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I could change the world if i could change your mind

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posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 06:32 AM
Where to begin? Basicly we have a world that is so divided, naturally so over time because of wars, religions and selfishness. But what if you believed me for just this post. Do I have the communication skills to negotiate you all out of the self or otherwise hypnotized state your in? Perhaps all you need is a reality check? But what do I know about reality then? What does anyone know about reality?

this is sort of my point. We make laws like drug laws which cause an equally bad situation as if there were none. It creates clean super soldiers to rat out people for something so basic to the human condition. Finding joy. Some find joy in their daily existence though and live happy lives, but never focus on important things because they become so materialized that they miss out on a true state of mind.

Im finding it very difficult to articulate because there are so many avenues people can take to find what im talking about. And im still seeking a way to find my own. But then maybe its not our own we should be seeking. Our ideas of God are so warped because of the 'my religions right and yours is not" arguments going on. What if we all put down our governments and armies and weapons. turn them into farming equipment and live a life of service to both the planet we have been benevolently given and to our creator or helper. Im not sure of history and dont you claim to know either unless you have some device which transports you through time. Maybe once we as a world reach a state of togetherness without suicide bombers, armies to rape the local prostitutes or politicians to snort all the coc aine we can find solidity and defend our psyches and bodies from unwanted attacks.

we could better alert each other to dangers for our entire race rather than war with eachother over who gets to trade and who gets to get jaded by years of poverty of nation. Im not claiming perfect viewpoint, im saying just change your mind and be open to change, self change and others may find you to be an example of what they want to be. Also watch kymatica on youtube it will change your mind too. thanks for reading my rant.
edit on 18-4-2012 by truthermantwo because: spiritualized to materialized, made more sense.


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