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Cruelty being posted onFacebook

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posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 01:28 PM
In my village in Yorkshire England there are a lot (of for want of a better word) neanderthals. They don't bother me usually as i never have to mix with them socially. I couldn't help but notice though that one of them was walking around with a pack of dogs and often a spade over his shoulder. Gradually as more of this blatant behaviour went on iand i heard animals crying in pain from his back garden, i started to try to put a stop to what i now knew was happening there.
Over the last two years i have had the Rspca out and the Police but no one would do anything without more evidence. I saw him stamp on a hedgehog till it was dead but had no proof of this so they wouldn't even visit him and check out why he has such a quick turnover of dogs and foxtails hanging from his car ariel.
This week though i looked at his facebook page and found images of dead animals so just wondered if you guys think there is enough to get him stopped this time or at least investigated. Look on Facebook for Guy Taylor and you will see what i mean. He is on a public site showing his handiwork so i can't see that i am doing anything wrong putting his name out there. The animals don't have a voice so i am speaking for them.

posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 01:36 PM
I don't even want to look for him, but yes, I would report him and the facebook page.
He really deserves to rot!

posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 01:45 PM
If this is such a grave concern to you why not report those cow/chicken/fish.(insert cute animal) mutilation plants all around the place? Maybe he likes to eat dogs and make purses out of their fur and what not.

posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 03:47 PM
Call and report it to the police. Many serial murderers started with animals. I'm sure the police would be interested. Good luck!

posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by transubstantiation

Get some video of him doing those things, and then you should have your evidence...otherwise, he can claim anything for how these animals died. You know, typically, this is how serial killers start...then they move to a bigger rush...PEOPLE...

This guy needs to be stopped for LOTS of reasons...but for godsakes, be CAREFUL, or he may decide to start with YOU!

posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by PatriotAct

I starred you because in a sense you're absolutely correct. There is a hypocrisy when it comes to animals - the cute ones get saved - the ugly and dumb ones get eaten.....

on the other hand, this sentence changes things

From the OP

i heard animals crying in pain from his back garden

Not to mention the fact that he's posting his handiwork on facebook - ew....

I'm sure not ALL, but most of the animals we eat are killed humanely.

If he's out there slaughtering dogs in a manner that clearly causes them pain, it shows (at best) a lack of empathy on his part. That can actually indicate a severe pathology (is it called sociopath or psychopath these days?), and as someone else said, can lead to slaughtering humans.

I'd report him.
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