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SECRET SPACE WAR - Which side are TPTB on? Which ALIENS do 'Star Wars' Satellites Target?

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posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 03:29 PM
The Velon ET Threat to Humanity

AN ALIEN RACE called the Velon (Anunnaki) have designs on our planet, and are using the Illuminati, the Ruling Elite and the Masonic Order to further their agenda—according to author and healer, Chris Thomas.

In the interview below Chris details the true Human Plan, Humanity’s vital role in the universe, and its involvement with many other ET groups over the years. He then outlines what he refers to as The Project for Human Extinction, detailing how the Rothschild elite and Illuminati were taken over by a small number of Anunnaki and ‘Hathor’ Velon ETs about 300 years ago...

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 05:42 AM
Hi Afterthought,

Quite a few whistle blowers have stated that any number of Sci-Fi movies are actually inspired by insider knowledge which has been leaked to those writing them. It has been speculated whether this possibly systematic method of making revelations has any number of motives:

1. To discredit the truth by assimilating it with Sci-Fi and discredit truth seekers as mere Sci-Fi fans;

2. That the Illuminati avert bad karma by warning us smack in our face, but in ways we happen to disbelieve;

3. A method of giving details to loose cell networks of conspirators without any direct communication;

4. The may be rebel factions among the Illuminati who seek to warn us of the Alien Invasion underway.

Those are the main contenders from where I stand, although others here have surely heard other rationalizations of this process which is invariably noted by researchers of the last past half century of esoteric messages in media. What is however more interesting, once you've absorbed the strong likelihood that there are at least fragments of truth in many Sci-Fi stories, is WHICH ALIENS are interacting with us and for WHAT PURPOSES ? This is especially critical to understand when we realize that we are actively engaged in a SECRET SPACE WAR in which certain Aliens are also involved.



posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 07:02 AM
Hi Someotherguy,

At minute 18:00 of this video you posted, it appears that American NSA Crypto-Nazi rogue assassins attempted to murder Chris Thomas the same way that Christopher Edward Harle Story who was assassinated in July 2010.

Chris Thomas Assassination Attempt at minute 18:00

Christopher Story's last message

A detailed report on this assassination attempt and the horrible illness inflicted on the Editor as a consequence will be published as soon as feasible.

•We now have proof that the CIA/MI6/Obama/Bush/Cheney issued an assassination order against this Editor. We have proof that they are suprised that the Editor is not dead.



• When ‘President’ Barack Hussein Obama touched down on the White House Lawn at 5:30pm on 9th July, he was ‘spoken to’. Enquiries by this service confirm that those doing the ‘speaking’ were not Secret Service operatives. On the contrary they were men with guns.

• Within the past 24-30 hours, private citizen George Godfather H. W. Bush Sr. has likewise been ‘spoken to’ twice. The people doing the ‘speaking’ were men with guns.

SOURCE: Christopher Story's Last Report

Unfortunately for him, the editor was unable to publish details about his assassination attempt because four days later he had been "horizontalized" by an injected sudden liver disease he was afflicted with by criminal injection, similarly to Chris Thomas. Similarly to Chris Thomas, Christopher Story denounced the Crypto-Nazi US Illuminati as being tied in directly to a global organization behind the NWO which he identified as a Nazi DVD operating out of Dachau, Germany.


posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 09:35 AM
reply to post by Basqiat

Hi Basqiat,

First I would like to thank you for this information. I have relayed it to other truthseekers and have since received two phone threats, and my friends have also since been visited in no uncertain terms. So I tend to believe it holds a good deal of truth as I no longer believe in such coincidences. Anyone involved in power politics knows that nothing happens at random.

If you don't mind, I would like to ask you a few further questions. You are invited to answer any of them. I well understand that you may not be able to or disposed to reply to each one, for reasons which are your own. Some of these may also come to the mind of skeptics, but come to my mind only in order to add a logical dimension lacking in my current understanding.

I assume that you are sharing this information with us because you believe it to be true. Yet probably you have not directly witnessed for yourself these underground megacities, seen the hundreds of millions of humans bred in the hollow earth, visited the DUMBS and secret underground labs, been to the Mars base or elsewhere in space, encountered aliens of any nature in the flesh or been privy to the meetings or edicts of the council of 13 subterranean humans and 9 aliens? If you have, pray tell, and I shall stand corrected. However, if this is so, and nonetheless if you still believe this to be the actual truth, you must have a compelling reason to think so. Please understand that without such a logical reason, we cannot easily take it as valid unless given some form of reference, with which to judge the origins of this information for its validation.

So without wanting to pry, I must ask what is the general nature of your sources for this information? It is obvious that whether first hand or second hand, you cannot be specific without great risk. Therefore you may reply in broad terms. Is there one source, is it a group or an individual? Was this information gleaned over a long period of time, or was it delivered to you all at once or in parcels by a party you deem reliable and well informed? It it derived from outside investigation by opponents of the aliens, or was it sourced from insider rebels leaking information?

From what I gather in your post, the DUMBS are administrative communication centers where orders are transmitted on a regular basis to surface stooges standing in for our legitimate governments, or to shadow governments running the show - with official governments unable to stop them? Is this all the underground bases near the surface are used for, or are there other purposes, ie. abduction, human recipe experimentation, mind control, clone hatching, etc?

The subterranean humans are, from what you have said, bred in captivity, genetically engineered to control their potential and brainwashed to control their minds. Are they cloned or do they naturally reproduce? Are they hard-wired at birth or simply brainwashed their entire upbringing? Are these also underworld agents sent to the surface and called the Men In Black? I ask this because I was attacked by a MIB who was unlike any other human I have ever encountered, capable of extreme speed and dexterity but displaying next to no emotion.

Are world leaders appearing out of nowhere without any traceable history, such as Barack Obama, actually programmed subterranean humans being used to impersonate surface humans and brought into power for the aliens to directly preside over the destiny of the entire surface of the planet?

Does the Bilderberg Group receive its annual working orders from the 22 member subterranean ruling council of humans and aliens? Do most intelligence agencies directly or indirectly work for this same power or for several other alien allies?

Is the SECRET SPACE WAR going on above our skies actually a war being waged only between other parties, with us having next to no participation in combat? Are our own Star Wars systems mostly kept latent for potential use once we find a way to get rid of the existing alien stranglehold on our planet?

Do you know of a timeline for our planned extinction and wide-scale replacement with clones and genetically enhanced humans?

Is Chris Thomas full of bollocks when he states, at minute 34:00 of the third video above, that there is no planet other than earth capable of supporting our existence? Your statement is quite to the contrary, that our value to aliens is our ability to colonize many planets where other creatures cannot live.

I have been a direct eyewitness to an 8'+ Draco warrior with dark green brownish red scales and large luminous red eyes. This was at night in a busy city boulevard of a major metropolis in Western Europe (my account can be read here in several different threads). Are these humanoid dragons 5 times our heft and 15 times our strength what you call "smaller humanoid Reptoids"? What size are the Ciakar supposed to be, and are there any descriptions of their physical attributes?

You mention many other groups of Aliens, mostly assembled in their own alliances. Is this information channeled or gained by access to somebody working at a Geostrategic level in Exopolitics or Earth Defence?

Are the Orion Group and the Ursa Major and Minor conglomerates allied with the Draco Reptilians in keeping humanity captive and exploiting us as a resource? Or are their alliances about other matters not directly connected with human destiny? To come to the point, are they also against us or might they become our allies?

The underground cities you situate the locations of tend to correspond with corroborating reports elsewhere. However, can you tell us if these are known by you from a written source or from leaked insider information? Also, what might motivate an insider to leak such data to you and/or through you?

Finally, what is so ominous that you cannot tell us any details about it? You vaguely refer to this frightful situation in the cosmos as something so terrible we couldn't cope with it if we knew the truth. Do you advocate keeping it covered up? This is not exactly what this forum is about. I already know just how dreadful the Draco can be, and admit that I cannot conceive of anything worse. In fact I couldn't conceive of anything as nasty until I met up with one face to face. They're pretty much "Evil on legs". With a huge advance over us in intelligence and technology, plus being totally devoid of empathy and seeing us as so many clucking hens to be used as a food staple, we're in fairly deep with their grip on our planet. I can't imagine what might be worse, especially if you give no details.

Contingent on your comfort level, thanks for telling us more when you find time.


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posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 10:30 AM
I think TPTB are shooting down the WATCHERS probes (Big bright blue flashes) because they are the ones who actually control this quadrant of the universe along with the Celestials (Holy Ones).
It kind of only makes sense that THEY (TPTB) would side with the Reptilians because we are similar. During our gestation period we are amphibious. remember? The Grey thingy i don't get too well, but go figure!
Anyway, we are destined to FACE THE SCOURGE acording to the Bible. And sad to say i do think that they are INSECTOID. So I guess it's "Hasta La Vista, Baby!!!!

posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 11:38 AM
I know some who had a visitor (alien) encounter and they were taken out to a space station, they were told that the ones working there, worked in six month intervals, their job is to track and target asteroids/meteors, but it could track, target and destroy anything if need be.

This person who told me is very truthful and i don't doubt them for a second. and no it wasn't me

Love and harmony

posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 03:32 PM
Further developments.

Since forwarding the information which Baqiat posted here on the previous page, I received death threats and various friends who had received this information had visits from agency people either in unmarked cars or in person, identifying themselves as such. However, it has stepped up. The childhood friend of one of them was discovered murdered along a road I often travel. A close relative's guard on his property was attacked and is now between life and death in hospital. A propane bomb blast was set off in my family's company. All this happened this weekend, after forwarding the information from Basqiat.

I suggest that members here copy or download this information and if for some reason I don't reappear at ATS, be sure to disseminate this as widely as possible. You will note from my many questions that I do not necessarily believe this information, yet I must take heed of the strong opposition this has yielded from parties unknown. It is therefore essential that others here make due note of the declarations in Basqiat's postings in case they are somehow deleted or this entire thread disappeared. Also, it would be good to know why it was, should I be horizontalized by the Alien driven CryptoNazis (the ruthless Mengele types) like Christopher Story or the CryptoCommies (the feckless Stalinist ones).

The Secret Space War didn't seem to warrant much attention, other than some routine shilling and standard opposition for the form, but as of today it seems to have provoked a rather severe response to these recent postings. There does seem to be a will to SUPPRESS INFORMATION and possible even to suppress those who know it. So make sure this is as widely diffused as possible, because they will have a tracker on each and every one of you who has read it, and your own safety may reside in numbers. The more read it, the less chance we shall be interfered with violently.

Wishing all my ATS brothers and sisters the best of the future!


posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 04:28 PM
Has anyone done any Geophysics above where these DUMBs are purported to be?
It would be interesting to see the results.

posted on May, 5 2013 @ 11:01 PM
2 Living ETs Working with US Government (6:11)
Canadian cabinet minister speaks

CIA agent testifies about Area 51 Black Ops, UFOs

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posted on May, 10 2013 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by someotherguy

Hi Someotherguy,

That testimony from the retired spook is quite interesting, and he comes off as very credible. Then again, a spook never retires, but anything can happen. One discrepancy is that he quotes Ike as telling him "I want you and your boss to go to Area 51" which seems highly unlikely from a General who would more likely address his superior officer and say "I want you and your assistant to go to Area 51". It could merely be a distorsion in the way he remembers the orders they were given.

There's another video out there where the fellow releasing the Russian Alien Races book states that the recent missile failures were in fact part of a SECRET SPACE WAR involving Reptilian Spacecraft, here after minute 8:00>


posted on May, 10 2013 @ 08:43 PM
Hello Getsmart

I'm very sorry to hear that. I have talked about similar things elsewhere, and with other people but nothing more serious has ever occurred so far. Then again, I have only mentioned this briefly and never got into any detail till now. If I knew something serious would happen, I would have tried to tell the whole thing in a more subtle, indirect way. But its out there I guess.

I don't mind questions. If I do have any answers, I'll give them. I'll try to emphasize what is the actual relayed information, and what is my personal opinion/conjecture based on the information since I may have blurred some of those lines in my previous posts.

I am sharing this information because I believe most of it is true. I haven't witnessed directly any of the underground megacities myself, or any of the near-surface bases they operate through. I have seen images though, of the everyday life going on there, which was made possible by a now dead extraterrestrial infiltrator who tried to pass by as a commoner there. I think they possess technology that can decipher a particular "species", even if they look like us. I don't think its any news to you or any other folks on this forum that there are organizations that not only gather alien technology, but they also hunt non-human beings present on Earth, and sometimes, even those humans who they came in contact with.

I also haven't been on Mars, no, so I don't know what's really out there on the surface, although it was confirmed that there is vegetation present, as I have seen images of that as well. I believe I mentioned before, but as I have interests in biology, I just had to have a look at it. Most of the plants have radial symmetry and are with dark colors (I guess so they could better catch the light of the Sun). I have also been told that there is a mechanism of extraterrestrial origin buried in the center of Mars, that can generate an artificial magnetic field needed to maintain a healthy, optimal, thick enough atmosphere for life to flourish above. The shutting down of that mechanism is what caused Mars to deteriorate to the point it is today. The human colonies there are somehow confident they can get it to run again (what gives them such confidence when the extraterrestrial groups were not capable of doing the same is beyond me).

The sources that brought forward the information to me are of extraterrestrial nature. I don't have a reason to disbelieve them, since there are indeed indications that there are conflicts out there, and that there is something going on deep underground. Its been ongoing since I was a kid, so now that I'm quarter of a century old, I think you can understand why a level of trust has been established, and I believe most of the things I'm told by them, even if they sound outlandish. And yes, most of the information was gathered over a period of time, but the information of the parallel human civilization was brought up relatively recently.

To better understand the concept of power you don't need a pyramid, but two pyramids connected to each other by the top. The one above is ours, the one below is theirs. What keeps the two parts in check is exactly that, the paramilitary research bases located underground, and they do act as communication centers where administrative decisions are being forwarded to the top, and intelligence is being forwarded to the powers below, concerning the surface situations. What they constantly get as a flow of information is satellite imagery, and probe information. Certain parts of the bases are used as direct engagement weapons system. They have more powerful weapons that they use in more complex situations since they are located far from the bases and hidden in remote areas. That's how they can shoot down craft in various remote areas. They have become more precise and systematic in this since the emergence of an A.I. system that can more easily cripple or down craft.

The underground humans don't think of themselves as enslaved or captive any more than us humans above, in general. We live day to day doing what we do, and think we are free and that we have free will. Its the same thing there. They are raised with far fewer laws than us above, since they seem to have developed a more conscious state of being and respect for fellow man, and since they are provided with everything since their birth, there is virtually no need for laws as there is no crime or illegal actions. The Council is their alpha and omega and they are the ones who dictate the policy and who manufactured their version of history that they are taught there. I should check to see if I know any more details about this in my notations.

Continuing on next post ...

posted on May, 10 2013 @ 08:46 PM
Continuation ...

Some are children being brought from above, kidnapped or gone missing, some are born/extracted from Black Ops abduction cases involving women who were pregnant before, or got pregnant during the abduction events intentionally, via the actions of human & alien personnel on board. Others are being brought to this world via artificial insemination, or "lab-wombs", or just cloned. They already have a large genetic archive and materials of sperm and eggs, and they match various combinations to get better results each time, with each generation. Hitler would have been proud as his dreams of a better, superior race of humans is unfolding down there, only he wouldn't be very moved to know there are lot of "non-Aryan" genetics in the human population there as well (African, native American, South American, Indian, Indonesian etc.).

They are bred and groomed to open up their genetic and mental potential, but it requires a high level of control, which is being more easily established since they are not as many as us above. Their version of history and events makes those extraterrestrial groups that are trying to help look like the bad guys, and the extraterrestrials they live with down below, as their saviors, who largely sacrificed their numbers and technology to provide them a survival sanctuary underground. A last fort so to speak. They are made to believe we are pawns of these extraterrestrial species they combat and serve as a breeding ground for them. These groups occasionally save abducted children by the black ops or other extraterrestrial species and take them elsewhere to grow and live, without the restrictive and negative influences of this world, the surface in particular. The underground humans are (I'm guessing) made to believe this is a hostile action and that they are doing themselves and us a great favor by engaging in combat with them, defending the planet.

The MIB you mentioned might not be these humans, as they would have to have knowledge of things between the two worlds (underground and surface one at the same time), which would mean they are aware of the situation. If they are aware of everything, they would not do the things they do. I think the MIB might be something else entirely. Check the human simulacra phenomenon. Also, they don't need the underground humans for politics. They can easily create a Barrack Obama or a Medvedev from the stock we have here on the surface. The administrative elements of the underground civilizations work with the major four groups I mentioned before, but I'm not sure any form of group, or a government above is familiar entirely with the processes that transpire. That goes for the Builderberg group too. Its possible though that they do receive at least some coordination in terms of general international politics, but I'm not sure. This is just personal speculation.

The space conflicts are largely done by opposing extraterrestrial factions, but humans fight one side often enough too. Its beween the negative factions I talked about previusly and other groups who are here to help, whom I haven't talked about yet. Humans play a pivotal role here since, we can't be wiped out, neither faction would like to see that happen, we can breed easily and rise in numbers, we can adapt, have other special abilities, we can also combat. So we are needed in this war. Since Earth is a bit stuck, we have movded to other places where we can test weapons technology more easily and breed in numbers too, like the other planetary systems I mentioned. So, there is no planned extinction scenario, at least to my knowing.

Continues in next post ...

posted on May, 10 2013 @ 08:48 PM
final continuation ...

Yes, Chris Thomas is full of bollocks on many things (I tried listening to some of his videos, I quite after 5 minutes on each one), as he is about that topic. Each planet is unique, true, but unique to life? No. Many of the present life forms here actually developed elsewhere and were brought here, so obviously there are other planets capable of supporting Earth-like life. The nearest batch of planets are in the Alpha Centauri system, our closest stellar neighbors. There are also others, further away. The planets will be slightly more massive than Earth, but it won't have any significant impact on the long run to human survival and evolution. Even if there weren't any naturally formed Earth-like planets out there, there are many that are artificially sculpted. We are not the only ones that like Earth-like conditions for living out there (so there must be other planets similar to our own that produced life which in time went into space and with the aid of technology, reshaped other planets to be like their own homeworld). There are many Earth-like planets out there, and 100 times more planets that are habitable but difficult (though not impossible) for humans to live on. 10.000 more than are different from Earth, but still produced (or would/could produce) life. About a million more, very alien-like worlds, that are unfit for humans and many other forms of extraterrestrial life, but welcome other forms of it, who thrive there. And finally - yes, one of the reason for creating hybrids is for a species to be able to settle other worlds. Its not like space is crowded and there are no free planets available so they have to do it this way, its just that most of the star systems the planets are situated in are made inaccessible to certain groups via advanced technology and sometimes natural means.

Those you mentioned are just members of a military scientists garnison (perhaps that's why you survived the encounter). They are genetically modified to withstand better the conditions of Earth, since the real beings are incapable of that. We don't have enough methane and hydrogen in our atmosphere, nor is it nearly as hot as they like it here. They can use the genetic variants they create to serve as avatars sometimes, so these beings speak in first person, when in fact are hundreds of light years away. That's why some have gained the thought that they are the actual original beings, who are on the top of the power pyramid in their society. The actual beings are on average 32 feet high (when erect, as they often prefer a quadruped stance) dragon-looking beasts. They come in black, grey and white pigmentation, the white color considered something like genetically the purest of all, and the white ones usually control everything, they are the elitists. They also have three backbones, two of them ending in very flexible wings (wings, not skin flaps), heavily spiked back and head, claws, and teeth a dinosaur would be afraid of. The two sets of backbones end in a powerful boney tail.

The information about the groupings of various extraterrestrial cultures comes from the same extraterrestrial sources, as mostly everything else. They are not channelings. Yes, the Orion consortium works closely with the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor associations, and also maintain a loose form of cooperation with the Draco imperialists, when situations arise that need compromise, or there are mutual interests for something, like us and our planets for example, at present. The information about the underground megacities is divulged from the extraterrestrial sources. I haven't been in any contact with human insiders so far.

I don't personally think it should be kept hidden, but I do understand some of the reasons why its kept in the background, since there is a lot to deal on a local level. I don't think its something we can't handle as information either, but since I was asked not to go further on it at this time, I will try to maintain that promise, for now. What I can say is that there are many other threats that are larger, and more dangerous in potential than the local ones we deal with. Its not only our galaxy at question here.

posted on May, 11 2013 @ 01:26 PM

Originally posted by Yule C Mann

Anyway, we are destined to FACE THE SCOURGE acording to the Bible. And sad to say i do think that they are INSECTOID. So I guess it's "Hasta La Vista, Baby!!!!

Hi Yule C Mann,

Thanks for joining in the discussion. I am worried from what Basqiat said that maybe this rejoins what you pointed out in your post. There have been quite a few reports of Preying Mantis type Insectoids which even bring fear to the Draco Reptilians ! Could it be that there is a scourge of Extraterrestrial Insectoid Locusts descending upon Galaxy after Galaxy and scheduled to return to our planet as a final Holocaust ? Let us hope not !

Yet I cannot imagine any other menace which could make a benevolent or neutral species wish to associate with those dreadful Dracos. That the Draco are in control of our planet isn't even being hidden anymore by NASA, actually giving away the identity of those controlling space operations of their main subcontractor, SpaceX. If you check out their Wikipedia page, it has 163 mentions of the word Dragon. Consider this when you read accounts of encounters of Reptilians such as the Draco I saw, and learn of the large Alien Dragons which Basqiat mentions, the CIAKAR (who presumably are above our CIA).

CLICK for the SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft Wikipedia entry


posted on May, 11 2013 @ 01:31 PM

Originally posted by Whateva69

I know some who had a visitor (alien) encounter and they were taken out to a space station, they were told that the ones working there, worked in six month intervals, their job is to track and target asteroids/meteors, but it could track, target and destroy anything if need be.

This person who told me is very truthful and i don't doubt them for a second. and no it wasn't me

Hi Whateva,

Thanks for relaying this information from an abductee. Did they say what species of alien they encountered and how they were whisked away to that space station? From your post, I guess that this space station was "manned" by aliens? Also, can you tell us any other details from this encounter? Thanks in advance.

This seems to converge with Basqiat's statement that there are indeed space based alien combat positions which are currently deployed and which routinely bring down spacecraft from other factions or species. It will be interesting to learn more about who is up there fighting whom, and how we might weigh in to shift the balance towards more benevolent rule and less of the Draconian yoke!


posted on May, 12 2013 @ 05:37 AM
reply to post by Getsmart

They cant remember much of it, actually when i bought the subject back up to ask your questions, he had totally forgotten about it, it.was only with me asking that he remembered the incident again but not the details.

Love and harmony

posted on May, 14 2013 @ 02:28 PM
Hi Basqiat,

Thanks for the considerate reply to my many questions, I am sure all members and lurkers alike will be happy to know more about your account.

There are a few points I wanted to explore further, without of course going where you were asked to remain silent. Here are some of them for starters.

Regarding the allegedly benevolent Aliens, I wonder if there is any way of knowing the truth of a genuinely benevolent nature of said extraterrestrial societies, given that Eisenhower and other political leaders as well as their scientific advisors did not deem fit to disarm nuclear devices in order to engage in a political alliance with them?

You have mentioned actions taken to militarize space and use surface human government forces to assist in the combat against benevolent aliens. Did I understand this correctly, or are only hollow earth human populations assisting the Draco Reptilians in attacking and destroying benevolent alien spacecraft?

Regarding the human populations living underground, are they entirely identical to us physically, or are there notable differences? I ask this because of another ATS member's thread here about black eyed children, and by associating his contributions to your own post in another thread, with the relevant part highlighted in bold:

Originally posted by Basqiat

Well, the "Tall Greys" (very tall, 7-8 feet tall), coupled with their frail build, long extremities and such, would suggest that they have evolved, or lived (in their more recent history), on worlds that are small in size, and with lower gravity than Earth...

Their large eyes would imply that they probably started off on a world that either orbited a very hot, bright star, or probably a medium close binary star system. The black color of their entire eyes suggests that at least recently (in their recorded history), they have switched to places that lack light.

...If you put humans underground for half a millennium, they probably would end up with similar, fully (or almost full) black eyes.

There is also a scientific hypothesis that suggests that certain extraterrestrial civilizations would rather live in artificial habitats or internally terraformed asteroids rather than planets, after being engaged in space exploration for a long while.

This may pertain to what is noted in this article about the recent sightings of black eyed children:

CLICK to read about Black Eyed Kids

Regarding the likely existence of scanners revealing one's true DNA or genetic identity as a species, earthly or extraterrestrial, at least two movies have already shown this. The older one being the 5th Element by French Film Director and secret society insider Luc Besson, the more recent one being MIB III in which Will Smith pulls out a hand held alien scanner in the post office of Truro Massachusetts. So they are likely in existence if only because of the necessity to track and control alien movements among our native population. The more recent full body scanners used by Airport ATS teams could also house such an application, as they are modular booths presenting a wide array of optional customizations.

You commented that the creature I witnessed was probably a Reptilian Alien Draco from a "Military Scientist Garrison". It was extremely intelligent but was also extremely evil, heartless, rapacious, blood thirsty, violent and aggressive. The military part makes sense, but I find it hard to associate this creature with a "scientist". It seemed very warrior-like, but I have no frame of reference what a Draco warrior is like or what a Draco scientist is like, having never seen any other aliens of this species - and sincerely hoping I never come across such a horrendous creature again...

While I cannot attest to the Ciakar, I have little trouble imagining that they would have a connection with the CIA at the top of its hierarchy. I can report to others here that there is indeed a connection between the Illuminati and these creatures, having seen one shapeshift fully, from head to toe, including horns. I drew a picture after seeing this, and must one day find that drawing as it got lost in my files in storage. Once I do dig it up, I can assure you it will be posted here at once. In any case this is the sort of connection between those who rule us from behind the scenes and Reptilians is very likely and quite logical, even if we had no direct sightings. It is easy for me, having witnessed this with my own eyes.

I appreciate your postings, Basqiat. They bear a certain organized coherence which is not directly contradicted by any pertinent evidence of credible nature, even if in most minds it still needs to find confirmation by an array of validating facts. BTW, any news of the somber larger scale ominous THREAT to the Universe? We're all very interested, as it might help it all make sense. Thanks !


posted on May, 15 2013 @ 10:55 AM

Originally posted by Getsmart
We all know of Eisenhower's treaty with the Alien Greys, which are presumably hybrids between Reptilians and Insectoids - missioned ot monitor our biological systems, program our society and possibly even farm our souls.

According to Alex Collier, a total of 22 extraterrestrial races have provided genetic material for the ‘human experiment’.

These include Reptilian, Gray and Anunnaki races described earlier as well as those races in this second group which Collier describes as ‘benevolent’:

That we, as a product of extraterrestrial genetic manipulation, are possessors of a vast gene pool consisting of many different racial memory banks, also consisting of at least 22 different races. Because of our genetic heritage, and because we are spirit, the benevolent extraterrestrial races actually view us as being royalty.

We all have a DNA makeup of 10% reptilian DNA and 90% human DNA. However the shape shifting (royalty or elite group) human/reptilians have a 50/50 balance of DNA. They need to consume human products to maintain that balance [missing children etc]. A high percentage of American presidents have been shape shifters". [ref. to "The Biggest Secret" by David Icke]. - Stewart Swerdlow, a participant in the Montauk Project, both as a "Montauk Boy" and later as a supervisor.

Also Andromedan contactee Alex Collier mentioned about a war between Pleiadians and the bad Greys outside our solar system.
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First I would like to add confirming evidence to the statement you made that Underground Bases are administrative centers for transferring instructions from Aliens to their human agents running our governments, and are also used to feed data to the Aliens from human Intelligence Agencies.

I can personally attest to the presence of the US Military Intelligence Command being strangely situated right near the Mexican border (?!?) but also strangely near alleged Alien underground bases in the United States Southwest.

This actually lends credence to the claim that our earthly intelligence agencies are in effect feeds for Aliens who command our governments. Otherwise their geographic physical location would never be situated so near a foreign border. I am not the one claiming this: in their own website they claim to be 15 miles North of Mexico.

Fort Huachuca - U.S. Army Intelligence Center and the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command

True or False, there is an interesting account of 3 UFO's downed nin New Mexico in 1955. It speaks of how alien UFO's were knocked out of the sky by enemy alien hostile fire. This could be interesting recent historical evidence of Aliens battling in earth's airspace, similar to what was witnessed centuries ago in Bavaria.

One night in 1955, three manned space ships from beyond earth's own solar system crashed into the desert near Farmington, New Mexico. Their unscheduled landings shed a display of fire works that was seen by hundreds of people for 20 miles.

Yet, few Americans more than 22 years later have heard of that hushed-up accident - except those in classified military circles.

The three intergalactic space ships, with 28 beings aboard, brought to planet Earth its most revealing evidence that mankind was not alone in the universe and that Earth was under military surveillance by unfriendly invaders. This revelation also sobered Earth's scientific communities. Because, beyond a doubt, the alien craft were right out of a space odyssey of the future.

For reader understanding of the alien space craft crashes, known as the Farmington Incident, it began about 450 miles from the crash late on the evening of January 17th. At that time and place a team of communication specialists, code named "Bootstrap," were monitoring Army maneuvers with sophisticated long range equipment.

As the monitor spun the dial he picked up traffic on a distant amateur band. What he heard was highly unusual "ham" talk. The ham's remarks were, in fact, an introduction to what was to become, in the next 48 hours, America's most dramatic attempt to apprehend live aliens from outer space.

The radio ham in a staccato voice had told his listener that "a large, bright object had streaked down from above and crashed in the desert near Farmington." As it struck earth it had skidded and bounced, making a path over a mile long. Rumbling, grating and tumbling along over the desert it finally stopped. The ham then called it "a whopper of an aeroplane or meteor crash," but ended his message by saying, oddly enough, that there had been no explosion. Then he signed off advising he was heading for the site. So were dozens of others who had witnessed the unusual night display.

Twelve hours later by direct order from Offutt Air Force Base, monitors from "Operation Bootstrap" had become a communications and rescue team arriving in the vicinity of that night's drama. Traveling at high speeds and with top priority they sped on, still monitoring police and amateur air waves. Each band they tuned in convinced them the object of their all night thrust was a downed military aircraft, containing either classified equipment or high ranking military or civilian passengers. Enroute as instructed, the team had acquired an extra communications truck, jeep and live ammunition.

Then the unexpected happened again. Another ham, corroborated by a State Trooper's radio, reported a second crash at 2:00 P.M. in the same vicinity. "Move it faster!" the commander urged his night convoy. It was 8:30 A.M. on the morning of the 18th when the team arrived on site.

As Major Robert Farrel (not his real name) of St. Petersburg, Florida, endeavored to clear a path to the wrecks, another meteor-like blob zoomed out of the sky from directly above. There was silence as the thing slammed to earth. The third object cut another desert swath of billowy sand and buried itself within a mile radius of the first two crash sites.

Approaching the last crash, the security team almost immediately confirmed they were not at the scene of an accidental crash of a conventional aircraft. The silhouette of the disabled object also indicated that it was no rough meteorite. What they saw in the total scene were three strange, unidentified airships of similar design, somewhat saucer shaped.

Genesis for the New Space Age


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