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18 Venn diagrams showing how corrupted American ‘democracy’ really is

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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 02:36 PM
i have a hard time taking this seriously when by its own logic this implies that someone who is a ceo can't run for an office in the US, or a member of congress became a CEO proves anything but that they are good enough to find another job afterwords.
these charts do nothing but show the jobs the listed people have had, they prove nothing but the author needs to find a hobby or something better to do with his time.
oh look chris dodd became the chairman of the MPAA... what does that prove other than the MPAA thought dodd would make a good chairman? they didn't start the censor the internet till after he joined them, but note that he hasn't had an easy time with passing the laws!

like i said, this proves nothing, it is trying to find patterns that aren't there.

posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 02:49 PM

Originally posted by demongoat
like i said, this proves nothing, it is trying to find patterns that aren't there.

You can't be serious?

People who run companies should not be in politics because it's a conflict of interest. It means the capitalists have control of the state and shape it for their interests, not those of the workers.

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 02:11 PM
Reply to Asktheanimals
You know, our so called "public servants" used to at least try to keep their nefarious deeds from the light of day, and thus under the radar of "We The People".
They don't even bother to hide their corruption now.
In the last speech Pres. Eisenhower gave he warned the people about the military industrial complex.
In the first speech, President Kennedy said that "even now there are people within the government of the United States working within government to subvert the will of the people."
When congress announced it's "super congress, committe" or whatever they called that 6 person cluster bump that briefly held sway but failed to get anything done (thank tha lard) several people I know were outraged, after all, the voters had fired a bunch of Demoncraps over the Obummer-care fiasco, replacing them with Repugnantcraps, and now congress had decided three of each would make things "fair", and maybe they'd get something done.
We didn't vote for fair, we voted our anger, and the people we put in were as bad as the ones we threw out.
I used to laughingly say the best thing that could happen in the interest of freedom would be a nuclear strike on DC when congress was in session, I still think that, and not laughingly anymore.
One thing we should do is run the "super pacs" out on a rail, or tie em to the rails and wait for Amtrak to come chugging by, or at least make damned sure we know exactly who these people are, where they live, and whose interest they represent, because it sure as hell ain't ours.
The lobby should be declared, and only citizens and citizen committees should be allowed to lobby for the public's interest.
That's not whose interest is being promoted now.
Cut off the cash flow. Any politician with a paper bag or briefcase full of bribe money should be shot on sight, any corporation involved should see their executive staff hung, any other nation doing the bribing should win a bonus prize of say 5 nuke tipped ICBMs', launched without delay upon discovery.
The Militia should send covert agents around gathering information on everyone in government, and then make that information widely known. If action must be taken, the first to become aware of the mobilization of the Militia would be government officials...upon their arrest for treason.
They can consider their actions as they are walked to the tree and the noose lowered around their necks.
All our representatives do is play beat the clock to see how much bribe money they can carry off before being voted out.
Take that first big round of bailouts for example...did you know Newt the Grinch got a million dollars of the bailout money? Check me on it, I'm not jerkin yer gerkin one little bit, dig a little and see how much of that money made a brown paper bag trip to the Obamanation and a few of his Czars (he has 70!).
I guess now I know why people will spend millions to get a job that doesn't pay as well as most CEOs' pull's that tax free fat that keeps the parties rolling.
Radical steps are needed to restore our Republic, and the sooner the better.
We need paper ballots, with one copy staying with the voter in case of any attempts at stealing an election.
We must replace career politicians at once. Term limits should be put in place, and cronyism should be cause for public flogging until the public gets tired of flogging them.
Yes our government is corrupt and rotten to the core, washington DC is a toilet that has needed flushed for many years.
We must instill fear of the people into our "public servants" and hard line, pro summary execution for dirty dealing while in office should be the rule, not the exception.
We could hire execs to do everything we elect these losers to do, and get a much cleaner operation.
Somebody asked if there were disinfo shills here....of course there are, they are on just about every forum on the net, I wonder if the people asking those questions knows what John Lear had to say about who really runs this popsickle stand? I won't bring up any particular letters but people, the alphabet agencies are not your enemies.
Believe it or not the kids from Quantico, Langly, and other outfits would love to report to the people exactly what is going on, and if they had our full faith and confidence I'm sure they would love to clean out that rats nest in DC.
As Dylan's a hard rain gonna fall.
And it's clouding up.
A&C, SOF, because the S is going to hit the F one way or another.
BTW those kids in the SS wouldn't have gotten popped in Colombia if Hitlery and Ohbummer had let the old in place ops know what was shaking, they decided to bypass their own intel and those guys don't like not knowing what is going on.
I can tell you what was going on...can you say shakedown?
Quit being afraid of CIA, FBI, DoD, ONI, SS, NSA, and the park police...these guys hate what they see in DC.

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