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War, perhaps the most elaborate of preoccupiers

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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 02:00 AM
A concept from my thought process.

First I say I think battle is necessary to defend ones land, and only when defending from a crazed ruler taking steps in world domination.
I believe it is only then, that the idea of defending is somewhat ok.

If one country was running low on oil and for whatever reason had no other options but to go and conquer for oil, to me comes across as a bully in a school. Taking something and then trying to justify it by saying its so save the country and in turn defending it isnt right, i'm sure you would agree.

The other option seems to have been forgotten in time, by constant use of war.

Build something better. Plain and simple. Spend half the money you do on military equiptment and explore other alternative resources. Become pioneers of the new world, we just need one country to evolve to neutral country, one that focuses primarily on new technologies as one countries oath for freedom.

Or would that affect the bigger plan?
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