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10+ Reasons Not To Re-Elect Obama

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posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 11:34 PM
It really doesn't matter who you vote for. We do not pick the president. We haven't in a very, very long time.

posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 11:50 PM
Silly monkies, your votes don't, won't, and never did matter.

Doesn't matter what we say, want, or do; the decision is made without us.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 12:07 AM

Some Specific Examples:

One good reason is the Obama / Lobbyist fiasco.

Lots of examples of arrogant BeeEss'ing.

Granted waivers to lobbyists to get around his own supposed restrictions on lobbyists link

After attacking auto, financial, and health lobbyist Steve Ricchetti for his political connections, Obama appointed him as Biden’s top aide link1 .. link2

Appointed telecom lobbyist Eric Holder to attorney general link. Holder was also a top fundraiser link

Appointed Goldman Sachs lobbyist Mark Patterson as chief of staff to treasury secretary Geithner link

many more reasons ---> 218 reasons NOT to vote for Obama

There may be 1000's because we haven't exposed all the corruption yet.

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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 12:43 AM
Reasons Obama lost my trust (if he ever had it to begin with):
1. He promised to bring our troops home and to make this a priority, and then said he would bring them home within 18 months, and did not until it looked really good for his re-election.
2. He has gone against our constitutional rights by signing into law the NDAA.

Reasons I will never vote for Romney:
1. I have seen video of him being rude to the disabled, and ignoring questions by the media and giving snide remarks when they both try to question him further.
2. He would have voted for the NDAA, just like Obama did.
3. His main campaign contributors are Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse groups, also Obamas main contributors.

So who am I going to vote for?
The guy that believes in the constitution.
The guy that wants to get our big american nose out of foreign intervention and to focus on this country where it belongs.
The guy that has respect for people, and answers questions from the heart without rehearsed talking points.
The guy whose number one contributors are the US Army, US Navy, and Air Force.
The guy that understands our monetary system and how to REALLY fix it.
Ron Paul 2012!

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by SaturnFX

I would gladly opt out and have them leave me bleeding to death in the street rather than have this forced upon me.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 12:46 AM
All you need is one reason.

Pick one.

I choose the word,"TRANSPARENCY".........And lack of,from this President.
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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 01:04 AM
reply to post by sageofmonticello

Oh look. GOP talking points! Useless drivel.

Obama will win in landslide. Deal with it.

Obama 2012

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 01:27 AM
reply to post by sageofmonticello

Obama signed the law and did not veto it, this is true. Do I think he should have vetoed it? Yes, absolutely. Would it have mattered? I don't think so at all. Why? Congress has the power to override a veto with 2/3rds vote. The bill passed with well more than 2/3rds vote. So is Obama responsible for this bill as many claim? I think not. From what I understand Buck McKeon and John McCain are responsbile for the language pertaining to indefinite detention of American citizens w/o trial. And this act was no more than codifing the "power" which AUMF already gave congress approval for in 2001.

The repubs want you to believe this is a democratic invention. After all this is an election year. If you are willing to check the facts you will find republican finger prints all over NDAA 2012. Though both democrats and repubs were complicit in creating this monstrosity. Obama is not the sole blame for this. Lets put the blame where it belongs so we can see the picture for what it is. Congress and the Supreme Court are who I believe are to blame.

Even if we elect a new president, I don't believe for a moment anything will change. Even Ron Paul with all his ideas and intentions would not be able to make all the changes he claims. Without the approval of congress, the president cannot get legislation passed. Without the authorization of the Supreme Court, the president’s actions can be deemed illegal. The president can do nothing without the say so of congress. He is nothing more than a glorified mascott in my opinion.

The presidents merely limited to the power to haggle w/congress - political give and take. I believe Obama signed the bill in the hopes it would encourage Congress to pass his "baby" Obamacare. Yes, I am making an educated assumption.

As for Obamacare I have mixed feelings. It is well and good for everyone to have the right to medical care regardless of economic status. It is well and good for law to forbid those w/pre-existing conditions not be denied coverage. I do not believe, however, healthcare should be made mandatory. Though, I see this as nothing more than policital haggling. Obama conceding to get his baby passed. Ironic, it may end up being the kryptonite that kills his bill.

I don't know why the Supreme Court is so focused on dissecting this bill when they should be worrying about the sweeping powers our government has to detain indefinitely worldwide w/o trial circa 2001. This is clearly the most unpatriotic violation of the constitution ever conceived. And yet the majority of Americans prefer to look the other way or trivialize it as yet another conspiracy theory. As well, the Supreme Court should be addressing the Arizona style laws which require police to racially profile an individual and detain them without probable cause. Probable cause dictates an individual has to commit a misdemeanor in the officers presence or be suspected of committing a felony to justify an arrest. Probably cause must exist before an arrest is made. Evidence obtained post-arrest cannot be retroactively used to justify the arrest per the 4th ammendement. An Immigration violation is only a misdemeanor. It has never been a felony. So it is unlawful for someone to be arrested simply because they cannot brandish a state ID or because the police officer suspects they are in violation of immigration laws(misdemeanor).

As far as national debt goes, it’s a bit more complex than Obama raised the debt ceiling by such-and-such amount of $$. There are many factors to consider when weighing the severity of the problem. I would recommend checking out for a better handle on what’s going on.
Here’s a link:

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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 01:38 AM
Here's the national debt from the U.S. Treasury website.

Is this fiction ?



Debt Held by the Public

Intragovernmental Holdings

Total Public Debt Outstanding

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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 02:07 AM

Originally posted by sageofmonticello
reply to post by SaturnFX

if you 'accidently" had to drive, your not exempt from requiring insurance...

Yes, except you will be covered by the person who owns the car you are driving, assuming you didn't steal it.

The difference is that I can choose not to own a car if I don't want auto insurance. I would have to choose not to continue living if I don't want to have health insurance. If you can't understand that difference I don't know how else to explain it.

They are very different topics. Some people choose not to have health insurance because they want to pay out of pocket. why should they no longer be allowed to do so? I don't have health insurance because I am young and don't get sick often and would rather save money than waste it on something I don't currently need, why should I be forced to buy it?

Because, if you get into a terrible accident (God forbid I don't like to see anyone hurt) and become a veggie, guess who gets to pay for your care? Yup, the taxpayer! Now, I don't care for Obama, but let's be realistic. Healthcare is not a reason to not vote for Obama. There are many other reasons which the OP already covered.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 03:41 AM
When considering the debt, you have to look at the previous administrations and their rates of increase and decrease. Yes, the debt increased under Obama but the rate was started under Bush, and its a pretty steep climb. The debt goes to previously borrowed money too, so consider the wisdom of starting two wars while cutting taxes. The only way to pay is to Borrow. debt under past presidents to current

I worry about Romney de-regulating everything. Why do you think we had the crash????? De-regulating the banking industry and Wall Street. Did you read another post here today about Gulf fish and shrimp with numerous and serious biological defects? blind shrimp, fish with fins missing, all extremely on the increase since the Gulf Spill. And what will Romney do? Gut the EPA? Do any of you seriously not CARE about clean water, clean air, safe food, taking care of the oceans and environment? Really? Do you HAVE kids? Do you seriously doubt that injecting chemicals into the ground to free gas and oil might contaminate aquifers? Do you think watering plants with water already contaminated with chemicals is a good idea? And how about the animals that drink from rivers and streams and ground water? De-regulating is insane. We have regulations because People Do Baaaad Things when they think more about Profit than a Safe Future. Letting the crooks run amok and looting the Treasury again is suicidal. Regulations are important because of Greed and Stupidity. They must be curtailed and contained. We all know there's a great deal of corruption in government and corporations going hand in hand. We need MORE whistleblowers and watchdogs.

Mormonism is a cult. Why do I say that? Read about it. I LIVE in Mormon country for the most part. I have read up on it as I want to learn more the more I hear and understand what they believe. It's a cult claiming its Christian. They have a living prophet that gets the Word from God. Did you know that? Or that each person will have his own planet to rule. Is that mentioned anywhere in the Bible?
I would NOT have wanted to follow Bush, considering all the damage created under him, as well as THOSE DAMAGES THAT HAVE TAKEN TIME TO SHOW UP OR START GETTING A HANDLE ON! NO ONE who followed Bush could do enough! And I'm not saying Obama has done a great job, just that........ well.... if you WANTED to lose an election, it would have been the best time. Right After Bush. HENCE The Reason For Choosing Sarah Palin for a running mate!
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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 04:05 AM
I would prefer Ron Paul, but not really sure Obama has much say in the matter in light of the recent asassination threats.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 04:47 AM
reply to post by sageofmonticello

Your argument is to splinter the anti-Obama vote to beat him? Seems silly to me!

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 05:12 AM
ONE Reason Not To Re-Elect Obama

There is NOTHING to vote for !!!


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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 05:20 AM
link it is, plain and simple. I don't "prefer" Romney either, but I will vote "Anyone But Obama"...and for a simple reason. Look at what he has done to us during the last 3+ imagine another 4 years when he doesn't have to worry or care about re-election! He will do things so damaging without any concern for us citizens simply to push through his liberal, "government is mommy and daddy" agenda. And THAT will be a major nail in the coffin of the US.

A little less plain and simple...Romney will have to work to un-do much of what Obama has done during his first term. He will not simply be able to do new things that counteract Obama's actions...he will have to un-do them. And if he doesn't, he will be out in 4 years. Even that is better than going deeper down Obama's path.

I would rather vote in a head of lettuce than another 4 years of Obama. A "do nothing" President is better than a "do bad" President.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 07:09 AM

Originally posted by DrNotforhire
I wont be voting for Obama this year

I will be voting for Romney, since the third party will not win...

It's sure that with a loser attitude like this, 3rd party won't get elected...

Way to go buddy!

Peace out.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 08:28 AM
i am not easily fooled and obama fooled me royally. i cheered when he was elected, how wrong i was. will america ever see through his charade

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 08:28 AM
is it realy important to elect or no elect? any effect to you? i mean leaders of usa will remain same

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 08:45 AM
What I think is hilarious about the "anyone but Obama" camp, is that they believe corporate shill Romney is going to be some kind of improvement. Has anyone seen the latest video of his hand-picked picnic table debacle? They hand-picked Republican teachers to sit with him to discuss their issues at this picnic table, and every single one of them agreed that sometimes taxes need to be raised for education, and this is one of those times. I say again, these were hand-picked Republicans he sat down with. These people sat there and told them of their problems, and he had zero answers for them.

That wasn't even the scary part. What bothered me the most was that Romney looked like some kind of fish out of water the whole time, or as was said by someone else, he looked like he was visiting an alien planet. This guy has exactly zero connection to anyone approaching an average citizen. He has no idea what is going on in your life, or the lives of anyone else who isn't on par or better than him in financial wealth. What is it about Republican politicians that so many of them look dead behind the eyes? This guy and his hissy-fits will be a disaster for this country in my opinion. Two steps back, at least.

This one incident isn't the only reason I would never vote for Romney, but it sort of puts things in a nutshell. Also, as someone who deals in data and logic as a 20-year IT professional and programmer, I've looked at the data. There is an abundance of it available online, and you can cross-references sources. Most of the sources I've looked at are official US data. Anyone who is trying to pin this economy on Obama, anyone who believes he has control of gas prices, or the ability to correct decades of bad financial decisions in government and the private sector, is either willfully ignorant, or a liar. To pin everything that led us up to the point we are at now on him is a joke, as is the notion that decades of bad decisions can be reversed by the policies of a single sitting President. This stuff started WAY back right after we recovered from the Great Depression. Right about the time we started deregulating banking again. Where we are now is the result of multiple decades of exploitation of the financial sector.

The data is out there readily available for anyone who has an open mind and a shred of honesty in their hearts to see that this recession was a long time coming, and Obama walked right into it. I know it's common for people to ignore the facts and vote with their emotions, or vote with party lines because their daddy told them which party they belonged to when they were kids, but ignoring the facts doesn't make them go away.

I have my own issues with some of Obama's decisions, but I also fully understand how congress works, how corporate lobbying, crooked politicians and wealthy "elite" have been raping this country for decades. Now we are paying the price for our ignorance.

I'm sorry, but Robot Romney is not the guy for me, and I'd much rather let Obama finish a second term than allow a shill like Romney who has no clue how the average person in this country is living, and worse, he couldn't care less. Anyone who believes education should continue being cut at a time where this country is slipping further and further into global educational obscurity is an idiot, and that's just for starters. Ask yourselves what this country is going to offer the world in the future in the face of giants like China and India with their billion+ populations, if we can't even educate our children. Has anyone been reading about how there is a shortage of scientists and engineers going through schools now? Will our military be our only relevance?

Do some real research about what is going on in this world, and stop voting like mindless zombies along party lines. Five years ago now, I dropped party affiliations and became a non-partisan citizen because I can no longer tolerate the blind leading the blind to the voting booths. How liberating it was to no longer have that label on me, and it allowed me to honestly look at each issues and vote based on my own decision making process. That's exactly what politicians don't want you to do. Divide and conquer works much better for them.
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posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by MuonSpin

seriously...why would someone want to check that is part of the Annenberg policy center, which Barack Obama was/is a member of.

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