or 500 similarly themed drops, not unique ones, and the dozen or 500 people with one drop each would have unique ones.

This was explained with images in the video. I do like your view on information storage, though.
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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 04:59 AM

Originally posted by Forevever
reply to post by easy12

well, a lot of people think that the earth is not just a planet but has thoughts and feelings.... could be, could be...

the whole topic sure gives me some thoughts and feelings....
thought number one: in the beginning process of dehydration, (not alcohol induced) do we get stupider?
we have to leave out the alcohol dehydration or the answer is a resounding YES

Even without alcohol the answer is still a resounding YES!

"There is some evidence of impairments of cognitive function at moderate levels of hypohydration [dehydration], but even short periods of fluid restriction, leading to a loss of body mass of 1–2%, lead to reductions in the subjective perception of alertness and ability to concentrate and to increases in self-reported tiredness and headache. In exercise lasting more than a few minutes, hypohydration [dehydration] clearly impairs performance capacity"
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition


And to the OP;

this reminds me of this hadith;

"The Imam (as) then said, "Allah [GOD] made water to carry His religion and His knowledge ......."

I always wondered how water could carry religion and knowledge, now I better understand! Thank you for this thread. S&F for you!

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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 05:07 AM

Originally posted by Ericthenewbie
Very cool S&F for you...reminds me of Dr. Masaru Emoto's work with water consciousness and intent;

Yes that's the first thing I thought of when I saw this! Loved Dr. Masaru Emoto's work and even his spiritual theory's on where we come fro and how that connects with water.
Water is so abundant and only now are we starting to really unlock its mysteries.

Amazing video and the idea that information is passed around via rain and water channels is really interesting! Thanks for the video

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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 05:16 AM
Hi to all,

Very nice thread...

This researches and evidences go along with the Bach Florals.

For those who dont know...

I am skeptic but i've tried already ... placebo or not... this worked for me and for my mother who was in a depression..

The remedies contain a very small amount of flower material in a 50:50 solution of brandy and water. Because the remedies are extremely diluted they do not have a characteristic scent or taste of the plant. It is claimed that the remedies contain "energetic" or "vibrational" nature of the flower and that this can be transmitted to the user.[3] Bach flower remedies are considered vibrational medicines, and rely on a concept of water memory. They are often labeled as homeopathic because they are extremely diluted in water, but are not true homeopathy as they do not follow other homeopathic precepts such as the law of similars or the belief that curative powers are enhanced by shaking and repeated diluting ("succussion"). Systematic reviews of clinical trials of Bach flower remedies found no efficacy beyond a placebo.[4][3]

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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 05:29 AM
reply to post by dayve

2/3 hydrogen atoms
1/3 oxygen atoms

It is believed by some that comets and such brought water to Earth.
Also, we know that the chemical elements are created in start formation processes, so there's a possibility that hydrogen and oxygen just started combining from the dynamics of their atomic structure...

But no one can really say how liquid water got here, if indeed it did not originate here.

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 05:36 AM
At the risk of blatant ridicule and tomato chucking, etc., I will share something that is so very crazy but I swear 100% true...the water talks to me! And not crazy stuff...pretty much accurate stuff...answers to the things I mull about in my mind. It's been doing that for at least 4 years that I can be sure of. But I have to be in contact with it, such as washing dishes (without gloves on) or taking a shower or bath.

Someone on the first page said something about the fact that hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe; and it is 1 on the periodic table which means it is the first one to come into being in the stellar evolution process...and I am thinking that there is a hydrogen information super-highway. And if it somehow utilizes torsion wave form, then that would make even more sense.

But I just had to say that I know there is information in both water and starlight.

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 06:14 AM
This reminds me of Dr Emoto's work. Which I found to be the most unscientific piece of crap EVER.

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 06:21 AM
Lost me at "much faster than light", Prof. Ereditato.

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 06:32 AM
reply to post by Phage

is this including ice/glaciers? or just liquid water?
that difference may account for the 5% discrepancy in figures

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 06:46 AM
reply to post by Kluute

okay charlie chaplin!

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 07:06 AM
cool post. ive read a lot of cool stuff about water,like how fresh stream water has more lower frequency then water that flows thru a pipe.
scientists have made ice crystals playing both classical and heavy metal music.the crystals formed with the classical music were symetric and pleasing to the eye , wereas the metal crystals were jagged and chaotic!
sorry i have no links for this stuff,i'm just going on memory.

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 07:25 AM

Originally posted by grubblesnert

Originally posted by Covertblack
A new computer in the future that uses water, instead of precious metals, to transmit information. Odd.
Well there goes my side money job selling computer scrap

Hmmmm, maybe we could break into the jewelry market?

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 07:32 AM

Originally posted by Druscilla

Right, so, every snowflake (made out of water-ice) is unique.

You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everyone else, and we are all part of the same compost pile.- Tyler Durden

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 07:47 AM
I can't watch the vid as I'm at work but I posted somewhere on this site ages ago about me 'hearing' conversations in my mind when I'm in the shower. I practically always get into a zone when in the shower where I seem to be aware of lots of different random conversations happening simultaneously, just brief snippets of different strangers conversations, usually of no importance at all. At the time I put it down to my subconcious but could it run deeper than that? Maybe our brains can pick up signals through the water and I am hearing conversations which are 'stored' in it? That would explain the complete randomness of these 'voices'. A very interesting thought. I will try to watch the video later.

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