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Soldier To Receive Posthumous Medal of Honor For Action In Cambodia.

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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 09:56 PM
It is always nice to see heroes recognized even if it comes years after an event. The story is pretty heroic. What one will do for others in a time of chaos.

Sabo charged the enemy after they ambushed his platoon that day, according to the press release. He killed several enemy soldiers and drew fire away from his platoon, ultimately forcing the enemy to retreat.

While securing a re-supply of ammunition, a grenade landed nearby. Sabo threw the grenade and shielded a wounded comrade with his body, saving his comrade’s life.

Although wounded, Sabo continued to charge the enemy’s bunker and received several serious wounds from automatic weapons fire. He crawled towards the enemy emplacement and threw a grenade into the bunker. The explosion stopped enemy fire but also ended Sabo’s life.

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