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Explination of how conspiricies are maintained for decades by a small group of people.

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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 11:54 AM
Many people in the media, continually push the idea that all the main big Conspiracy beliefs are impossible, primarily because a lot of people "many thousands" would have to be involved to maintain the conspiracy and secrets.

As this web site is based on trying to unravel conspiracies I would like to point out the following facts and how you are all salmon swimming up river, designed for you to expend energy swimming up.
First. I am not going to go into any particular conspiracy or go point by point to explain how they are all true etc..but I will show u the tools that are used to maintain the status qua and to keep anyone who does smell a rat, chasing their tails and going nowhere.

1. A tiny minority of people do plan and execute large conspiracies. They do this for long term goals, which they benefit from at the cost of many millions of other people.

2. These type of people are at the very top levels of power. The reason these type of people gravitate to the very top, is because we live in a system that promotes those who are willing and ready to do whatever they need to in order to advance to the top. In other words psychopaths. this is the case of every political system devised so far, at least in recent history. Point in case Hitler..was a mass murderer...but Stalin was an even bigger mass murderer. yet both men led completely opposing political ideologies. i could go on and on, into the modern day, but Im sure you can figure all that out yourselves.

3. the psychopaths at the top levels, by their nature, feel no empathy for other human beings, and as I explained its that nature of the psychopaths to reach the top and therefor to exploit people for their own personal goals, usually wealth and power. Oh and if you cant accept what Ive stated so far. Think about how most people describe politicians on all sides "lairs and cheats". think about a politician and then look at how many campaign "PROMISES" they completely do the opposite of once they gain power. Again I do not need to name names, as you all have a brain and too many instances, as they all do it. However regular people, most of them, pride themselves on integrity and honesty, not however politicians. This fact alone proves that politicians because, all most every one of them are not normal.

4. The power of the nature of a psychopath once in politics is to intimidate and blackmail whoever does not fall in line with their agenda. this method is almost always done indirectly. For instance, a whistle blower may die in a skiing accident, of they may suddenly have a psychotic break and do some terrible horrifying act of violence etc etc etc. No evidence will ever lead back to covert assassins or MK ultra experiments but the circumstantial evidence of cause and effect will put any other potential whistle blowers from ever daring to speak out.

5. The power at the top also have control over the media. this is done by two methods. Either the conspirators directly control , whats known as "state media" as we are continually told is the case in North Korea or the conspirators use other methods to enforce their control. One is to have a supposedly independent media mogul who really is directly connected to the conspirators, buy up a large portion of the media. Again I don't need to name names. or to again use intimidation tactics against any independent media bosses as explained in step 4.

6. News anchors, who are unrelated to the conspiracy and have no direct knowledge of it, are promoted based on early tests during their careers. They are given a political story to write, for instance, dependent which side they gear the story towards "right or left" they are either promoted or eventually pushed out. this ensures the media if full of bias towards the psychotic conspirators.

7. The news anchors and journalists who elevate to the top again I do not need to point them out. Some of these news anchors do eventually realize they too are helping to purportrate a huge lie on the public, however by this point they are afraid of loosing their careers, being framed for something, or having a fatal car accident etc.

8. This ensures that even if blatant evidence has been presented that contradicts official storylines, the media refute it, even academics refute it and all due to mass intimidation. Again i wont go into any examples.

9. Due to this mass intimidation of independent media and orchestrated propaganda in "state owned" media, the truth still leaks out from all those journalists who are too brave to be intimidated or to stupid to see how dangerous it is to speak your true opinions.

10. the media machine then stereotype anyone who disagrees with the official storyline as a crank, or "conspiracy theorist" even though only a fool or someone under intimidation would not accept legitimate evidence to disprove the official story. On top of this the psychopaths at the top will on occasion use mind control techniques over certain individuals who support the conspiracy theory, to have them act out in public, eg turn someone into a mass killer, in order for the media to anchor the lunatic to the conspiracy theory, in order to discredit the whole movement. This makes it hard for any believers in the conspiracy to associate themselves with their true beliefs, especially amongst an angry brainwashed population, a population who are also intimidated to fall in line or else they are unpatriotic.

11. The psychopaths at the top, also control the supposedly freedom of the internet. It would be inconceivable for them not to. therefore it is a good tool to monitor any signs of dissent or the rise of any underground groups, who may be a potential threat. they can also use it to groom any group that they may want to use for future purposes. I suspect this Norwegian Terrorist on trial at the moment may be such a Manchurian candidate, along with many other less obvious people..including the supposed voice of the left Julian Assange. Anyone such as Assange who is promoted by the same media, weather as a hate figure or a spokes person for truth, has been promoted by the media machine. this in itself is a red flag.

12. Someone once said the revolution will not be televised...well not that I believe there will be any kind of revolution as I dont, but it wont be televised so whoever said that was correct but it also will not start on the internet. In fact the Internet is designed to contain any revolutionaries within its walls. just so u all understand a bit of reality.

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