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NWO Chess Game

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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 12:43 PM
In my previous post I explained how our global leaders, maintain the fiction they wish people to believe, or if not believe at least to accept as the only "official" version of reality. many people "sheeple" simply live in a totally dumbed down (jersey shore, Kim Kardasian, Parish Hilton) state of mind and have no interest in the real world and its future consequences. Future consequences that are in fact already happening and have been happening for some time now.
Along with this situation, the manipulators of society and reality, have planned out various different senarios in advance. Much like a chess game. You move one way they move the other, but no matter what way you move they already have the exit stitched up. I have already pointed out many of the ways they achieve this in my other thread. So what is left and how do beat a grand master at a game he has invented?
The only conclusion I have come up with is this.
The propaganda machine is in existence because apparently the TPTB still needs the peoples consent to move forward. Without the full consent of the people governments do not turn into fascist states or go to war. first the population have to be brainwashed into giving consent and support. Afterall an army is made up of part of the population as well, with families and bills to pay. So even an army has to be convinced to go to war or enforce martial law. Now and then in history even armies revolt against unconstitutional or immoral orders, however more often than not armies follow orders until the end.
So how can the people still win?
Well if i gave any advice on that, the chess players would preempt my chess move and ironically im all our of moves long ago anyhow. What I will say is that someone can only beat you in a game if you continue to play their game. In order to win a foe who does not play by the rules, the rules they told you were how things work, a foe who uses smoke and mirrors, intimidation, spying, lying, cheating, murder etc etc.
A foe that has stacked the deck in its favor, and who cannot be exposed for the satanic thing it is, due to its influence of all media and people.
The end is not here quite yet..its 5 minutes before midnight and all the pieces are not yet put in place. Not yet but very soon.
I hope someone is able to put the breaks on all this before its beyond tipping point. The people cant do it anymore that is for sure. Only someone near the top of the power structure with a human brain and heart and balls the size of king Kong can stop this now. the best idea i have for myself and anyone, is to go live in the wilderness and hope its too far away from the inevitable WW3 and mass cull.

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